A photo blog of random images of life in the Highlands - mostly taken with a 'point & shoot' compact camera.

(Oh, and the odd bit of music thrown in).

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I've completed the 'best of 2011' page - I doubt the weather will provide any more opportunities this year! http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/2011.htm

Hailstorm in Glen Torridon this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/random/hail.jpg

Looking out of the window exactly a year ago. It couldn't be more different. (12C warmer and storm force winds as I type) http://SteveCarter.com/random/garden.jpg

On the beach yesterday. Jackson chases the ball, Charlie chases Jackson. Pathetic. http://www.stevecarter.com/random/jc.mov (6 mb .mov video)

Sometimes I love my job. Short clip of 40 strings recorded in Prague: http://SteveCarter.com/random/40Strings.mp3 - Photo from the session: http://www.stevecarter.com/picaday/praguepic1.jpg


Shed of the week: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/shed.jpg

Low tide at Achintraid: http://SteveCarter.com/random/BNB.jpg

THE worst thing about living this far north at the winter solstice: http://SteveCarter.com/random/WS.jpg

Proper winter here: http://SteveCarter.com/random/PW.jpg

Rubbish photo, amazing noise: http://SteveCarter.com/random/noise.jpg

Glen Docharty this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/random/GDTM.jpg

Good Camouflage: http://SteveCarter.com/random/Camouflage.jpg

Our postie's house (taken at the weekend): http://stevecarter.com/random/ians.jpg

The road to Applecross: http://SteveCarter.com/random/AppleX.jpg

The road to Balgy Gap at dawn this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/random/18-12-11.jpg

One of the most remote villages in Britain - Diabaig: http://SteveCarter.com/random/Diabaig.jpg

Wee Coo: http://SteveCarter.com/random/wee-coo.jpg

Shieldaig Village this morning: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/16-12-11.jpg

The Cuillin Hills on Skye, taken from Applecross this morning: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/cuillinsDec2011.jpg

Ted is on a Scottish sleepover en route to Austrailia: http://www.stevecarter.com/transported/betted.jpg - More info: http://www.stevecarter.com/transported/transported.htm

Another of the Torridon Hills this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/random/TH.jpg

The North Atlantic is looking somewhat calmer than earlier this week! http://SteveCarter.com/random/15-12-2011.jpg

I've put together a site with my fav 2011 images - in and around the Torridon area: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/2011.htm

Says it all: http://SteveCarter.com/random/wee.jpg

Strathcarron Station, on the Kyle of Lochalsh line. Openened 19th Aug 1870: http://SteveCarter.com/random/strath.jpg

Another 'heads up'. Great Tree House Challenge ~ Sky 1 ~ tonight 8 pm (UK), from Lochcarron

Quick 'heads up'. Nanny's Shop on the seafront in Shieldaig is back open for two weeks Mon-Fri 11.am - 3.pm http://SteveCarter.com/random/nowopen.jpg

Just heard on the news that the road over the Bealach is closed. Considering it travels between these two peaks, you can see why!: http://SteveCarter.com/random/closed.jpg

Carter's Casino made £80 for local charity last night. Thanks to all. http://SteveCarter.com/random/R1.jpg

Loch Coultire this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/random/10-12-11.jpg

Daybreak over Loch Torridon this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/random/daybreak.jpg

Yea, right: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/yearight.jpg

Most of the village seems to have survived the storm... mainly due to rope and immovable objects: http://SteveCarter.com/random/stuff.jpg

That'll stop it from blowing away: http://SteveCarter.com/random/tied.jpg

Low tide, the road up the Bealach, and the mobile phone mast on the top of the hill ~ 7th Dec 2011: http://SteveCarter.com/random/mast.jpg

The road to Lochcarron this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/random/RoadToLC.jpg

Beinn Àilleagan (Jewelled Hill): http://SteveCarter.com/random/BA.jpg

Mullach an Rathain: "Ascent 1280m (4,200ft) Distance 6km (4m) Time walking: 3:40hr, running: 2:45hr". Hold on... RUNNING? http://SteveCarter.com/random/lump.jpg

Torridon this morning: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/8-12-11.jpg

Monday lunctime ~ Shieldaig: http://SteveCarter.com/random/Mondaze.jpg

Shieldaig war memorial: http://SteveCarter.com/random/WarM.jpg

Here we go again: http://SteveCarter.com/random/snowagain.jpg

Sunny tag: http://SteveCarter.com/random/tagged.jpg

Global ranking - popularity of websites: http://SteveCarter.com/random/ranking.jpg (snigger) ... source: http://www.alexa.com

Glen Torridon this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/random/GT.jpg

Okay... website back up and running - let's try again: Snow shower meets sunshine: http://SteveCarter.com/random/snowbows.jpg

Snow clouds gather over Ben Alligin and Shieldaig Village: http://SteveCarter.com/random/snowclouds.jpg

O/T : I just found this, one of the first photos I ever took. My older sis with her bloke (still together) - Leicester Uni 1972: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/CandT.jpg

Sunrise 08:37 UG. http://www.stevecarter.com/random/WinterDawn.jpg

New lights in today, but having seen the high tide (through window), I think lifeboats would have been a better choice: http://SteveCarter.com/random/mez3.jpg

Another busy rush hour on Main Street, Shieldaig: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/chookz.jpg

Dark Winter: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/bare-tree.jpg

Sunday's weather forecast for Shieldaig (by the way, this is a colour photograph): http://SteveCarter.com/random/SWF.jpg

SO much rain. The Glens are festooned with dozens and dozens of these: http://SteveCarter.com/random/dozens.jpg

The view from the Torridon Hotel yesterday: http://SteveCarter.com/random/view.jpg

That's Christmas sorted - Carter's Casino!: http://SteveCarter.com/random/casino.jpg

Gale update. We lost another lamp post, had a power cut, all the dogs freaked out, a lorry fell over, and Tommy lost his guesthouse sign. http://SteveCarter.com/random/gales.jpg

We're paying for the good weather we had earlier this month. 'Proper' rain & gusts up to force 11 could be imminent. http://SteveCarter.com/random/burns.jpg

There's rain, heavy rain, and West Highland rain: http://SteveCarter.com/random/whr.jpg

The same place (see below): http://stevecarter.com/random/PP.jpg

I've been trying to get a photo of this bugger (sorry, Buzzard) for weeks. Very skittish, but always in the same place. http://stevecarter.com/random/Bertie.jpg

Ian's house: http://SteveCarter.com/random/IansHouse.jpg

Branch. (Well I think it's quite pretty) http://SteveCarter.com/random/branch.jpg

From this morning's Tesco run: http://SteveCarter.com/random/TescoRun.jpg

More Spanish gtr? Okay. Me with Antonio Forcione and Edwardo Niebla (It's as close as I get to writing 'happy' music!) http://www.stevecarter.com/spain2.mp3 (audio file)

Me with my fav Spanish gtr: http://www.stevecarter.com/dd2.mp3 (audio file)

First light: http://SteveCarter.com/random/firstlight.jpg

Barking Mad: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/BarkingMad.jpg

Bit of TLC needed: http://SteveCarter.com/random/deralict.jpg

The road to Ardaneaskan: http://SteveCarter.com/random/treelines.jpg

Loch Coultrie this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/random/Loch-Coultrie.jpg

Loch Torridon this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/random/16Nov.jpg

Q: How dark is it here at 6pm? A: http://SteveCarter.com/random/6pm.jpg

Crazy sunny warm weather. November is the new September. Glasnock: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/Glasnock.jpg

Strong contenders for the 'Prettiest Cloud' category this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/random/prettyclouds.jpg

The Wellboat moored in Upper Loch Torridon: http://SteveCarter.com/random/wellboat.jpg

West Highland window box: http://SteveCarter.com/random/WindowBox.jpg

Sunrise over Kinloch this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/random/14-11-11.jpg

The lounge at Kinloch Lodge, Skye. Sauv Blanc, fine dining and three lovely ladies for company. Mmmm (photo by Jill). http://SteveCarter.com/random/JSSI.jpg

Fluffy art: http://SteveCarter.com/random/skys.jpg

Friends gather in Shieldaig Village to commemorate a life far too short. R.I.P. Maud Thysegen 1990 - 2011 http://SteveCarter.com/random/Maud3.jpg

As this photo http://www.christies.com/LotFinder/lot_details.aspx?intObjectID=5496716 sold for over 4 million US. I'm prepared to let mine go for less than half. A snip! http://SteveCarter.com/random/half.jpg

11:11:11:11:11:11 > http://www.stevecarter.com/random/11-11-11.jpg

Woof : http://stevecarter.com/random/RSG.jpg

The Navy's in: http://SteveCarter.com/random/IronDuke.jpg

Ian the Post on his delivery round this afternoon: http://SteveCarter.com/random/IanThePost.jpg

Full Moon: http://SteveCarter.com/random/FullMn.jpg

11:30am : http://SteveCarter.com/random/11-30.jpg

Late afternoon sunshine over the Torridon Hills: http://SteveCarter.com/random/7-11-11.jpg and http://stevecarter.com/random/7-11-11a.jpg

The best way to get around in Shieldaig today: http://SteveCarter.com/random/Tommy.jpg

I went out for a drive this morning, encountering my first traffic after 40+ miles> http://SteveCarter.com/random/NovCoo.jpg With sidecar> http://SteveCarter.com/random/WeeCoo.jpg

Dawn over the West Highlands: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/6-11-11.jpg

From Green > http://SteveCarter.com/random/GreenHill.jpg To Gold > http://SteveCarter.com/random/GoldHill.jpg ...in 9 weeks

Don't visit Torridon today without sunglasses: http://SteveCarter.com/random/5-11-11.jpg

Q: How much did these 2 cost? http://SteveCarter.com/random/110.jpg A: £1.10 - and they wonder why Scots don't eat enough veg!

Iridescent clouds over Tornapress yesterday: http://SteveCarter.com/random/3-11-11.jpg

No apologies for posting another of this: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/8R-3.jpg

THE best way to arrive into a posh hotel car park: http://SteveCarter.com/random/choppers.jpg

More of todays amazing light. Shieldaig village in sun with the hills behind in shadow. http://SteveCarter.com/random/3-11-2011.jpg

The Hebridean Pricess it in Loch Shieldaig at the moment. Some amazing light too. http://SteveCarter.com/random/HPin.jpg

Torridon this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/random/TorridonThisMorning.jpg

Long shadows: http://SteveCarter.com/random/LongShadows.jpg

I've no idea where the dog's going to go: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/Engine.jpg

All the tourists have gone: http://SteveCarter.com/random/end.jpg

It seems my good looking genes came from the other side of the family (cough). Carter Clan circa 1900: (Proper Eastenders) http://SteveCarter.com/random/OldCarterClan.jpg

Is it me or does this tree looks like it's spotlit? http://SteveCarter.com/random/spotlit.jpg

Got a new motor: http://stevecarter.com/random/8R-1.jpg Happy daze. http://stevecarter.com/random/8R-2.jpg

Was Tog at a mates wedding today. Thank God for 5000 ISO (it even looks like it was light in there!): http://SteveCarter.com/random/wedding.jpg

Looking from Kishorn towards the Bealach: http://SteveCarter.com/random/Kishorn.jpg

Reflections of Ben Shieldaig in the loch: http://SteveCarter.com/random/reflect.jpg

I spotted an incredibly rare creature in my garden today. Thought to be extinct due to waiting FOREVER to see one: http://SteveCarter.com/random/rare.jpg

One of the routes up Beinn Alligin: http://SteveCarter.com/random/alligin.jpg

Autumn ferns in the forest: http://SteveCarter.com/random/ferns.jpg

I'm being held captive. Please call the RSPCA : http://SteveCarter.com/random/please.jpg

jimmysmiles54 said: "Drove through a beautiful place called Torridon listening to music called Torridon" - Said tune: http://SteveCarter.com/random/T-Tune.mp3

Scottish Highland Hotel Snug ~ 25th October 2011 ~ 19:20 : http://SteveCarter.com/random/snug.jpg (empty of course)

One of my fav corners (clockwise): http://SteveCarter.com/random/fav.jpg

The telescope finally finished: http://SteveCarter.com/random/Telescope-fin.jpg

I don't know why stalkers bother to stalk. Deer have become so tame here that a vicious insult would probably kill them http://SteveCarter.com/random/October-Deer.jpg

09.20 http://SteveCarter.com/random/TelegraphPoles.jpg

08:30 http://SteveCarter.com/random/8-30.jpg

07:45 http://SteveCarter.com/random/7-45.jpg

Suilven (which just looks wrong to me): http://SteveCarter.com/random/Suilven.jpg

The hamlets of Knockan & Elphin in Sutherland: http://SteveCarter.com/random/Elphin.jpg

Happiness is... http://SteveCarter.com/random/HappinessIs.jpg

There's not much that makes me laugh at 6 am on a dark morning. However: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/assface.png

One more gale and all this gold will go for another year: http://SteveCarter.com/random/OneMore.jpg

The first snow on the hills today: http://SteveCarter.com/random/FirstSnow.jpg

Glen Docharty - October 2011: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/glend.jpg

Don't ask. http://SteveCarter.com/random/dont.jpg

My 'Tour of The Highlands & Islands' page now updated: http://www.stevecarter.com/highlandpics/highlandpics.htm

Flying fish (transporting live salmon from loch to a well boat) http://SteveCarter.com/random/fish.jpg Said boat > http://SteveCarter.com/random/LI-9.jpg

I'm not even going to say it. http://SteveCarter.com/random/HowMuch.jpg

The first real sense of winter here. This taken before 7pm. Shieldaig goes into 'sleep mode'. http://SteveCarter.com/random/15-10-11.jpg

Another contender for the most pointless sign in the Highlands. Gaelic with English translation (or poss vice versa?) I suspect Klingon: http://SteveCarter.com/random/clachtoll.jpg

Charlie's birthday today: http://www.stevecarter.com/charliethedog/index.htm

Yea right. http://SteveCarter.com/random/yea.jpg

From the land of the bleedin' obvious: http://SteveCarter.com/random/towel.jpg

Couple more from yesterday: http://SteveCarter.com/random/BigWave.jpg & http://SteveCarter.com/random/BigSky.jpg

Photos from yesterdays trip to Clachtoll beach & Lochinver (with pathetic excuse of trying out new camera lens): http://stevecarter.com/random/LI.htm

13 minutes before sunrise :12-10-11 : 57°30'N 005°38'W http://SteveCarter.com/random/before.jpg

Just about sums up the weather here at the moment. Non stop rainbows: http://SteveCarter.com/random/Rbows.jpg

Sunrise dog walk down Glen Shieldaig: http://SteveCarter.com/random/sunrisedog.jpg

Caledonian Pine tree with Ben Shieldaig in the background: http://SteveCarter.com/random/pinetrees.jpg

Apparently it's my fault that it's wet and cold: http://SteveCarter.com/random/mis.jpg

Room with a view: http://SteveCarter.com/random/window.jpg

Today's weather could best be described as 'soft'. http://SteveCarter.com/random/soft.jpg (...and yes, those are all sheep).

Are we going out? http://www.stevecarter.com/random/out.jpg

Getting out (and who could blame them): http://www.stevecarter.com/random/south.jpg

Torment: tor·ment·ed, tor·ment·ing, tor·ments: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/dinner.jpg

Jackson Dog is pretty impressed with his chew (7mb .MOV file) http://www.stevecarter.com/random/JacksonChew.mov

Taken from the window of my car on the way to Tesco this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/random/tesco.jpg

We have 99.9% cloud cover so far today. Here's the .1% http://SteveCarter.com/random/99.jpg

A busy wee burn: http://SteveCarter.com/random/wet.jpg

Sorry... I eat one. http://SteveCarter.com/random/eat.jpg

We've donated a tourist telescope to the village in memory of Marion Lister who died in June. Stonework yet to be added http://SteveCarter.com/random/scope1.jpg

Charlie enjoying the game (and the result): http://www.SteveCarter.com/random/2-1.jpg

Autumn returns: http://www.SteveCarter.com/random/return.jpg

Catching the warm October sun: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/k.jpg

Perfect blatting weather: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/2-10-11.jpg

The rhoddies think it's spring. Boy are they in for a shock: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/shock.jpg

Main Street, Shieldaig: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/mstreet.jpg

Not impressed by my photography: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/NotHappy.jpg

The Seaflower passes our house for it's party to wave at Charlie the dog: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/wave.jpg

Nice light at the fifth this morning: http://www.SteveCarter.com/random/fifth.jpg

Autumn colours by a secret lochan: http://www.SteveCarter.com/random/AC1.jpg

Spot the house: http://www.SteveCarter.com/random/spot.jpg

The Indian Summer: http://www.SteveCarter.com/random/indians.jpg

Sunrise over Loch Shieldaig this morning: http://www.SteveCarter.com/random/sunrise.jpg

It's not only footballers that don't want to leave the bench: http://www.SteveCarter.com/random/TheBench.jpg

A very traditional, but very nice example of a Country House Hotel - the Royal Marine, Brora. (Pool, LCD, WiFi inc.) http://www.SteveCarter.com/random/trad.jpg

I've just returned from East coast Sutherland... so for once a view, not of the Atlantic, but the North Sea: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/NorthSea.jpg

I'm taking my wife to jail today: http://www.jail-dornoch.com/jail_home.html (what temperature does plastic melt?) Meantime - local sea eagle http://SteveCarter.com/latest/sea-eagle3.jpg

Excellent... we really needed some rain [/lie] http://SteveCarter.com/random/needed.jpg (Looks like the wettest Sept. on record for the North West Highlands).

An aging member of the Shieldaig fishing fleet: http://SteveCarter.com/random/BRD-185.jpg

Retrievers are very good at retrieving any lost soft toys - dead or alive: http://SteveCarter.com/random/found.jpg

Autumn arrives in Glen Torridon in spectacular fashion. (Check out the old fish traps in the foreground). http://SteveCarter.com/random/Autumn.jpg

Dawn: http://SteveCarter.com/random/dawn.jpg

Just going through some Charlie photos... from cute pup > http://SteveCarter.com/random/pup.jpg to fluffy monster > http://SteveCarter.com/random/notpup.jpg ..in no time at all.

Cloud birth: http://SteveCarter.com/random/CloudyHills.jpg

An astonishing amount of water has just been dumped on the West Highlands (22mb .MOV) > http://SteveCarter.com/random/WET.MOV (and now it's bright sunshine).

Jackson: http://SteveCarter.com/random/Jackson.jpg

Time for a sleep: http://SteveCarter.com/random/MyToyDog.jpg

Dark light: http://SteveCarter.com/random/DarkLight.jpg

The Bay of Deception: http://SteveCarter.com/random/bay.jpg

My Baroque piece is now available to download in it's entirety FOC (MP3), recorded in Angel Studios, London in July: http://stevecarter.com/2011Baroque.mp3

Today's weather: http://SteveCarter.com/random/18-9-11.jpg

Dramatic sky over Torridon: http://SteveCarter.com/random/drama.jpg

A nice canvas printed by: http://www.fluid-images.co.uk - I really like B&W canvases > http://www.stevecarter.com/random/canvas.jpg

After the rain: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/Misty_Trees.jpg

The Seven at the bottom of the Bealach na Ba http://SteveCarter.com/random/UpTheHill.jpg

A red cloud at daybreak: http://SteveCarter.com/random/red.jpg

After two weeks of rain September finally shows it's true colours - the Torridon Hills as seen from Annat this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/random/15-9-11.jpg

You ain't seen me, right. http://SteveCarter.com/random/Pine-Tree.jpg

I don't know why I bother with a rear view mirror: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/audi.jpg

Victory! http://SteveCarter.com/random/Victory.jpg

Heavy rain over Ben Shieldaig: http://SteveCarter.com/random/rain.jpg

A lot of this action here today as the remains of Hurricane Katia reaches the west coast of Scotland: http://SteveCarter.com/random/Katia.jpg

The basis of the Torridon Seatours logo: http://stevecarter.com/random/TST.jpg

Rainbow over Shieldaig Island > http://SteveCarter.com/random/JustNow.jpg

At least something is happy it's raining: http://SteveCarter.com/random/fungi.jpg

Another of the sky today. Vapour trail most likely en route to the West coast USA. (Looked down myself doing similar): http://SteveCarter.com/random/ShielSky.jpg

Loch Shieldaig (taken outside the village shop) today: http://SteveCarter.com/random/10-9-2011.jpg

The Shieldaig fishing fleet before departing from Ardheslaig this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/random/10-9-11.jpg

As it says on the tin. Jimmy Smiles: http://stevecarter.com/11raft/b.jpg

This is my miserable face: http://SteveCarter.com/random/miserable.jpg

We're feeding two orphan hedgehogs in the hope that they might survive hibernation. Methinks they'll eat like kings all winter! http://SteveCarter.com/random/hedgehogs.jpg

The weather earlier this week: http://SteveCarter.com/random/weeboats.jpg The weather now: http://SteveCarter.com/random/burn.jpg

Main Street, Shieldaig, this afternoon: http://SteveCarter.com/random/MainStShieldaig.jpg

It's blowing a gale, and tipping it down today. The kids got the right idea. Stand on mum's feet in a doorway: http://SteveCarter.com/random/idea.jpg

If you've lost your Speedos, they are hanging on the gate by the beach http://SteveCarter.com/random/speedos.jpg

Been recording: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/MollySmall.jpg ... some proper talent in the lower register methinks: http://stevecarter.com/random/MollyClip1.MP3

The 'Seaflower' returns to Loch Shieldaig last night: http://stevecarter.com/random/SFreturns.jpg

Loch shieldaig 20 minutes ago: http://SteveCarter.com/latest/4-9-11.jpg

The 'busy' Kessock Bridge this morning. (Doing a Tesco run at 6.30 on a Sunday has many advantages) http://SteveCarter.com/random/kessock.jpg

er... http://SteveCarter.com/random/because.jpg

Deer, beach, dog, run: http://SteveCarter.com/random/runaway.jpg

Congratulations to the Torridon - voted 13th best hotel in the world by The Sunday Times Travel Mag: http://SteveCarter.com/random/congrats.jpg

Chewing the cud: http://SteveCarter.com/random/cud.jpg

The Isle of Skye this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/random/SkyeSept1.jpg

Shieldaig village yesterday afternoon: http://SteveCarter.com/random/bright.jpg

It's not so much WHERE you are > http://SteveCarter.com/random/WhereUR.jpg .... As WHEN you are > http://SteveCarter.com/random/WhenUR.jpg

Shieldaig folk (well, most of them) : http://stevecarter.com/random/folk.jpg

Been in the back of a lorry again... this time with The Dark Lord: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/lorry.jpg

It's not gold, but plastic at the end of the rainbow: http://SteveCarter.com/random/RBs.jpg

Oystercatcher: http://SteveCarter.com/random/CatcherFly.jpg

Time for a new letter box methinks: http://SteveCarter.com/random/LetterBox.jpg

Charlie looking particularly pleased, having just discovered the rotting corpse of a deer at the high tide mark: http://SteveCarter.com/random/pleased.jpg

Keen, but somehow strangely sensible, chap at end of rope passing my house at circa 15 knots before breakfast today: http://SteveCarter.com/random/ski.jpg

Ben Alligin from Annat this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/random/27-8-11.jpg

The hill at the end of the road: http://SteveCarter.com/random/The_Hill.jpg

Crystal clear up here today: B&W: http://SteveCarter.com/latest/26-8-11-2.jpg & Colour: http://SteveCarter.com/latest/26-8-11.jpg

Off to work: http://SteveCarter.com/random/work.jpg

Today's Seven: http://stevecarter.com/random/Todays7.jpg

On the bench: http://SteveCarter.com/random/bench.jpg

Just bought two handy stools from Fairtrade: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/stools.jpg

The Torridon Hotel, with Ben Damph behind - taken from the other side of the loch this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/random/25-8-11.jpg

An old croft by the Minch revitalised: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/24-8-11.jpg

Spotted by Lonbain this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/latest/AugustDeer.jpg

The Seaflower on Loch Shieldaig at first light this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/random/22-8-11.jpg

You wait for a Panamera for ages then 3 turn up at the same time (Pig ugly mind, but a new launch up here is rare) http://SteveCarter.com/random/panamera.jpg Its a TDi by the way

Cloudbase 3000 ft. (Taken with S95 point & shoot). http://SteveCarter.com/random/clouds-hills.jpg

Perfectly Chilled: http://SteveCarter.com/random/ScottPencil.jpg More here > http://SteveCarter.com/random/Draw.htm

Back Gardens: http://stevecarter.com/random/Back_Garden.jpg

Shieldaig houses = white. 1955 bloke repaints end house red (no white paint). Now all end houses red... why? Tradition! http://SteveCarter.com/random/TheCorran.jpg

Another from Torridon this morning (fab light): http://stevecarter.com/random/Am-Ploc11.jpg

Am Ploc on Loch Torridon this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/random/19-8-2011.jpg

Spider's bothie with Ben Damph in the background: http://SteveCarter.com/random/spider.jpg

Eggs, Hats, Sock and Love... The Highland Retail Park: http://SteveCarter.com/random/EHSL.jpg

A small fishing boat moored by Kenmore this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/random/18-8-2011.jpg

Shieldaig Village this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/random/17-8-11.jpg

I wanted to write 'Clutch Control', but the collective term is actually 'Peep' (you learn something new every day) : http://SteveCarter.com/random/peep.jpg

I took this 'political compass' test > http://www.politicalcompass.org/test and I am apparently Gandhi > http://SteveCarter.com/random/gandhi.jpg

Postcards from the Highlands: http://SteveCarter.com/random/postcards.jpg

Loch Shieldaig, Shieldaig Village and the Torridon hills taken from above Allt an Dubh this morrning: http://SteveCarter.com/latest/14-8-11.jpg

Top Spot: http://SteveCarter.com/random/TopSpot.jpg

Random waiting for the shop to open photo: http://SteveCarter.com/random/waiting.jpg

The road to Shieldaig this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/latest/13-8-2011.jpg

From the craft fair today: http://SteveCarter.com/random/crafty.jpg ...held in the new Torridon Hall extension: http://SteveCarter.com/random/LTC1.jpg (Shot for local Press).

The River Balgy this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/random/balgy11.jpg

Gibson 335 Humbucker pickup. Looks almost as good as it sounds. http://SteveCarter.com/random/335Humbucker.jpg

As tiny as tiny can be Maltese Terrier (slightly smaller than a Malteser) http://SteveCarter.com/random/malteser.jpg

Raindrop on a pine needle: http://SteveCarter.com/random/drip.jpg

I'm always amazed at the talent of the backpackers that stay here, work for a while, then move on. Usually art. http://SteveCarter.com/random/talent.jpg

I have a bunch of photos for sale on the walls of the Torridon... and the one that sells best? http://SteveCarter.com/random/bunch.jpg As they say - go figure

Two of the three Scottish obsessions. Golf and Death. T'was opening time, so the 3rd obsession means the photo is empty http://SteveCarter.com/random/19th.jpg

Opening hours: http://SteveCarter.com/random/open.jpg

Nickpicking: http://SteveCarter.com/random/NickPic.jpg

Leek & spinich risotto, with hen's egg, rocket and parsnip crisps (as prepared by Iona) http://SteveCarter.com/random/leek.jpg

Some great looking chicks in Shieldaig this weekend: http://SteveCarter.com/random/chicks.jpg

Late last night: http://SteveCarter.com/random/fete-yachts.jpg

The 2011 Shieldaig fete photos: http://stevecarter.com/2011fete/2011fete.htm

The 2011 Shieldaig raft race: http://stevecarter.com/11raft/11raft.htm

I grew up listening to Baroque music. It's taken me this long to write some. Recorded in Angel Studio 1 using members of the London orchestras : http://SteveCarter.com/2011Baroque.mp3

An impression of the Pines in low cloud on Ben Shieldaig this evening: http://SteveCarter.com/random/Pines.jpg

According to Alexa.com my site is 2,526,690 places higher in traffic rankings than the British Prime Minister's site. Sanity prevails.

http://SteveCarter.com/random/100.jpg < that's the distance from London to Cardiff!

A stroll on the banks of Loch Torridon: http://SteveCarter.com/random/banks.jpg

You never know who is going to float past here: http://SteveCarter.com/random/never.jpg

The faithful hound waits for us outside the pub (he's always this well behaved, honest): http://SteveCarter.com/random/faithful.jpg

New creel pots on Shieldaig Jetty: http://stevecarter.com/random/CreelDetail.jpg

Vid of one of my compositions being recorded: http://stevecarter.com/random/Fallen.wmv

New album out today: http://SteveCarter.com/random/new.jpg

Yacht of the day: http://SteveCarter.com/random/YachtOfTheDay.jpg

Shieldaig Island this morning: http://stevecarter.com/latest/2-8-11.jpg

Life's little pleasures: http://SteveCarter.com/random/Scratch.jpg

Creag a' Chumhaing and the Coire na Ba (check out the just visible telegraph poles near the river for scale). http://SteveCarter.com/random/coire.jpg

The Shieldaig 'Fete committee' finalising next Saturday's event: http://SteveCarter.com/random/FC.jpg (Well you need a drink or two to oil the cogs, right?)

It'd never work in a movie : http://SteveCarter.com/random/SU.jpg

Claris Cliff? http://SteveCarter.com/random/claris.jpg

Tit on a pine: http://stevecarter.com/random/BlueTits.jpg

Looking across the Inner Sound to Raasay: http://SteveCarter.com/random/sandy.jpg

Barnes Wallis would have loved this Loch: http://SteveCarter.com/random/LowCatcher.jpg

< Sucker for this sort of odd hi fi stuff. I might as well just give away my bank details and tell folk to bleed me dry: http://SteveCarter.com/random/sucker.jpg

Right road, wrong car: http://SteveCarter.com/random/NaBa.jpg

Steve Price - The best engineer in the known universe, fixes problems before you mention them. A class act with crap hat. http://www.stevecarter.com/random/lastweek.jpg

En route to Tesco at 5 a.m. http://t.co/7PyNZ7t - Why 5 a.m.? Tesco at 6 a.m. > http://SteveCarter.com/random/0600.jpg

Gull of the month: http://SteveCarter.com/random/GullOfTheMonth.jpg

Sneak preview of last weeks recording at Angel Studios: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/sneak.mp3

Daisy: http://SteveCarter.com/random/DaisyChain.jpg

Richard Munday takes to the North Atlantic for the first time in his self built Kayak: http://SteveCarter.com/random/RM.jpg

Hill: http://SteveCarter.com/random/shadows.jpg

The Cuillin Hills on Skye this morning - 15.5 km distant (according to Google Earth) http://SteveCarter.com/latest/23-7-11.jpg

A young Pine Marten, photo taken last night: http://SteveCarter.com/latest/PrettyMart.jpg

Whilst I was: http://SteveCarter.com/random/buttons3.jpg Me' Mrs was doing a stirling job with my camera. Look what turned up in the loch: http://SteveCarter.com/random/Bel_Espoir.jpg

One of the very few good reasons to go to London: http://stevecarter.com/random/buttons.jpg

I'm here http://t.co/p9crvnJ ... Doing this http://t.co/RBmPatl ... Ug.

What was it my old ma used to say about dirty linen? http://SteveCarter.com/random/MainStreet.jpg

The boathouse at Achintrad this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/latest/18-7-11.jpg

Onion: http://SteveCarter.com/random/onions.jpg

My Ted has travelled 1/3 of a million miles, visiTed 40 countries. Now at home 4 a TV catch up http://t.co/3UyxCmR . More > http://SteveCarter.com/transported/transported.htm

Creel pots on Shieldaig Pier: http://stevecarter.com/random/creels.jpg

Well I'm not going to use the word 'skirt'! http://SteveCarter.com/games11/f.jpg - More pics from today's Highland games here: http://SteveCarter.com/games11/games11.htm

How local in local produce would you like? (Next to the kitchen) http://SteveCarter.com/random/beef.jpg

New meeting rooms in the Torridon hall. Publicity pics taken today. http://SteveCarter.com/random/T.jpg

Half dog, half fish: http://stevecarter.com/random/WetDog.jpg

Gnarled: http://SteveCarter.com/random/gnarledTree.jpg

er.... http://SteveCarter.com/random/Strome.jpg

Skye Bridge: http://SteveCarter.com/random/SkyeBridge.jpg

The Cuilin Hills on Skye this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/random/13-7-11.jpg

Kirsteen: http://SteveCarter.com/random/Kirsteen1.jpg

Top Gear: http://SteveCarter.com/random/look.jpg

The Torridon hotel wanted more of my photo books to sell. Any excuse for an express delivery: http://SteveCarter.com/random/ED.jpg

I've redesigned me' website - don't say you hate it, please - took me hours to come up with something 'clean': http://SteveCarter.com

Perfect midge weather this morning, and STILL no midges. Something strange going on methinks: http://SteveCarter.com/random/NM.jpg

'Painted' yacht on Loch Shieldaig this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/random/YachtPaint.jpg

The road to Shieldaig: http://SteveCarter.com/random/Road.jpg

Keith: http://SteveCarter.com/random/Keith.jpg

The 'wee bothie' being rebuilt on the Balgy track... looks like it'll have an outside loo! http://SteveCarter.com/random/WeeBothie.jpg

Blue Tit Breakfast: http://SteveCarter.com/random/bluetit.jpg

Polyommatus icarus (Common Blue sounds so... er... common). Lots here today - buggers don't stay still for long mind: http://SteveCarter.com/random/flutterblue.jpg

Loch Shieldaig from Allt an Dubh just now: http://SteveCarter.com/random/8-7-11.jpg

The Seaflower on Loch Shieldaig early this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/random/SF4.jpg

That's easy for them to say: http://SteveCarter.com/random/easy.jpg

Messy nest http://SteveCarter.com/random/nest.jpg

Good work to Dunc.. earning a shed load for charity. http://t.co/ZOHcRSR - Join Anthony Nolan now! Find out more...

I just found this on my 'puter - taken on 12th Feb 2010, the first time I saw it was today (looking very different!) : http://SteveCarter.com/random/SnowToppedHills.jpg

Q: If you were to site a building 10 yards from the North Atlantic, what would be the worst building material to use? A: http://SteveCarter.com/np.jpg

Spent another pleasant evening in the back of a lorry - this time with Johnny Depp: http://SteveCarter.com/random/JD.jpg

Well I'm not clearing it up! http://SteveCarter.com/random/clear.jpg

This week, Dorothy is leaving Kansas! http://SteveCarter.com/random/23.jpg

What do you mean postcard? http://www.stevecarter.com/random/Ullapool.jpg

The K9 equiv of a hand brake turn: http://SteveCarter.com/random/HandBrake.jpg

I'm sure they think we're blind. They'll be issuing Dulux colour charts soon, so we can tell where the sea is: http://SteveCarter.com/random/P.jpg

Hoverdog: http://SteveCarter.com/random/HoverDog.jpg

Pink Lilies in the sunshine: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/LillyPink.jpg

This afternoon, I watched: http://t.co/PHVNFJj Here: http://t.co/66y92Us Waiting for this plane to land: http://t.co/KHWqFfs Aboard.. me' wife

Well I've heard a Caterham R500 called a lot of things (vicious springs to mind) but this is a first: http://SteveCarter.com/random/ford.jpg

The path to the sea: http://SteveCarter.com/random/paths.jpg

The meadow by the sea at Inverbain this morning http://SteveCarter.com/random/1-7-11.jpg

Why? http://SteveCarter.com/random/why_.jpg

What?! http://SteveCarter.com/random/what!.jpg

Bring on ya' galeforce 9! (Unfortunately we often get stormforce 10) http://SteveCarter.com/random/tied.jpg

Shieldaig summer evening lights: http://SteveCarter.com/random/lights1.jpg ~ http://SteveCarter.com/random/lights2.jpg

Seaflower Sunset: http://stevecarter.com/latest/seaflower-sunset.jpg

I tweeted a while back that I had found the most pointless sign in the Highlands. I lied. http://SteveCarter.com/random/waste.jpg

Sun, Sea, Sauv & Seven: http://SteveCarter.com/random/Monday.jpg

Your choice: Either mum arriving with food, or child startling mum by shouting too loud! http://SteveCarter.com/random/wags.jpg

What the hell... more sand: http://SteveCarter.com/random/Green.jpg

...and more sand: http://SteveCarter.com/random/MoreSand.jpg

More posh nosh eateries in the North West Highlands… now we have Roux (senior) joining in the fray: http://SteveCarter.com/random/posh.jpg

Toad in the Road: http://SteveCarter.com/random/frogs.jpg

The roof'll probably buff out, but the windows might need replacing: http://SteveCarter.com/random/hapc.jpg

All alone: http://SteveCarter.com/random/AllAlone.jpg

Beware: low flying Ferries: http://SteveCarter.com/random/UllapoolMac.jpg

It's that beach again: http://SteveCarter.com/random/again.jpg

Next to the petrol pump in the garage in Ullapool: http://SteveCarter.com/random/4court.jpg

That'll be a beach then: http://stevecarter.com/random/23-6-2011.jpg

I wonder how long it would take, if a JCB blocked a road in London, before a baseball bat appeaed? : http://SteveCarter.com/random/wail.jpg

Off to have a picnic on this beach tomorrow - never yet seen another person there: http://t.co/tkMWMTH

Proper plants, like I knew as a kid: http://SteveCarter.com/random/OldFashioned.jpg

I've just realised why people moor in this particular spot all the time.... It's 400 yards from the pub: http://SteveCarter.com/random/why.jpg

It's the longest day... 21 hours of light and the heather is out: http://SteveCarter.com/random/BellHeather.jpg

I don't often do links but: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-13814508

Short vid of the Coast Road Truckers in Applecross http://www.stevecarter.com/C-R-T.wmv

Pink & Black: http://SteveCarter.com/latest/PinkAndBlack.jpg

Andy plays Gob Iron with the 'Coast Road Truckers' on the seafront at Applecross yesterday: http://SteveCarter.com/random/gob.jpg

Short Timelapse (long one coming when I get time): http://SteveCarter.com/TheTide.wmv (Mac users will need flip4mac plugin)

3000 ft cloud base & zero wind speed at sea level = http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/3000.jpg

05:39 Sunday 19th June: http://stevecarter.com/latest/19-6-11.jpg

Black and white sand at Sand, inner sound, Isle of Skye and Sky http://Stevecarter.com/random/BWbeach.jpg

Rog McCuish's very 'wee' fishing trawler moored by Kenmore today. (Pronounced KenMORE btw, unlike my school KENmore): http://SteveCarter.com/random/rog.jpg

Blue morning in Torridon : http://SteveCarter.com/random/BlueMorning.jpg

Well I guess we can finally say summer is here in the Highalnds: http://SteveCarter.com/latest/summer.jpg

Shameless ad: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/ad.jpg

THE most pointless sign in Scotland: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/pointless1.jpg

The lighthouse that hides, unseen by most, underneath the Skye Bridge: http://SteveCarter.com/random/LH.jpg

Shieldaig from the roof terrace bar last night: http://stevecarter.com/random/16th.jpg

Cross: http://SteveCarter.com/random/cross.jpg

The Torridon Hills: http://SteveCarter.com/random/BW.jpg

This is my naughty face: http://SteveCarter.com/random/naughty1.jpg

Sunset by Kinloch ~ Shieldaig: http://SteveCarter.com/latest/redsky.jpg

Trying hard to get on this: http://stevecarter.com/harris-2007/ferry.jpg to go here: http://stevecarter.com/harris-2007/ha1.jpg - but stuff keeps cropping up.

Nick: http://SteveCarter.com/random/nick.jpg

Shieldaig class of 99 years ago : http://www.stevecarter.com/ansh/800shnews1.jpg

Viv's Seafood bar has had a facelift: http://stevecarter.com/viv/smallv1.jpg

22.30 : Look right: http://SteveCarter.com/random/suns3.jpg ~ Look left: http://SteveCarter.com/random/moons3.jpg

Jimmy Smiles woz 'ere: http://stevecarter.com/random/1hour.jpg

Matchpoint in the Inn : http://SteveCarter.com/random/matchpoint.jpg

Fluffy for miles: http://SteveCarter.com/random/CottonWhite.jpg

The cabin of Valhalla - one of the Sheildaig fishing boats: http://SteveCarter.com/random/valhalla.jpg

Liathach ~ Torridon this morning http://SteveCarter.com/latest/12-6-11.jpg

The Corran ~ Shieldaig: http://SteveCarter.com/latest/corran.jpg

Saturday morning in Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/latest/11-6-11-3.jpg

The perfect morning: http://stevecarter.com/latest/11-6-11-1a.jpg

A 4 month old Pine Marten makes off with some booty: http://SteveCarter.com/latest/BabyPine.jpg

I think they're gunna need a bigga boat... http://www.stevecarter.com/random/bigger.jpg

I'm convinced my dog thinks he's a film star: http://SteveCarter.com/random/FSC.jpg

Late evening light on a still Shieldaig village (so much warmer than the 7.20 photo): http://SteveCarter.com/latest/EveningLight.jpg

Evening sun though my window at 21.23 (I only get sun through this window in mid June) http://SteveCarter.com/random/evening.jpg

Ben Shieldaig & Shieldaig Village 7.20 p.m. 8-6-11 http://SteveCarter.com/latest/7.20.jpg

The French, who have trouble reading road signs prompt a new approach to 'STOP' : http://bit.ly/lJ66TB 'LET TRAFFIC PASS' uses less fingers

6 a.m. The washing is out at the house with the red tin roof on the banks of Loch Shieldaig: http://SteveCarter.com/latest/TinRoof.jpg

Booked best studio with best engineer in Europe for my next album - ug : http://SteveCarter.com/random/angels.htm

'Hail' Charlie: http://SteveCarter.com/random/goalie.jpg (I should probably point out that a 'Hail' is Shinty's version of a 'goal')

The Torridon Hills this afternoon: http://SteveCarter.com/latest/6-6-11.jpg

Dactylorhiza maculata - Heath Spotted Orchid - spotted on Beinn Alligin: http://SteveCarter.com/random/orchid.jpg

The Torridon Balgy 'gap'. Until recently this river had no bridge - necessitating a 70 mile diversion: http://SteveCarter.com/random/gap.jpg

Am Ploc - Loch Torridon : http://SteveCarter.com/random/AmPloc.jpg

Drastic measures to stop bird strikes and keep 'em tweeting - we do it every June: http://SteveCarter.com/random/beads.jpg

It must be June, the Foxgloves are out: http://SteveCarter.com/random/Foxgloves.jpg

Just spent 2 hours updating the gallery: http://www.stevecarter.com/2009/photographs.html

Some Dutch tourists are here: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/OldCar.jpg

Loch Shieldaig - 10.30 pm tonight: http://SteveCarter.com/latest/2-6-11.jpg

Charlie dog thinks it's better to stay in sunny Shieldaig this evening. Actually, I'm with him: http://SteveCarter.com/random/lead2.jpg

In need of modernisation: http://SteveCarter.com/random/mod.jpg

Remember the passing place they put in the passing place in the middle of nowhere? It fell over: http://stevecarter.com/random/FellOver.jpg

An air ambulance leaves a car accident near Garve today. Nobody hurt, but kids were trapped for a while & road closed http://SteveCarter.com/random/aa.jpg

Nommie takes his boat over to the Shieldaig pier: http://SteveCarter.com/random/Nommie.jpg

Sun with scattered cloud (at last) http://SteveCarter.com/random/post.jpg

Charlie looks for a Geocache on the top of the Bealach (found) http://SteveCarter.com/random/geocache.jpg ... more info www.geocaching.com

The burn this morning: http://SteveCarter.com/latest/TheBurn.jpg

Bert's late again... http://SteveCarter.com/random/Bert.jpg

This morning: Showers... http://SteveCarter.com/latest/showers1.jpg - Then sun... http://SteveCarter.com/latest/30-5-11.jpg

Having watched McLaren's strategy today at Monte Carlo, Red Bull unveil their 2012 F1 RBR-Renault RB8: http://SteveCarter.com/random/Vettel.jpg

It's no use blaming him! http://stevecarter.com/Alligin/c.jpg

Siskin in the pine forest: http://SteveCarter.com/random/siskin.jpg

Charlie waits for anything to happen. http://SteveCarter.com/random/happen.jpg

Toyota: Sat Nav/Check : CD Auto Changer/Check : Reverse Sensor/Check : Herring Gull/Check - http://SteveCarter.com/random/check.jpg

Shieldaig is FULL of discarded bikes, trikes and scooters. I'm thinking Alien abduction. http://SteveCarter.com/random/bikes.jpg

The 1960s finally draw to a close in the West Highlands: http://SteveCarter.com/random/hippy.jpg

I can retire. (part of today's PRS statement) http://stevecarter.com/random/PRS.jpg

What's a photographer to do? 26th May 10> http://www.stevecarter.com/26510.jpg - 26th May 11 (same view) > http://www.stevecarter.com/26511.jpg


Charlie is furious: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/furious.jpg

Louie, displaying the 'Shieldaig Sad Git Cup' by beating me into second at Fantasy Footie (doh): http://www.stevecarter.com/random/Louie.jpg

An Oystercatcher catches a break (well deserved in this weather) http://www.stevecarter.com/random/catch.jpg

We don't lose trees, we lose lamp posts. http://www.stevecarter.com/after.jpg

My tiny teddy with a class of Korean kids http://www.stevecarter.com/korea.jpg More > http://www.stevecarter.com/transported/transported.htm

I thought waterfalls were supposed to... er... fall? http://www.stevecarter.com/random/WaterUp.jpg

Two images that are now A5 cards - for sale in 'Nannys' Shieldaig http://www.stevecarter.com/card1.jpg http://www.stevecarter.com/card2.jpg

Screensaver! http://www.stevecarter.com/Screensaver.gif

A chair by a boat by the sea: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/aSeat.jpg

More wet ones from this a.m.: http://www.stevecarter.com/burn.jpg - http://www.stevecarter.com/burn2.jpg - http://www.stevecarter.com/burn3.jpg

Glen Shieldaig has hundreds of these running off the Ben this morning: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/fall.jpg

Bright sunshine, heavy rain, snow on the hills. May 20th really needs to make it's mind up. http://www.stevecarter.com/random/May20th.jpg

Buoy: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/buoy.jpg

I always wondered where postboxes came from: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/mate.jpg (still working out which one is the male)

Street light: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/light.jpg

Ultra Violet: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/RB1.jpg

Love the fringe darlin', but you might wanna' work on your lipstick technique: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/lipstick.jpg

You really couldn't make the West Highlands up:: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/stops.jpg

After the Torridon fire. 9 sq km were affected. http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/fires.jpg

Random Zebra: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/zebra.jpg

...and swallow: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/swallow.jpg

Now that would be a very silly car to drive round the Highlands: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/SillyCar.jpg

Lots of rain, which we needed (and the first midges, which we didn't): http://www.stevecarter.com/random/lots.jpg

Nearly didn't take the camera this morning it was so dark... then : http://www.stevecarter.com/random/VeryDark.jpg

39,000 feet. http://www.stevecarter.com/random/7miles.jpg

Well, you can't have too many shots of Charlie looking like Kate Winslett, can you? http://www.stevecarter.com/random/Kate.jpg

More painted forests. Great light here today. http://www.stevecarter.com/random/paint.jpg

Part of a 5p I found in the road. Well worn, but perfectly formed (the coin, not the monarch): http://www.stevecarter.com/random/5p.jpg

Re: my last post... here's Charlie looking at the same ship, as a wee pup in 2004: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/one.jpg

Some things in life are certain. Folk get off this ship and insist on walking down the middle of the road. http://www.stevecarter.com/random/princess.jpg

I donated some pics to Great Ormond/Royal Marsden ICUs http://www.stevecarter.com/random/RMH1.jpg http://www.stevecarter.com/random/RMH2.jpg

Clouds & Tides (short wmv timelapse .wmv) http://www.stevecarter.com/random/clouds_&_tides.wmv

Scary Marten: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/ScaryPine.jpg

A bit dodgy on the pins: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/pins.jpg

Hmmm: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/SadGit.jpg

Cotton in the loch: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/cotton.jpg

It'll be fresh: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/Fresh.jpg

The Roddies are out: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/Roddies.jpg

Happiness is... http://www.stevecarter.com/random/happy.jpg

Gerrard Presencer doing what he does best on one of my tunes: http://www.stevecarter.com/sjazz0.mp3 - Check out wiki - Gerard Presencer.

Pollen (most of which is on my car): http://www.stevecarter.com/random/pollen.jpg

Yum! http://www.stevecarter.com/random/yum.jpg

We're fast approching the monster West Highland sunset season: http://www.stevecarter.com/picaday/sunsets.htm

Just Dandy: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/Dandy.jpg

It's good to know! http://www.stevecarter.com/random/Tabloid.jpg (from today's Daily Mail who published some more fire photos).

One of the 450 nutters who are cycling 43 miles over the highest mountain pass in the UK today: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/nutter.jpg

Shieldaig village @ 19.30 today: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/1930.jpg

Stop arsing about with that thing and tickle my tummy: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/tickle.jpg

Time-Lapse clouds from the top of my house today. Created in a great iPhone app - ReelMoments: http://www.stevecarter.com/IMG_0022.mov

Low clouds over Glen Shieldaig: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/LowClouds.jpg

Bog Cotton (nothing to do with Q-tips): http://www.stevecarter.com/random/BogCotton.jpg

Tourists have gone, weather's been perfect, a very fine time to drive a car without a windscreen: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/gone.jpg

Flutter By: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/FlutterBy.jpg (pic by Iona)

By Torrin: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/Torrin.jpg

Mamma Mia anyone? http://www.stevecarter.com/random/Ticket.jpg

A very nice place to stay, an exceptional place to eat: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/KinNice.jpg

INN: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/INN.jpg

After the Torridon fire. You can clearly see where it stopped (was stopped): http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/4-5-2011.jpg

Skyelights: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/Lighthouse.jpg

Sheepwreck: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/SheepWreck.jpg

Well they ain't going to get done by 'Trades Descriptions': http://www.stevecarter.com/random/NoArgumentsHere.jpg

Torridon (and my photo) made the front page. http://www.stevecarter.com/random/FrontPage.jpg

Hello, Fire Brigade? My mountain is on fire. http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/fire.htm

A taxi ride in Cuba 15 years ago : http://www.stevecarter.com/Cuba1996.wmv (34 mb WMV) Cha Cha Cha phobics need not apply.

Strathcarron this morning: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/strathcarron.jpg

Such excitement about the Royal Wedding. People just can't contain themselves: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/11AM.jpg

Shades of Torridon: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/heat.jpg

Very comfy thanks. http://www.stevecarter.com/random/weelamb.jpg

The seat at the end of the garden: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/sit.jpg

A more popular beach this morning (there were two others) Sand near Applecross : http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/BigSand.jpg

I could tell you where this beach is, but I'd have to kill you: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/secret.jpg (I know some of you know -shhh)

Caledonian pine bark. Clever and rather pretty stuff. http://www.stevecarter.com/random/bark.jpg

Sky high fuel prices: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/SkyHigh.jpg

That got it. http://www.stevecarter.com/random/ThatGotIt.jpg

Sand at Sand: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/ripples.jpg

For those interested, the sound of a Caledonian Pine Forest - 24-4-2011 @ 18.08 p.m. : http://www.stevecarter.com/random/EasterNoise.mp3

Shieldaig fishermen's Easter hols: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/suncreme.jpg

The lesser of two weevils: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/lesser.jpg

This crowded isle: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/crowded.jpg

Gorse of course http://www.stevecarter.com/random/gorse.jpg

Vid. Rush hour. Everyone's at work here, so roads quite busy. 18mb WMV http://www.stevecarter.com/RushHour.wmv

Evil grin: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/EvilGrin.jpg

The monster from the deep this morning (before he fell asleep in the sun): http://www.stevecarter.com/random/jack1.jpg

A gull not enjoying an Oystercatcher fly past: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/flocks.jpg

I've been working on ideas for gift cards to flog up here. Not sure about this. My missus hates it. http://www.stevecarter.com/random/sv.jpg

Today's sunrise: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/20-4-11.jpg

Room for one more on top: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/room.jpg

A proper seaside house: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/blue-door.jpg

I have lots of stuff stuck in my face. Can I have a Bonio? http://www.stevecarter.com/random/face.jpg

Particularly nice weather for Gulls in #Shieldaig today: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/Gulls.jpg

Where have all the Easter tourists gone? (Not that Charlie minds - or us, come to think) : http://www.stevecarter.com/random/where.jpg

Getting arty with a forest on the banks of Loch Shieldaig : http://www.stevecarter.com/random/MagicForest.jpg

Early Doors for Charlie: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/Early_Doors.jpg

The window in the bedroom in the boathouse in Torridon: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/windows.jpg

Liathach - a Torridon hill: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/LiathachBW.jpg

There may well be such a thing as too much choice (Taken in the #Torridon whisky bar tonight) http://www.stevecarter.com/random/choice.jpg

Mobile bibliotech: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/ml.jpg

The hill that people run up in the #Shieldaig fete (for fun): http://www.stevecarter.com/random/TheHill.jpg

For 5 hours now Shieldiag has been in bright sunshine - everywhere else is under dark black clouds: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/13-4-11.jpg

I have a stick and you have no stick. I have control. http://www.stevecarter.com/random/stick.jpg

This house warming gift is now 6 metres tall. I'm going to have to build a taller house! http://www.stevecarter.com/random/PlantHigher.jpg

Rainbow over Loch Torridon last night: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/rainbows.jpg

And talking of the Pine Marten - many may have missed my vid from last year - clever Marten!: http://www.stevecarter.com/PineMartenJune10.wmv

A Pine Marten climes a caledonian pine tree on the banks of Loch Shieldaig: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/PM1.jpg

Heavy showers over the Torridon hills today: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/heavyshowers.jpg

In full voice: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/Thrush.jpg

A roll on the beach in the sun: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/roller.jpg

THAT drive is what Caterham cars were made to do: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/7morning.jpg

Shieldaig Island: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/float.jpg

The tree on the lawn: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/LiathachTree.jpg

Lochinver: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/inver.jpg

What?! http://www.stevecarter.com/random/what.jpg

Incoming! http://www.stevecarter.com/random/hp.jpg

Breakfast: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/SayCheese.jpg

More Rain: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/MoreRain.jpg

You couln't make it up: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/PassingPlace.jpg

Caledonian Pines on the west face of Ben Shieldaig dissapear into the clouds: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/IntoTheClouds.jpg

Clouds on the ground: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/cloudsontheground.jpg

UYB 222 has survived 56 Highland winters. http://www.stevecarter.com/random/1955.jpg

Frosty croons in the Shieldaig Bar last night: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/crt.jpg

A cow, a beach, a dog and a pub. A good morning: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/2-4-11.htm

Torridon looking kinda' blue: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/kindablue.jpg

Fab weather here: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/April1a.jpg What do you mean April fool? http://www.stevecarter.com/random/April1b.jpg

Just spent a very pleasant evening sitting in the back of a lorry with Colin Firth: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/lorry.jpg

150 mile round trip to the cinema. Hurumph. Luckily, the cinema comes to us. Hurrah. http://www.stevecarter.com/random/sm.jpg

A tree in Glen Torridon: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/crooked-tree.jpg

Still Island: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/still.jpg


They breed 'em tough up here: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/Pistonhead.jpg

Congrats @thetorridon named Scottish Hotel of the year: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/SHA.jpg

Liathach - 'The grey one' : http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/LiathachBST.jpg

Diesel 137.9p. Wednesdays's budget takes 1p off. Diesel now: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/150.jpg -Thank goodness he didn't take 2p off!

Top of the hill, surveying his subjects: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/Master.jpg

Torridon this morning: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/26-3-11-1.jpg

Are Scotland playing somewhere today? If so, it looks like they've got some help: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/flag.jpg

Rock Pipit: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/RockPipet.jpg (Like you care)

Des Res - Highland style: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/DesRes.jpg

A very fine life size pencil drawing of a tit that I have just aquired: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/GreatTits.jpg

Duck : http://www.stevecarter.com/random/dbs.jpg

Nine minutes past six. http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/609.jpg

I'm sure Hitchcock got the inspiration for one of his films here: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/MoreChooks.jpg

7 is generally the best time of day: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/TodaysSeven.jpg

The burn at full flow after overnight rain: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/FullFlow.jpg

Ben Shieldaig this morning: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/22-3-11.jpg

I keep getting e Mails for this guy. For those of you that know me, you'll see the obvious resemblance: http://www.stevecarteronline.com

I think we all know this is a fib: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/ChooseDay.jpg

Rhododendron leaf: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/rod.jpg

http://www.stevecarter.com/random/blink.jpg and http://www.stevecarter.com/random/CharlieKnows.jpg

Too hard to watch - but I'm sticking with it: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/TooHardToWatch.jpg

FANTASTIC MOON - CLOSEST FOR TWO DECADES! http://www.stevecarter.com/random/bugger.jpg ... Bugger

The Shieldaig sorting office (read: village hall kitchen). Ours live behind the hot tap. http://www.stevecarter.com/random/sorted.jpg

Wazzup? http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/floating.jpg


Re my post below (new album), might be worth a link to a vid of one of the tracks being recorded: http://www.stevecarter.com/20-Oct-2010.wmv

My latest CD is out today: http://www.stevecarter.com/MindMatters.jpg - clip: http://www.stevecarter.com/Dementia.mp3 -More: SteveCarter.com

The first colour in our garden: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/colour.jpg

30 seconds before the shop closes: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/Transport.jpg

16th March 2011 - Torridon: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/16-3-11.htm

Remote enough? http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/smallholding.jpg

Stag: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/stag.jpg

Because every headline is wrong... http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/HighlandWeather.jpg

House: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/house.jpg

There HAS to be a catch: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/peanut.jpg

Oystercatchers fly over Loch Shieldaig: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/catchers.jpg

Re below: Victoria did have a good eye for location mind (photo from last summer): http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/10-7-10.jpg

Queen Victoria had this pad built for hols. The noise of the R500 would NOT have amused: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/PoshSeven.jpg

Pretty enough to eat: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/lunch.jpg

In an attempt to curb childhood obesity, Highland Council trials a new bike share scheme: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/pt.jpg

The pass of the cattle: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/BealachNaBa.jpg

Snow Drop: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/snowdrop.jpg

I was trying to count how many chooks wander around Shieldaig. Answer - loads: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/FunkyChicken.jpg

Wellington's nose (I wonder why?): http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/Nose.jpg

The best sound system you'll ever find in a car - probably: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/SoundSystem.jpg (Ok, Marcos might nudge it).

A cold, grey morning under the Ben: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/UndeTheBen.jpg

Difficult to find a photo to take today (our climate being so maliable). But: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/BadWeather.jpg Good luck Japan.

Tree Art: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/stark.jpg

'I keep thinking it's Tuesday' : http://www.stevecarter.com/random/tuesday.jpg

Soon to be for sale in Nanny's shop: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/flame.jpg

Winter returns http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/9-3-11.jpg


Forest Floor (does what it says on the tin - but it is like walking on a soft sponge): http://www.stevecarter.com/random/ForrestFloor.jpg

Lunchtime seems so long ago: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/TimesPast.jpg

One of the main reasons I love the Highlands in winter: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/Empty.jpg

Poser: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/poser.jpg Posers: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/posers.jpg

Bruce cuts down my huge rhododendrons, I take photos of his handmade earrings. Swapshop: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/EarEar.jpg

Rogie wood: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/treepath.jpg

This tree may need a hug: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/lonely1.jpg

Ooops: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/upsidedown.jpg

BIG seaweed: (warning: arty) http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/BIGseaweed.jpg

Milton. Not exactly a large town. http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/milton.jpg

Dooley Dog: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/dooley.jpg


Astonishing to witness: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/2-3-11.jpg

My dog needs to stay in more: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/plat.jpg

Coo: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/coo.jpg

Any chance of a snack? http://www.stevecarter.com/random/snack.jpg

Mr Jackson LOVES his teddy: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/MrJackson.jpg

The Bealach na Ba: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/warmandcold.jpg

In an attempt to stem dwindling profits, Royal Mail introduces it's premium service: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/IanThePostie.jpg

Bugger off! (to black backed gull out of shot): http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/shag.jpg

I think there may be something wrong with Harry: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/Harry.jpg

Don't even THINK about posting this on Twitter. http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/WhatYouLookinAt.jpg

Humbucker breakfast: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/GibsonPickup.jpg

A new look for the modern Highland Lab: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/pink.jpg

Catwalk dog: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/dogdaze.jpg

http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/treeisland.jpg or http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/translation2.jpg (OK I lied about the nuts).

Upper Loch Torridon: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/Torridon21.jpg

Loch Coultrie: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/Coultrie.jpg

The old boathouse at Kinloch: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/OldBoathouse.jpg

Working lunch: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/hardwork.jpg

Heavy showers: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/heavy_showers.jpg

Stop taking photos of him... LOOK AT ME! http://www.stevecarter.com/random/wannabeinthepic.jpg

Health and safety? Pah! http://www.stevecarter.com/random/braveheart.jpg

Top of the world (well UK anyway) http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/BealachFeb.jpg

Happy days: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/17-2-11.jpg

First signs of spring - bring it on: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/snowdrop11.jpg

Captured moments from Highland flings: http://www.stevecarter.com/highlandpics/highlandpics.htm

Canna be! http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/kinloch-lodge2.jpg

Over the sea to Skye... http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/10-2-11.jpg

Two families with venison for tea methinks. http://www.stevecarter.com/random/twodeer.jpg

Beer, car, understeer, road sign: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/bcr.jpg