A photo blog of random images of life in the Highlands - mostly taken with a 'point & shoot' compact camera.

(Oh, and the odd bit of music thrown in). I'm going to try and keep posting a photo a day for a decade.

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2016 (Latest at top)

If you're coming up for New Year, I suggest you don wets: http://stevecarter.com/random/bringwets.jpg

Life goes on (or not) http://stevecarter.com/random/TinRoof16.jpg

Someone asked me on a motoring forum if they sold Super (as opposed to regular) Unleaded at Achnasheen filling station: http://stevecarter.com/random/SUL.jpg

Five Sisters: http://stevecarter.com/random/5sisters.jpg

2016 in pictures (Youtube vid - best viewed in high def) https://youtu.be/x90vEFWYpI8

Even between storms 'B' and 'C' it's still choppy on the Loch: http://stevecarter.com/random/barbara16.jpg


A message from Charlie >>>>http://stevecarter.com/random/jinglewoof.mp3 - http://stevecarter.com/random/xmascharliehat.jpg

The rain is going sideways and the sea is going upways : http://stevecarter.com/random/23-12-16.jpg

If I go quiet, it's because, due to storm Barbara, the power has been cu

Winter: http://stevecarter.com/random/16snowHill.jpg

From yesterday morning's dog walk. Camouflaged Charlie! http://stevecarter.com/random/prechristmas.jpg

Sheep trying to get as much shelter as they can from the gales: http://stevecarter.com/random/sheltersheep.jpg

King Crimson: http://stevecarter.com/random/KingCrimson.jpg

The days are so short up here at the moment, we are dog walking in a strange not day / not night light: http://stevecarter.com/random/moontree.jpg

Pic Stop: http://stevecarter.com/random/car-rise.jpg

Torridon House and Estate from above: http://stevecarter.com/random/thousedec16.jpg (Who now have B&B up and running: http://TorridonEstate.com )

December in Torridon is either white, grey or gold: http://stevecarter.com/random/wgg.jpg

Sgorr a Chadail: http://stevecarter.com/random/NLiathach.jpg

Kinloch wanted a photo to advertise their B&B... http://stevecarter.com/random/KinAd.jpg

Light and dark: http://stevecarter.com/random/DarkAndLight.jpg

Spooked: http://stevecarter.com/random/spooked.jpg

Liathach from above The Torridon Estate yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/Liathach13-12-16.jpg

Winter dawns: http://stevecarter.com/random/winterdawns.jpg

I had to drive to town today (coast to coast to nearest vet). Still - I got to see this in the middle: http://stevecarter.com/random/vets.jpg

You always get a 4 minute warning when it's going to snow here: http://stevecarter.com/random/snowdaze.jpg

Nice eyelashes: http://stevecarter.com/random/eyelashes.jpg

Glencoul sunrise: http://stevecarter.com/random/rise16.jpg

I've made a book - Cover > http://stevecarter.com/random/tfa.jpg but it's silly money to buy, so I thought you might like a free pdf (55mb) http://stevecarter.com/random/torridonfromabove.pdf

'Rhoddie Island' now has no hint of purple: http://stevecarter.com/random/risland.jpg

Best light hidden: http://stevecarter.com/random/OrangeBridge.jpg

Driving through Sutherland's rush hour a couple of weeks ago was an empty snowy delight: http://stevecarter.com/random/HighlandRoad16.jpg

Wet dog: http://stevecarter.com/random/wetj.jpg

New holiday let, right at the foot of Beinn Alligin. Perfect for those walking boots! http://www.corrybothy.uk/

The sea usually keeps us frost free. Not yesterday. This is the Atlantic at Tornapress: http://stevecarter.com/random/estuary16.jpg

Looking across Applecross Bay towards The Cuillin Hills on Skye this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/5-12-16.jpg

Golden Brown: http://stevecarter.com/random/BealachDucks.jpg

These folk have a great view of the ninth: http://stevecarter.com/random/jokesomewhere.jpg

Even the smallest of islands can make a brave attempt at a forest: http://stevecarter.com/random/clair16.jpg

Wacky light out there today: http://stevecarter.com/random/wackyDec16.jpg

Glen Torridon (last week) http://stevecarter.com/random/GTnov16.jpg

Corran, Nanny's coffee shop and Shieldaig Island: http://stevecarter.com/random/nannyisland.jpg

We moved up to the Highlands as it was getting too congested down south: http://stevecarter.com/random/CotswoldCows.jpg

Liathach & Fasiag, taken by the old croft: http://stevecarter.com/random/goldhill16.jpg

Someone asked me where the nearest bank was. I replied: 'All over the place': http://stevecarter.com/random/bankingonit.jpg

The first rays of the sun on Shieldaig Island: http://stevecarter.com/random/FirstRays16.jpg

Just made some new postcards for the Bealach Cafe: http://stevecarter.com/random/bpost.jpg

Blue Ice: http://stevecarter.com/random/lochice.jpg (I'm still finding more from last weeks trip to Sutherland)

Today's Torridon weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/AboveDamphNov16.jpg

The sky trying to upstage the land: http://stevecarter.com/random/cloudloch16.jpg

Looking down on frozen peat bog: http://stevecarter.com/random/lookdownnov16.jpg

Loch Coultrie yesterday afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/coultrieNov16.jpg

8 a.m. Upper Loch Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/24-11-16.jpg

Shieldaig from the pontoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/pontoonnov16.jpg

Loch Dughaill: http://stevecarter.com/random/novrainbow16.jpg

Goodness knows why they called this settlement 'Badcall'. In my opinion, with this view it's a pretty damn good call: http://stevecarter.com/random/BadCall.jpg

This lochan doesn't have a name, but it's by the A835, so I'm naming it Loch 835. http://stevecarter.com/random/Loch835.jpg ETA - Loch cul Dromannan apparently. Not as snappy as 835!

A very frozen Loch Droma: http://stevecarter.com/random/FrozenNov16.jpg

Loch Glencoul: http://stevecarter.com/random/lochglencoul.jpg

The drive home today was... um... I can't think of a thousand words, so a picture will have to suffice: http://stevecarter.com/random/special16.jpg

On my way home from anther great stay here: http://stevecarter.com/random/kyhotelandbridge2.jpg

Ethereal: adjective. 'Extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world'. That about pegs it. http://stevecarter.com/random/Glassy16.jpg

November provides the best and the worst light of the year. Currently the former: http://stevecarter.com/random/LiathachNov16.jpg

Liathach looking a tough proposition yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/bitch.jpg

The snow has brought all the deer down to almost sea level: http://stevecarter.com/random/DeerNov16.jpg

Torridon sure does look pretty in pink: http://stevecarter.com/random/prettyinpink.jpg

Not a bad view considering it's from a layby: http://stevecarter.com/random/layby.jpg

This morning's winter: http://stevecarter.com/random/17-11-16.jpg

Mexican stand off: http://stevecarter.com/random/mexican.jpg

I've rebuilt the aerial photo page: http://stevecarter.com/random/Aerial.htm (might take a minute to load for those with slow broadband)

Left: Loch Dughaill, middle: A896, right: Ben Shieldaig. Photo taken 5th Nov: http://stevecarter.com/random/a896autumn.jpg

Idiot: http://stevecarter.com/random/idiot16.jpg

Glasnock: http://stevecarter.com/random/GlasNov16.jpg

As a planning condition, I was told I should plant trees. I wish I'd had a drone then so I could send this and ask "Exactly where I should plant them?" : http://stevecarter.com/random/lz.jpg

Took Ted for a quick trip this morning. 577,356 miles and 55 countries visiTed so far (not on a quadcopter!) http://stevecarter.com/Transported/Quadcopted.jpg

Rush hour on the A896: http://stevecarter.com/random/RushHourNov16.jpg

Never seen this before... drunk rainbows: http://stevecarter.com/random/neverseen.jpg

Today's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/NovDughaillAbove.jpg

Ben Shieldaig yesterday afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/bsnov16.jpg

Torridon playing field this afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/playingfield.jpg

Today's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/9-11-16.jpg

Beinn Damh / Ben Damph. Sounds the same, looks the same: http://stevecarter.com/random/BDNov.jpg

It's all quiet on the north western front today. http://stevecarter.com/random/NWfront16.jpg

If you stand by the 'Bay of Deception' (as it's known). You can watch rainbows funnel their way left to right, along Upper Loch Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/DeceptionRainbow.jpg

There's still a whole bunch of colour in Glen Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/colour11-16.jpg

Shieldaig just now: http://stevecarter.com/random/FirstSnow161.jpg


First snow on the tops this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/firstsnow16.jpg

Forest floor: http://stevecarter.com/random/InTheNovForest.jpg

Spotlit Island: http://stevecarter.com/random/SpotlitIsland16.jpg

Where Ben Shieldaig meets Loch Dughaill: http://stevecarter.com/random/LochDughaillNov16.jpg

Today's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/4-11-16.jpg

Looking over to Ruba na h-Airde Glaise from above Ardheslaig. Beinn Alligin and Liathach in the background: http://stevecarter.com/random/ByIansHouse16.jpg

We've entered the rainbow season. This one was so close I could almost touch it: http://stevecarter.com/random/nov16rainbow.jpg

From Russia with love. The swans have just arrived: http://stevecarter.com/random/swans16.jpg

Every time I drive round this bend I mean to stop and take a photo. Finally I did: http://stevecarter.com/random/Nicebend16.jpg Very pleasing.

Dog Cam view of Jackson following Charlie home after a walk. Charlie barks as he doesn't understand GoPro as a concept. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuA99i5VqQA

November off to a good start: http://stevecarter.com/random/novfirst16.jpg

Ben Shieldaig giving us a treat: http://stevecarter.com/random/AutumnColours16.jpg

Loch Luichart: http://stevecarter.com/random/ACH1234.jpg

The Torridon Estate is especially pretty at the moment: http://stevecarter.com/random/autumndrives16.jpg

Glasnock. It's pricey, but a very well appointed holiday let. Bit of a view, too. http://stevecarter.com/random/glasnockoct16.jpg

One of my fav trees: http;//stevecarter.com/random/RoadHomeOct16.jpg

Lochcarron sunrise: http://stevecarter.com/random/fireinsky16.jpg

Many of the trees that were burnt in the fire 5 years ago are coming back to life: http://stevecarter.com/random/treeslive.jpg

Liathach and the Torridon Estate this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/EstateOct16.jpg

It's been the best October weather anyone can remember in this part of the world: http://stevecarter.com/random/OctTorridonPan.jpg

Loch Cill Chriosd yesterday morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/CillChriosd.jpg (Don't ask me to pronounce it).

Loch Slapin on the Isle of Skye earlier today: http://stevecarter.com/random/23-10-16.jpg

Two deer and a frigate: http://stevecarter.com/random/autumndeer.jpg

Autumn light over Shieldiag: http://stevecarter.com/random/AutumShieldaigMorning.jpg

Beinn Damh and the Balgy: http://stevecarter.com/random/19-10-2016.jpg

October surpassing itself with sunrises. This morning's effort: http://stevecarter.com/random/20-10-16.jpg

The hills have gone from green to brown in just over three weeks: http://stevecarter.com/random/19-10-16.jpg


Two elderly gentlemen taking their morning constitutional: http://stevecarter.com/random/twooldmen.jpg

The Cuillin Hills on Skye, taken from Applecross Bay: http://stevecarter.com/random/cuillinsoct16.jpg

Where's a Lancaster bomber when you need one? http://stevecarter.com/random/lancaster16.jpg

Happy birthday Charlie. 91 today: http://www.stevecarter.com/charliethedog/index.htm

On a clear day you can just make out the Outer Hebrides 'in the offing' (as it used to be called). Lewis & Harris, 40+ miles distant (centre) : http://stevecarter.com/random/InTheOffing.jpg

Looking from Loch Torridon into Upper Loch Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/MindTheGap16.jpg

14 days with no rain, so everything is bone dry. The top of Liathach (1055m) will be covered in snow soon: http://stevecarter.com/random/BoneDry.jpg

A pottery car and a deer watching a football match. (Things you never thought you'd say): http://stevecarter.com/random/potterycar.jpg

There's Gold to be found in Sutherland: http://stevecarter.com/random/RocksToAvoid.jpg

A fisherman returns to Lochinver harbour yesterday afternoon: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/LochinverOct16.jpg

Ardvreck Castle (what's left of it) yesterday morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/ardvreck3.jpg

The colours are turning: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/ColoursTurning.jpg Hoping for a repeat of last year's show: http://www.stevecarter.com/faves/EndOct1.jpg

I've put the last weeks (utterly ridiculous) sunrises together on a page. Never seen the like. http://stevecarter.com/random/sunrise.htm

Shieldaig's latest resident. Tinker: http://stevecarter.com/random/tinker.jpg

Very Highland: http://stevecarter.com/random/VeryHighland.jpg

I just printed this out large for Tommy, who owns the guesthouse centre pic - a view he hasn't seen before! : http://stevecarter.com/random/Tommy16.jpg

That's some back garden to have to mow: http://stevecarter.com/random/backgarden16.jpg

And still they come: http://stevecarter.com/random/andstilltheycome.jpg

Outrageous: http://stevecarter.com/random/4-10-16.jpg

One from the weekend: http://stevecarter.com/random/PerfectOct.jpg

The best sunrise I've ever seen this morning. No colour added! http://stevecarter.com/random/3-10-16.jpg

October weather has arrived: http://stevecarter.com/random/OctMist16.jpg

Torridon from above. The log house (holiday let) bottom right: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/ULT162.jpg

Shieldaig Village. 16:25, 1st October: http://stevecarter.com/random/SHOct16.jpg

This morning's sky: http://stevecarter.com/random/1-10-16.jpg

Looking down the length of Upper Loch Torridon yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/30-9-2016.jpg

We had visitors yesterday, obviously wondering why there were shoes scattered all over the house. Reason: http://stevecarter.com/random/shoeseverywhere.jpg

Shieldaig just now (half an hour before sunrise) http://stevecarter.com/random/30-9-16.jpg

More flying fish: http://stevecarter.com/random/moreflyingfish1.jpg

Low clouds and low sun: http://stevecarter.com/random/autumnshadows16.jpg

My sixth 'Fly on the Wall' album out today for Zone Music. Recorded here in Shieldaig. Pic: http://stevecarter.com/random/survival.jpg or : Listen

No matter how high you climb, you never quite reach the rainbow: http://stevecarter.com/random/IntoTheRainbow.jpg

Liathach sporting the last of its green. next up, brown, then white. Doubtless with a bunch of grey in-between: http://stevecarter.com/random/LiaSept16.jpg

It's either boring grey dull or a psychedelic colour fest here today: http://stevecarter.com/random/annshouse16.jpg

Have some mesoproterozoic arenaceous and argillaceous sedimentary rocks: http://stevecarter.com/random/4a.jpg (Don't blame me, I just took the photo).

You only really get an indication of the size of Ben Shieldaig when you put a bloody great ship in front of it: http://stevecarter.com/random/BenSize.jpg

The morning meeting place: http://stevecarter.com/random/sgierbird.jpg

Gotta' be the coolest way to turn up to the Shieldaig cafe: http://stevecarter.com/22-9-16/10.jpg

It's getting much quieter here now we've reached the equinox: http://stevecarter.com/random/gettingquieter.jpg

Wacky sky this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/21-9-16.jpg

Cute Calf: http://stevecarter.com/random/ahhh16.jpg

Looking across Upper Loch Torridon from Furan: http://stevecarter.com/random/THview16.jpg

Nice light out there this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/18-9-16.jpg

Jackson has now officially retired: http://stevecarter.com/random/veryrelaxed.jpg

September sunrise: http://stevecarter.com/random/September16.jpg

6:46 this morning: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/646am.jpg

I've said it before... it's not where you are, but when you are. A view of the Torridon Hills (or not) : http://stevecarter.com/random/cantsee.jpg

Clouds and hills working well together: http://stevecarter.com/random/NiceCloudcover16.jpg

The sign reads "Welcome to Shieldiag" http://stevecarter.com/random/welcome161.jpg

It's supposed to be rubbish weather here today: http://stevecarter.com/random/rubbish16.jpg

The Hebridean Princess is here. When the Queen and Philip are on board, security call them No.1 and No.2 - That'll fool the terrorists. http://stevecarter.com/random/HP16.jpg

Things you don't expect to see in Shieldaig, No. 12: http://stevecarter.com/random/DontExpect.jpg

One of Loch Maree's surprise beaches: http://stevecarter.com/random/surprisebeach.jpg

This morning, I have to concede that summer (what there was of it) has gone, and Autumn has arrived: http://stevecarter.com/random/AutumnTreeline.jpg

Land Rover playing 'chicken' with a Highland Coo. (We both chickened out) : http://stevecarter.com/random/CallMyBluff.jpg

Kinloch B&B, Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/Kinlochbandb.jpg

Cooling down: http://stevecarter.com/random/filthydog.jpg

The peninsula that separates Loch Shieldaig and Loch Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/ViewOfShieldaigPen.jpg

September light has arrived: http://stevecarter.com/random/BrightLight16.jpg

Great to see 'motoring's worst kept secret' is now in the public domain: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-37285399

The pastel colours of the Inner Sound: http://stevecarter.com/random/stepin.jpg

This bunch of hills make Couldoran one of the wettest places in the UK: http://stevecarter.com/random/WetCouldoran.jpg

Another still morning in the Highlands today: http://stevecarter.com/random/Kishorn9161.jpg

The remains of the fish trap at the far end of Upper Loch Torridon (still used by the Herring Gulls) : http://stevecarter.com/random/FishTrap16.jpg

I finally stopped being a tight git and bought some decent web design software: http://stevecarter.com (looks a bit rubbish on a phone)

Most run away, but occasionally one comes across the "Who you lookin' at?" variety: http://stevecarter.com/random/Defiant1.jpg

12 new occupied dwellings built in the past 10 years have taken the full time population of Shieldaig to well over 100: http://stevecarter.com/random/populationgrowth.jpg (Click to enlarge)

Where the forest meets the sea at Allt an Dubh (low tide) http://www.stevecarter.com/random/Gardens16.jpg

Lotta' hardware on the loch these days: http://stevecarter.com/random/2y.jpg

10 years ago today: http://www.stevecarter.com/build/build15.htm (31st Aug - half way down the page)

Haar rolling in from the Atlantic http://www.stevecarter.com/random/haar162.jpg

The road home: http://stevecarter.com/random/roadhome16.jpg

Torridon Seatours returning from an evening trip just now: http://stevecarter.com/random/TSTAug16.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/TSTAug161.jpg

Inverbain Island: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/InverbainAug16.jpg

Decided to find out who was eating the fat balls. Answer... all of them: https://youtu.be/0flGZIJ2X5Y

Coire nan Arr: http://stevecarter.com/random/resaug16.jpg - Dog walking therein: http://stevecarter.com/random/Reswalk2016.jpg

Rowan & Heather have arrived: http://stevecarter.com/random/RowanAug16.jpg

Nice out there today: http://stevecarter.com/random/niceaug16.jpg

The beach and the bothy that was home to Monty Hall and his 'Great Escape'. http://www.stevecarter.com/random/sandaug16.jpg (We have a Geocache hidden here).

The photo below was taken on Monday... the light is a bit different today! http://www.stevecarter.com/random/TheHill16.jpg

Check out the relative size of the telegraph poles: http://stevecarter.com/random/remotely.jpg

Applecross Bay: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/applecrossBayAug16.jpg - contains a fav dog walk (spot Charlie/Jackson) http://www.stevecarter.com/random/DogWalkAug16.jpg

Our neighbour's (self contained) B&B cottage has a lovely view http://www.stevecarter.com/random/KinlochInside7.jpg (Kinloch)

The reds that were 'parachuted in' seem to be doing well. We see at least one every day: http://stevecarter.com/random/RedsHere.jpg

This is where the old township of Furan was, before the Highland Clearances. Only the paths remain. http://stevecarter.com/random/markpath.jpg

Ben Shieldaig viewed from the north (and about 1750 feet): http://stevecarter.com/random/viewofbenshieldaig3.jpg Loch Shieldaig to the right, Upper Loch Torridon to the left.

No, it hasn't. http://stevecarter.com/random/noithasnt.jpg (and have you ever seen body language like that from a delivery driver?)

Looking down on the deer farm and Fasaig village yesterday evening: http://stevecarter.com/random/abovefasaigaug.jpg

It's a flat & hazy lazy summer day today: http://stevecarter.com/random/pancake.jpg

Upper Loch Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/accrosstheaugustloch.jpg

The view from the bedroom window at 05:30 this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/17-8016.jpg (Makes getting up somewhat easier).

Hottest part of the UK here yesterday, though I'm sure the sign next to this car said 'passing place' not 'picnic place': http://stevecarter.com/random/picnicplace.jpg

The Bealach this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/16-8-16.jpg

A couple of Shieldaig at sunset last night: http://stevecarter.com/random/15-8-2016.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/15-08-2016.jpg

Shieldaig is full of juveniles: http://stevecarter.com/random/juvenile.jpg

Part of the flock of pigeons & doves that arrive in the same tree every morning (and wait to be fed) http://stevecarter.com/random/pigeonflock16.jpg Flocking Heaven.

Waterfalls have been starting in the clouds recently: http://stevecarter.com/random/waterfalling16.jpg

He won't catch many oysters going that speed: http://stevecarter.com/random/GroundEffectCatcher.jpg

Nuff said: http://stevecarter.com/random/maycontainnuts.jpg

'Allt Coire Roill' collects rain from both Beinn Damh and Beinn na-h-Eaglaise (so has it's work cut out at the moment) http://stevecarter.com/random/AugustRain16.jpg

The Torridon Estate are modernising their holiday cottages. This one has a view to die for. http://stevecarter.com/random/HolidayCottage1.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/LTJuly15.jpg

Last night's rain in a rush to get to the sea: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/12-8-16.jpg

Part of the Torridon seabed at low tide: http://stevecarter.com/random/Muscels.jpg

We have a drop of rain here at present: http://stevecarter.com/random/BitofRain16.jpg

On the loch at the moment. Six nights for £850 on board (Eda Frandson) if you're interested: http://stevecarter.com/random/EdaFrandson.jpg Though I'd suggest May rather than August!

August sunrise: http://stevecarter.com/random/augustdawn16.jpg

Jackson presenting his Heston Blumenthal inspired 'foraged wild greens' starter: http://Stevecarter.com/random/blumenthal.jpg

I've decided that seals are just dogs without fur. This one swims over to visit Charlie when he hears barking: http://stevecarter.com/random/sealvisits.jpg

Photos from the 2016 Fete & Regatta: http://stevecarter.com/fete16/fete16.html

Ullapool - the winning team from today's Shieldaig Rowing Regatta: http://stevecarter.com/random/16winners.jpg

Photos from yesterday evening's raft race: http://stevecarter.com/raft16/raft16.htm

Upper Loch Torridon rock formations exposed at (very) low tide: http://stevecarter.com/random/wackyrocks16.jpg

I've been taking some more photos for the Bealach Cafe & Gallery: http://stevecarter.com/BC16/BC16a.htm

A different view of the Skye Bridge: http://stevecarter.com/random/BWSkyeBridge16.jpg

05:45 this morning. The start of the rush hour: http://stevecarter.com/random/545Aug.jpg

Looking down on Eilean Donan Castle: http://stevecarter.com/random/castle162.jpg

It's 'midge still' out there this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/midgestill.jpg

The Applecross Inn is so busy these days, it needs an outside inn. Or inn-side out: http://stevecarter.com/random/Innsideout.jpg (seating outside for 80)

Looking north over Loch Dughaill. The area to the west is deer fenced and should, in about 50 years, be forest: http://stevecarter.com/random/LDughaill16.jpg

Red Squirrel running away from Pine Marten (they always escape as they are quicker/lighter) http://stevecarter.com/random/RedRun.jpg A fun game for the Martens!

From this height, behind Fasaig, you can still see clues to the old township of Doire na Furan (pre-clearances) http://stevecarter.com/random/Vfasaig16.jpg

BT didn't turn up yesterday. The reason given was the heavy snow. No, really. The road yesterday (not) : http://stevecarter.com/random/BTexcuse.jpg

Bored of sharing a beach? http://stevecarter.com/random/boredbeach.jpg

The Gods may be able to walk on water, but seals can go one better: http://stevecarter.com/random/SealFloat.jpg

Torridon Yacht Charter's 'Sula' being returned to the Shieldaig pontoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/sulareturn.jpg

This is cheap! http://www.hspc.co.uk/Detached-Villa-For-Sale-The-Old-Schoolhouse-Arinacrinachd-Arrina-Strathcarron-IV54-8XU

Top Knots. The bearded collie equivalent of a white cane: http://stevecarter.com/random/TopKnots.jpg

Beinn Alligin and the two Alligin villages, taken from 'The Bay of Deception': http://stevecarter.com/random/AlliginJuly16.jpg

Low cloud in Glen Shieldaig this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/MistyHill16.jpg

Runners and riders for the skiff race (6th August) : http://stevecarter.com/random/682016.jpeg

Whoever's doing the clouds at the moment needs a lot more practice: http://stevecarter.com/random/crapclouds.jpg

Big respect for giving it a try: http://stevecarter.com/random/InHope.jpg

Two more from yesterday: Loch Damh: http://stevecarter.com/random/LDsummer16.jpg - Shieldaig Island: http://stevecarter.com/random/TheIslandsummer16.jpg (Blue or what?!)

High Summer: http://stevecarter.com/random/highsummer16.jpg

The Torridon Hotel, Inn and kitchen gardens at 7 a.m. http://stevecarter.com/random/THJuly16.jpg

Ben Shieldaig at 5 a.m. this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/bs5am.jpg

Remember the Celtman start video? It's Here - Here's a photo Iona took, catching the drone in shot: http://stevecarter.com/random/Drone.jpg

Spot the foreigner: http://stevecarter.com/random/foreigner.jpg

Shieldaig sunset: http://stevecarter.com/random/islandsunsets.jpg

7 seconds of Charlie: http://stevecarter.com/random/ouch.mov

The old road to Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/BDjuly16.jpg

Loch Damh looks insubstantial, but it is 55 metres deep in places and fishermen love the river it feeds: http://stevecarter.com/random/bluebalgy.jpg

Times they are a changin' : http://stevecarter.com/random/TimesChangin.jpg

Looking down towards Ben Shieldaig & the village this evening: http://stevecarter.com/random/13-7-16.jpg

Applecross Village and campsite yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/applexjuly161.jpg

Midsummer sky: http://stevecarter.com/random/DarkBalgy.jpg

Today's weather is best described as 'soft' http://stevecarter.com/random/BRD185.jpg

I think Jeep are being a little hard on themselves: http://stevecarter.com/random/HarshJeep.jpg

It's very 'July' here (probably my least favourite month of the year -unless it rains all of January, in which case it's January) : http://stevecarter.com/random/VeryJuly.jpg

Sometimes I think someone is having a laugh and the Highlands is full of glove puppets: http://stevecarter.com/random/glovepuppets.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/glovepuppet.jpg

Until the 'Balgy Gap' was breached in 1963, there was a 68 mile diversion to get from Shieldaig to Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/BalgyGapJuly16.jpg

Allt an Aoil is one of the burns that runs (for almost a mile) down Ben Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/alltanaoil.jpg - Close up: http://stevecarter.com/random/alltanaoil2.jpg

Shieldaig sleeps: http://stevecarter.com/random/GreenJulySea.jpg

Dark skies over the Bealach: http://stevecarter.com/random/RussellJuly2016.jpg

Took some photos for a local holiday let at the weekend - the one the roof blew off in a force 11! Nice repair job. http://stevecarter.com/BV/BV1.htm

Charlie has found a place he can sleep all day out of the sun and the rain. When woken, he's as dozy as a dozy thing: http://stevecarter.com/random/NewBedroom.jpg

Our postie concurred. Never seen such a green Shieldaig sea as today (and he's lived here 64 years) http://stevecarter.com/random/GreenJuly1.jpg

Some aerial footage from June: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKIPHfTciyA

Johnathan Livingstone Seagull: http://stevecarter.com/random/JLS16.jpg - Alfred Hitchcock: http://stevecarter.com/random/Seagulls161.jpg

Sometimes Sea Eagles look cute and friendly. Other times... http://stevecarter.com/random/AngryBird.jpg

Am Ploc, Beinn na h Eaglaise & Beinn Damph: http://stevecarter.com/random/amplocjune16.jpg

V.I.P. talking to some bloke in a skirt: http://stevecarter.com/random/VIP1.jpg

(Very) early morning over Strath Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/AboveStrathT16.jpg

Peat bog: http://stevecarter.com/random/PeatBogs.jpg

Photos from Celtman: http://www.stevecarter.com/celt16/celt16.html

Video of the start of Celtman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7bqkMgw87Y (it's in High Res if your broadband will allow)

Class of 2016: http://stevecarter.com/random/celtman16-1s.jpg

5 a.m. this morning- The start of the Celtman extreme triathlon: http://stevecarter.com/random/celtman16-2s.jpg

Any chance of a biscuit? http://stevecarter.com/random/CustardCreamWhere.jpg (It's more about biscuits than brexits here).

Looking across Upper Loch Torridon towards the hotel earlier: http://stevecarter.com/random/23-6-16.jpg

There was a mad rush to vote in Shieldaig this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/madrushvote.jpg

Caught this chap hanging around looking through my window: http://stevecarter.com/random/RedSJ16.jpg

The Foxgloves are doing well this year: http://stevecarter.com/random/fox161.jpg

Another Sea Eagle photo. Two chicks in the nest need a lot of fish! http://stevecarter.com/random/SeaEagle167.jpg

Not bad condition for a 93 year old: http://stevecarter.com/random/Kentra.jpg

The village of Fasaig (all of it) http://stevecarter.com/random/AboveFasaig16.jpg (Fasaig is known by most as Torridon - but it seems right to keep the old name alive).

Sea Eagle with lunch on board: http://stevecarter.com/random/SeaEagle163.jpg

Highland gathering: http://stevecarter.com/random/angiessheep.jpg

The Red Sea: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/RedSeaBoats.jpg

Last night's sunset: http://stevecarter.com/random/14-6-16.jpg

If this yacht parks any closer to the end of my garden I'm going to consider it a proposal of marriage: http://stevecarter.com/random/closer16.jpg

In case we were in any doubt that summer had arrived: http://stevecarter.com/random/lochanjune161.jpg

Bought a chair yesterday, only to find the previous owner had left their cat on it! http://stevecarter.com/random/ziggy.jpg

Waiting for mum: http://stevecarter.com/random/waitingformum.jpg

Where the sea meets the hill (Ben Shieldaig) http://www.stevecarter.com/random/torridonsurface1.jpg

We've had our first rain for three weeks (and 16" less than by this date last year) http://www.stevecarter.com/random/lackofrain.jpg

The Torridon Estate has one of the few broadleaf forests in the NW Highlands: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/Darkroad161.jpg

TransporTed's journey started ten years ago today: http://www.stevecarter.com/Transported/transported.htm

If you've ever wondered why I don't fly over Shieldaig Island... Eight foot wingspan is why: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/SeaEagle16.jpg (photo by Iona)

The surface of Loch Dughaill: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/Dughaillsurface.jpg

Posh yachts may think they can hide from me behind Shieldaig Island. Think again: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/9-6-16.jpg


I promised to fly over this island again when the rhoddies were out - well, the sun facing south side didn't disappoint: http://stevecarter.com/random/RoddyIslandJune16.jpg

MV Cricklade is in the loch. A 'supply' boat from 1970. It looks pretty this misty morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/cricklade2.jpg

Applecross Bay this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/ApplecrossJune16.jpg

The road through the Caledonian Pine forest: http://stevecarter.com/random/ForestRoad16.jpg

Above Loch Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/SunnyMornings16.jpg

Outside the Shieldaig Bar this evening, Frosty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqZ1pnP5sTg

Shieldaig Village ths morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/sunnyshieldaig162.jpg

'Red Roof' (from a different angle) http://stevecarter.com/random/RedRoofJune16.jpg

07:00 this morning - summer haze: http://stevecarter.com/random/SummerHaze16.jpg

Almost there with the green: http://stevecarter.com/random/BAjune16.jpg

The amphibious vehicle 'Otter Spotter' on Loch Shieldaig yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/slegs.jpg

The Torridon Hills early this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/2-6-16.jpg

Looking down Glen Shieldaig yesterday evening: http://stevecarter.com/random/GS1616.jpg

The non stop sunny weather has led to the bog cotton having a field day. Never seen so much: http://stevecarter.com/random/cotton16.jpg

Meanwhile in the quieter part of the forest, down by the sea, it's looking rather lovely: http://stevecarter.com/random/AlltAnDubh16.jpg

The Seaflower out on the loch this evening: http://SteveCarter.com/random/seaflower516.jpg

After a lot of huffing and puffing (mostly puffing), they got the two bits of the house onto the tiny plot: http://stevecarter.com/random/artic4.jpg

They are delivering a house. http://stevecarter.com/random/artic1.jpg or trying to! http://stevecarter.com/random/artic2.jpg more to come: http://stevecarter.com/random/artic3.jpg

The Seapinks are out: http://stevecarter.com/random/seapinks.jpg

Nigel has built some holiday cottages, which will be available to rent soon. http://stevecarter.com/random/nige16.jpg (shown closest to the loch in the photo)

The smell of broom & gorse as you walk past Gordon's house is intoxicating. http://stevecarter.com/random/GM-May.jpg

Charlie was barking at this Highland Coo but was suddenly comprehensively outgunned: http://stevecarter.com/random/moo16.jpg That shut him up.

Off Topic. New bongos: http://stevecarter.com/random/bongos.jpg I even write bongos into music occasionally: http://stevecarter.com/DDD.wav

The harbour at Adheslaig early this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/28-5-2016.jpg

Spring is easing into summer: http://stevecarter.com/random/27-5-16.jpg

I've been taking video of boats again. This one is for sale: http://stevecarter.com/random/b5s.jpg

I have a new walkabout pocket camera. This is what Jackson thinks of the new acquisition: http://stevecarter.com/random/NotInterested.jpg

I'm back! (I hope). I spent over 6 hours on telephones talking garbage to teenagers getting this bloody site to work. I need a holiday. Like this: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/VeryComfy.jpg

From this height, you can see how the River Balgy starts life as an outflow from Loch Damph: http://stevecarter.com/random/outflow16.jpg

There are a couple of beaches here that you have to wait until low tide at a full moon to properly see. Such as: http://stevecarter.com/random/sunnybeaches.jpg

The May aerial video is up: https://youtu.be/z3TUM3cZs-o

Things you don't expect to see. Otter tring to get through a garden gate: http://stevecarter.com/random/ottergarden.jpg

We have misty May rain and low cloud here at ther moment, It's quite pretty though: http://stevecarter.com/random/mistymayrain.jpg

Pine Weevils are the most stupid creatures on the planet. They can fly, but decide to walk / fall off everywhere, usually landing on their back, getting stuck: http://stevecarter.com/random/StupidPW.jpg

A friend of ours is selling up. This is a snip: http://www.hspc.co.uk/Detached-Villa-For-Sale-The-Old-Schoolhouse-Arinacrinachd-Arrina-Strathcarron-IV54-8XU

I've added some vids to the YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/highlandrampage

The information superhighway has other uses: http://stevecarter.com/random/swallowbalance.jpg

I'm about to change server in the next week, so If I disappear, I'll be back.

Today's photo of a lorry: http://stevecarter.com/random/BlueLorry.jpg

On the coast road from Applecross, it's at this corner that you get the first proper view of the Torridon Hills: http://stevecarter.com/random/bendinroad.jpg

It's hard to believe this was less than 3 weeks ago: http://stevecarter.com/random/april161snow.jpg

We have a particularly noisy neighbour here at the moment: http://stevecarter.com/random/noisy.wav

Jackson - bringer of detritus: http://stevecarter.com/random/detritus161.jpg

I put a short video together for the nice folk at Torridon Yacht Charter: https://youtube.be/BCLw9Z7TUZg

If it wasn't for the colour of the hills, I would have sworn last week was late summer: http://stevecarter.com/random/almostsummer.jpg

The harbour at Lochinver: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/lochinverharbour.jpg

Strath Maolchaluim (and the River Applecross) : http://stevecarter.com/random/RiverApplecross16.jpg

I keep thinking it's Tuesday: http://stevecarter.com/random/thoushaltnot.jpg

Shieldaig Village. 10 a.m. - 11th May : http://stevecarter.com/random/11-5-16.jpg

Torridon Yacht Charter wanted some drone footage, so we went out yesterday. Tricky! Here's a still: http://stevecarter.com/random/sulasail3.jpg (website: http://www.torridonyachtcharter.com/ )

Todays's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/10-5-16.jpg

Stepping stones over the River Balgy yesterday. Now redundant as a/ leathal, b/ there's a bridge 20 yards behind the camera: http://stevecarter.com/random/balgy95162.jpg

50 Red Squirrels were relesed here in March. We see them from time to time, usually without a camera to hand - until now: http://stevecarter.com/random/red161.jpg

The southern end of Loch Shieldaig, with Loch Dughaill in the distance: http://stevecarter.com/random/murrayandmunday.jpg

Obliging: http://stevecarter.com/random/DeerHigh.jpg

The restaurant at Kylesku yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/kfood161.jpg

The new kits on the block have two distinguishing features. They have very dark faces, and are very messy eaters: http://stevecarter.com/random/darkfaces.jpg

Incoming! http://stevecarter.com/random/incoming16.jpg ...to join the others on their pitstop (most likely from Iceland) : http://stevecarter.com/random/pitstop16.jpg

This is a nice place to sit and eat: http://stevecarter.com/random/seatingarea.jpg

Liathach looking moody: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/moodyliathach.jpg

All four seasons: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/gorselochansnow.jpg

Five years ago today (after a drought) : http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/fire.htm - http://www.stevecarter.com/random/FrontPage.jpg - (Well, it would have been rude not to, wouldn't it).

A few from yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/theroadtoshieldaig16.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/theheadland16.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/house100.jpg

It's just as cold this morning - but a damn site prettier - 6 a.m: http://stevecarter.com/random/28-4-16.jpg 7 a.m http://stevecarter.com/random/28-4-16-2.jpg

Todays weather (!) http://stevecarter.com/random/27-4-16.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/27-4-16-1.jpg

Proper mountains are this shape: http://stevecarter.com/random/TopOfEigh16.jpg

As everyone seems to be doing selfies, here's one of me: http://stevecarter.com/random/selfie162.jpg

Sgurr Dubh yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/SgurrDubh16.jpg

There's a few bobs worth in the hotel car park at the moment http://stevecarter.com/random/fewbob16.jpg Pink... really?

Seagull: http://stevecarter.com/random/AboveSeagull2.jpg

In case you missed HIGNFY - the West Highland Free Press obviously has no time for a 'Mr West' http://stevecarter.com/random/AmericanMan.jpg - Very 'Highland'.

The April UAV Torridon video is now up on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2FqbLUhnxM

The entrance to the restaurant in the Walled Garden, Applecross: http://stevecarter.com/random/PottingShedEntrance.jpg

Applecross Bay this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/ApplecrossBay21-4-16.jpg

Take a photo in the Kishorn 'selfie box': http://stevecarter.com/random/kish161.jpg - and if that makes you feel sick, there's always the first aid station: http://stevecarter.com/random/kish162.jpg

This is Dexter. He owns Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/DexterOwns.jpg

Inside the 'wee bothy'. Looks a bit different now: http://stevecarter.com/random/newbothy.jpg to 5 years ago: http://stevecarter.com/random/oldbothy.jpg

Even though they are the most laid-back of creatures, you probably wouldn't want to start an argument: http://stevecarter.com/random/dontargue.jpg

Alligin peeps through the trees: http://stevecarter.com/random/weelochan16.jpg

Loch Shieldaig usually hosts about 100 seagulls. We currently have 2000+. Something to do with 'spat' I'm told. Here are some between spats: http://stevecarter.com/random/GullGathering.jpg

Looks better now the sun's out: http://stevecarter.com/random/16-4-2016.jpg

I'm sure the 16th of April isn't supposed to start like this: http://stevecarter.com/random/16-4-16.jpg (Saw the first new born lamb this morning. Good timing Mrs).

I've been taking some photos for Couldoran. It's usually raining there (one of the wettest places in the Highlands). Not yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/couldoran1220.jpg

Watercolours: http://stevecarter.com/random/watercolors2016.jpg

Result! http://stevecarter.com/random/PleasedWithWorm.jpg

The cottage by the river: http://stevecarter.com/random/TheCottageByTheRiver.jpg

Looking up the Glen towards Tornapress yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/lookdowncafe.jpg - and then looking down: http://stevecarter.com/random/LookDown.jpg

Who you lookin' at? http://stevecarter.com/random/whatamess.jpg

Someone somewhere can explain this. Not me I'm afraid: http://stevecarter.com/random/please-explain.jpg

Today's weather (trying hard to do blue, but not quite making it) : http://stevecarter.com/random/10-4-2016.jpg

The Island we call Roddy Island (In Loch Coultrie). I'll aim to go back to get the same shot when the rhododendrons are in flower: http://stevecarter.com/random/RhoddyIsland.jpg

Found this on an old 'puter HD. Taken in 2004, by where we lived in Cumbria. Thought it worth sharing: http://stevecarter.com/random/MistyGeese.jpg

The River Kishorn on its way to the Atlantic: http://stevecarter.com/random/RiverKishorn.jpg

Number 26 might benefit from a bit of modernisation: http://stevecarter.com/random/number-26.jpg

I just got myself a 5k Retina Mac. Now I can see Charile in ultra high def. Scary stuff. http://www.stevecarter.com/random/retina.jpg

Dark skies over Balgy: http://stevecarter.com/random/BalgyLodge16.jpg

Andrew's window: http://stevecarter.com/andrewswindow.jpg

Torridon Yacht Charter's boat is back at the pontoon in Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/boat-pontoon.jpg

Charlie having one of his 'I'm not doing any more of this walking lark, I'm standing here barking until you turn around' moments: http://stevecarter.com/random/nowalk16.jpg

Stepping stones: http://stevecarter.com/random/sstones16.jpg

Here's another of the Torridon, showing the Kitchen gardens: http://stevecarter.com/random/1-4-16-1.jpg

Jeffrey: http://stevecarter.com/random/Jeffrey16.jpg

Loch Coultrie from above yesterday (this bit also known as Loch an Loin - you can see they are joined) : http://stevecarter.com/random/31-3-16-2.jpg

The Torridon Hotel this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/THmarch16.jpg

Looking down on Shieldaig's campsite: http://stevecarter.com/random/AboveCamp1.jpg

I finally ditched the 16 year old design software and rebuilt the top tier of the website. Any issues? Let me know. Ta: http://SteveCarter.com (Not formatted for mobile phone yet!)

ello ello: http://stevecarter.com/random/march16bow.jpg

Easter Monday Sky: http://stevecarter.com/random/28-3-16.jpg

Bits of sea left at low tide: http://stevecarter.com/random/bitsofsea.jpg

The coral beach at Collie Ghillidh: http://stevecarter.com/random/coralb.jpg (Raasay & Skye seen across the Inner Sound)

Big Torridon hills are 'in your face' but this just as impressive. Look back in time (up to 3000 million years) : http://stevecarter.com/random/impressive.jpg

What do you get if you mix one of these: http://stevecarter.com/os/os15.jpg with some of these?: http://stevecarter.com/os/os6.jpg Answer: http://stevecarter.com/os/os7.jpg

Nanny's cafe in Shieldaig is now open - new website with opening hours: http://www.nannysshieldaig.com/

Another drone photo from Friday. Low tide exposing all the sgeirs and islands in Loch Torridon: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/174162.jpg

I think I had a slightly strange childhood: http://stevecarter.com/random/MerryGoWrong.mp3 I should have been here: http://stevecarter.com/random/MyCaprice.mp3 (both from last week)

Looking NW over Applecross Bay towards the Heritage Centre and old Parish Church: http://stevecarter.com/random/94163.jpg

When he is feeling insecure, Jackson carries his best friend around with him: http://stevecarter.com/random/Jacksontoy.jpg

A snoop inside the booths. Neal Wilkinson & Frank Ricotti (sight reading) in last weeks session for Warner Bros. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsFZYze8Fp8

Lots of these can be found in Torridon. So much effort... now serving no purpose (aesthetics aside). http://stevecarter.com/random/wall162.jpg from: http://stevecarter.com/random/wall163.jpg

The March aerial vid is up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwYremF0Q9s&feature=youtu.be

London gave me man flu. Here's a photo of Charlie not caring less. http://stevecarter.com/random/CharlieMarch16.jpg (ETA - a big thanks to to woman that sneezed into my face on th plane)

If you have a couple of minutes to spare, you may be interested in some brief moments from this weeks recording session in London: http://stevecarter.com/2016compo.mp3

I'm back. This is how London looked yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/roomview161.jpg This is how Torridon looks today: http://stevecarter.com/random/17March.jpg

There will now be an intermission. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible: http://stevecarter.com/random/testcard.jpg

Couple more from the top of the Bealach the other day: http://stevecarter.com/random/HighMast.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/snowdrifts.jpg

'Sula' (Torridon Yacht Charter) moored at the Shieldaig Pontoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/TYC161.jpg

The seaflower lives here for most of the year. http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/94165.jpg

...or not: http://stevecarter.com/random/PassingSnow.jpg

A couple taken above the Bealach this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/94161.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/94164.jpg (nice place to build a road).

Shdows on the loch: http://stevecarter.com/random/shadowsontheloch.jpg (photo taken last week)

Loch Dughaill yesterday (Loch Shieldaig in the distance) : http://stevecarter.com/random/Dughail161.jpg (and yes, those rocks are the only way to the other side of the river).

Bloody Seagulls: http://stevecarter.com/random/BloodySeagulls.jpg

40 red squirrels were released here last week. Just seen the first one eying up our bird nuts. Not as tame as Cumbrian Reds: http://stevecarter.com/random/RedSquirrel16.jpg

No apologies for another view of this scene. The astonishing thing is that this amount of water doesn't even merit the word 'Loch'. http://stevecarter.com/random/verypan16.jpg (click to enlarge).

The West Highlands can't decide whether it's spring or not: http://stevecarter.com/random/4316.jpg

The thrush has started singing this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/thrush1.mp3 ...from the top of the same pine tree as as last year: http://stevecarter.com/random/thrush.jpg

In my experience, sheep generally like having their photo taken: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/flock16.jpg (though they often wee whilst it's taken).

We drove over 40 miles before we saw a car on Sunday. Traffic jammy: http://stevecarter.com/random/NC500-4.jpg

Driving the road to the Summer Isles in winter, and up to the high point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vd6nL_6ll7A

A frozen Lochan an Ais: http://stevecarter.com/random/sutherland16.jpg (click to enlarge)

Elphin are gonna need a bigger hall: http://stevecarter.com/random/ECH16.jpg

The road to Inverkirkaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/k165.jpg

The bridge! http://stevecarter.com/random/kbridge.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/kbridge2.jpg

The view from balcony of the room at Kylesku hotel: http://stevecarter.com/random/kynight.jpg - and here's the balcony: http://stevecarter.com/random/khotelroom.jpg

Kylesku moonscape early this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/moonscape16.jpg

When they say 'Gin Clear', I assume they mean this. Loch Droma yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/k1630.jpg (click to enlarge)

Glen Torridon is looking especially pretty at the moment http://stevecarter.com/random/FebGlenPan.jpg (click on the photo to see it full size)

Snowy Loch Croisg http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/24-2-16-1_edited-1.jpg

Driving before the snow plough yesterday was hairy: http://stevecarter.com/random/goingin16.jpg but worth it for the coming back: http://stevecarter.com/random/comingback16.jpg

Not a place you'd expect to find a football pitch: http://stevecarter.com/random/footballpitch.jpg

Today is snow, then sun, then snow, then sun, then... http://stevecarter.com/random/23-2-16.jpg ...snow.

I like birch trees, me. http://stevecarter.com/random/sbirch161.jpg

Still fast asleep up here: http://stevecarter.com/random/sleepingloch16.jpg Alarm set for mid March.

I had a wooden model village set as a kid. Might explain why I moved here: http://stevecarter.com/random/corran161.jpg

Some rocks up here just want to show off. http://stevecarter.com/random/MapLichen16.jpg

Loch Shieldaig, Shieldaig Island and Ben Shieldaig as seen from north of Rhuroin yesterday afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/18-2-16.jpg

Ted has just returned from Antarctica: http://www.stevecarter.com/transported/ted9.htm >559 thousand miles and counting.

Shieldaig's sun, sea, sand and shadows: http://stevecarter.com/random/greenfeb.jpg

Nice drive home from town yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/road15216.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/BE15216.jpg

One of the planning conditions of our build was that we had to plant some trees. Where exactly should I have put them Mr Planner? http://stevecarter.com/random/houseabove.jpg

Valentines Day making a BIG effort here: http://stevecarter.com/random/ValentinesDay.jpg

The west shore of Loch Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/tefeb16.jpg

Torridon, ten minutes ago (from 1500 feet) http://stevecarter.com/random/panflight16.jpg

The house in the forest: http://stevecarter.com/estate1.mov

Shieldaig's organic mobile traffic calming system: http://stevecarter.com/random/TrafficCalming.jpg

Looking down on Kinloch yesterday afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/kinlochfeb16.jpg

Tall Caledonians: http://stevecarter.com/random/e161.jpg

Beinn Alligin has still got its hat on: http://stevecarter.com/random/BAfeb16.jpg

Attitudes changing (for the better I think) from the new owners of the Torridon Estate: http://SteveCarter.com/random/strictly.jpg

A favourite dog walk is on The Dell at Kishorn. Not too shabby for us either! This was last week: http://stevecarter.com/random/kishorn3-2-16.jpg

Looking westward from the Torridon Estate towards Sgorr a Chadail and Liathach yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/SMcView.jpg

The village wanted me to put together something to advertise the fete (first Saturday in August). So here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=il1HUCBeuXM

Liathach: http://stevecarter.com/random/LiaTopBottom.jpg

The boathouse at Achintraid yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/3-2-16.jpg

For years I've thought this was some sort of seaweed. Nope - sharks eggs! The shark trust want photos, hence: http://stevecarter.com/random/sharks.jpg

Clyde with a deserved long face, having been out in yet another storm: http://stevecarter.com/random/16clyde.jpg

The Bealach Cafe & Gallery is doing well. John's build is fab: http://stevecarter.com/random/BC16-1.jpg as are Sharon's scones: http://stevecarter.com/random/BC16-2.jpg

Dog walking this morning, it was very rare to see one of the few remaining wild goats: http://stevecarter.com/random/16wildgoat.jpg

Last of the undiscovered sunsets: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/RedFingers.jpg

June gives us so many amazing sunsets, I often only discover photos I'd taken months later - like this: http://stevecarter.com/random/sunsetlayers.jpg (that's the sun's reflection BTW)

Yesterday was in black and white: http://stevecarter.com/random/16blackisles.jpg Today might be just white: http://stevecarter.com/random/30-1snow.jpg

Just looking out of the window wondering if it's time for a dog walk... http://stevecarter.com/random/ShallWe.mov ... nah.

After winning a 2 month argument with China, I'm getting my drone repaired F.O.C, and can do some more of this: This or more likely This ...when it stops raining (May?)

The view from Inverbain yesterday afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/27-1-16.jpg

Highways Dept. have made a series of culverts on the high side of the road, letting all the water from the drainage ditch flow effortlessly across the road: http://stevecarter.com/random/16fail.jpg

I've written 150 tracks for Zone Music over the past two years, all for 'Fly on the Wall' documentaries: http://stevecarter.com/random/5zones.jpg Random clip from Crime & Punishment : HERE

Here's one I just found from last June. Could do with some of this weather/light about now: http://stevecarter.com/random/OrangeIslandTrees.jpg

The river makes it way down Glen Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/16GTR.jpg

Jackson, rock star: http://stevecarter.com/random/LoveOfRock.jpg

Somebody needs to come up here and eat Jo's cakes: http://stevecarter.com/random/toomanycakesleft.jpg

Not sure if it's safe to come down: http://stevecarter.com/random/PMbrown.jpg

Loch Dughail (1km from the sea) no ice. Loch Coultrie (2km further inland) all ice: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/16wintercoultrie.jpg

It's that funny light and stillness today that makes it feel like you are inside: http://stevecarter.com/random/16InsideLight.jpg

If you're ever in Shieldaig look out for 'Shaggy' who spends his days on this buoy. He's been there non stop for over three years now: http://stevecarter.com/random/ShaggyBuoy.jpg

Here comes our postie: http://stevecarter.com/random/HereComesPostie.jpg

Found this lurking on my 'puter from last May. Lochcarron Church: Colour http://stevecarter.com/random/LochcarronChurch1.jpg or BW? http://stevecarter.com/random/LCCBW.jpg

Brrrrrrrr: http://stevecarter.com/random/16brrrr.jpg

The angled view of Shieldaig Island that most don't see: http://stevecarter.com/random/IslandAngles.jpg

Coastguard chopper hovering over Torridon this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/16coastguard.jpg

Standing against the back wall, this is the view: http://stevecarter.com/random/wwr2.jpg - so why are all the windows facing the wrong way? http://stevecarter.com/random/wwr.jpg Weird.

Early morning tree line: http://stevecarter.com/random/16treeline.jpg

The summit of Liathach yesterday afternoon: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/16JanLiathachSnow.jpg

The snow arriving this morning: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/16snowarrives.jpg

I've (finally) rebuilt the gallery: http://www.stevecarter.com/faves/myfaves.htm

Out with the dogs yesterday, I walked into the middle of a stag do. For once they didn't seem to mind. Charlie pretended not to notice them (coward): http://stevecarter.com/random/LoadsOfStags.jpg

Tone mapping doesn't always have to look like you thought 'I know, let's ruin this photo' : http://stevecarter.com/random/16tonemap1.jpg (though it mostly does - ruin it I mean).

Some people are impossibly cool. This guy had a cab waiting (whilst he played) to take him to Heathrow - off to NY to play with Chick Corea later that night: http://www.stevecarter.com/sjazz0.mp3

Front row seats: http://stevecarter.com/random/3sisiters.jpg

Charlie showing us exactly which bits we didn't brush: http://stevecarter.com/random/Charlie9-1-16.jpg Not that Jackson cares - he found a rock: http://stevecarter.com/random/RockAndFunPlace.jpg

This, a regular dog walk. Looks a bit Lake District. However, in 17 years at this spot, I have never met another living soul. There's the difference. http://stevecarter.com/16JanRes.jpg

Today's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/8-1-16.jpg

The north end of Glen Shieldaig is being reforested/restored. Perhaps the custodians of the south end should consider something similar: http://stevecarter.com/random/needstrees.jpg

Our mate Jll paints a fine Scottie Dog. This is her pup 'Hewson': http://stevecarter.com/random/hewson.jpg

After a brief flurry of people activity over New Year, the NW Highlands are back to being fast asleep. Rush Hour: http://stevecarter.com/random/16JanSleep.jpg

Do you ever get the feeling you are being watched? http://stevecarter.com/random/16watched.jpg

There are lots of spacecraft clouds here at the moment: http://stevecarter.com/random/16spacecraft.jpg

Paul is starting up his sea fishing charter biz this year. Watch this space: http://stevecarter.com/random/16paulboat.jpg

It's probably used the same route for hundreds of thousands of years. http://SteveCarter.com/random/AfterFrank.jpg

A new year panoramic of Shieldaig Island: http://stevecarter.com/random/shpanjan16.jpg

...and here's 2015 in pictures from this neck of the woods (literally) : http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/latesttorridon15.htm (it might take a while to load)

Happy New Year. For any weather nerds out there, this is what happened in 2015 at this (the dodgy end) of Loch Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/nurd.htm