A photo blog of random images of life in the Highlands - mostly taken with a 'point & shoot' compact camera.

(Oh, and the odd bit of music thrown in). I'm going to try and keep posting a photo a day for a decade.

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2018 (latest at top)

It's that time of year again: here's this years 'crop' from the NW (latest at the top): http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/latesttorridon18.htm


Early morning sun on Shieldaig Island: http://stevecarter.com/random/earlymorningisland.jpg

Sunrise over Ben Damph: http://stevecarter.com/random/BDcolour.jpg

There can be some 'issues' with morning dog walks in the Highlands in late December: http://stevecarter.com/random/earlydogs.jpg

Rolling... http://stevecarter.com/random/moonscape.jpg


Only the very tops of the Cuillin hills have snow at the moment: http://stevecarter.com/random/cuillins24thdec.jpg

Well here's something for Christmas day. Roses growing in the forest, in bloom in late December. The best to you all: http://stevecarter.com/random/roses.jpg

Needed fuel: https://youtu.be/XmeAaXy07Ug

Christmas Eve - Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/SHchristmas2018.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/SHchristmas18.jpg

Loch Dughaill just now: http://stevecarter.com/random/dugchristmas.jpg

Looking towards the Five Sisters of Kintail from the top of the Bealach na Ba this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/5sisters24thdec.jpg

Pastel colours changing over a 90 minute time lapse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcgnC_dbrN4

Today's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/23-12-18.jpg

The top of Ben Damph yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/topBDclouds.jpg

Winter Solstice 2018 - Upper Loch Torridon : http://stevecarter.com/random/wintersolstice18.jpg

I think it's time for a Christmas card to you all... so here are some of my fave images from 2018 (2:15 video) >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKnyzzRLiIM

It's the Winter Solstice tomorrow - 18 hours of darkness - so we'll take every bit of light we can get: http://stevecarter.com/random/darkestday.jpg

Shieldaig Village before sunrise: http://stevecarter.com/random/shbefore.jpg

Pinky purple loch: http://stevecarter.com/random/purplerise.jpg

The problem with stopping your car to take a photo round here is that sheep can't differentiate between cars and invariably plod down off the hill thinking you're a farmer with food: http://stevecarter.com/random/theflock.jpg

Sundaze: http://stevecarter.com/random/decsundaze.jpg

Loch Dughaill: http://stevecarter.com/random/lochdughaillbow.jpg

Here's the thing. The previous owners of the land on which now stands our house left us a gnome. It promptly disappeared and I haven't seen it for the best part of 20 years. Today, Bertie found it and decided it needed to be buried ... in our planter. He was very proud. http://stevecarter.com/bertie/dig.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/bertie/gnome.jpg

Where's all the snow gone? [looks at weather forecast - oh, okay] http://stevecarter.com/random/wheresnow.jpg

The view from the beach at Inverbain earlier: http://stevecarter.com/random/inverbaindec18.jpg

Looking over Ob Mheallaidh yesterday morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/ObM.jpg

Well I never. (And I do mean never). http://stevecarter.com/random/13-12-18.jpg

Bertie is 21 months old tomorrow. Guess why I've just ordered a bigger car: http://stevecarter.com/bertie/bertie21.jpg - from this! http://stevecarter.com/bertie/bertie11.jpg

Loch Coultrie: http://stevecarter.com/random/lochcoultriegold.jpg

Yesterday's pink turned into crystal clear blue: http://stevecarter.com/random/10-12-18-2.jpg

This morning we have pink: http://stevecarter.com/random/10-12-18.jpg

Torridon House: http://stevecarter.com/random/Thouse18.jpg

The Torridon Hills and the 'Net Store' holiday let: http://stevecarter.com/random/TMidDec18.jpg

Rear view mirror man: https://youtu.be/HTP-fyrwmjA (youtube vid from this morning).

The A896: http://stevecarter.com/random/A896-2018.jpg

The last 12 months of the travels of TransporTed documented here: http://www.stevecarter.com/Transported/ted10.htm

When December is good it's better than anything August has to offer: http://stevecarter.com/random/decnice18.jpg - but when it's bad it's awful!

Shieldaig Village & the Torridon Hills yesterday: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/5-12-2018.jpg - Closer: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/5-12-2018-2.jpg

The rocks in Loch Shieldaig by Tilders House known as Sgeirean Buidhe earlier: http://stevecarter.com/random/sgeireanbuidhe18.jpg

Looking across the Bay of Deception. (First photo from the Sony RX100 Mk VI) http://stevecarter.com/random/MK6-1.jpg

Snow back on the tops: http://stevecarter.com/random/snowbackdec18.jpg

Upper Loch Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/ULTWinters.jpg

It might look like evening December light, but sunset here is currently 3:42, so this is mid afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/lateafternoons.jpg

Rushes home to get the Ambre Solaire: http://stevecarter.com/random/ambresolaire18.jpg

November was the driest I've known here in 20 years. Kinda' made up for it yesterday mind: http://stevecarter.com/random/rainrain.jpg

Liathach is looking particularly golden this week: http://stevecarter.com/random/lendnov18.jpg

Winter sun on Beinn Alligin: http://stevecarter.com/random/wintersunBA.jpg

Blabheinn: http://stevecarter.com/random/BlabheinnHill.jpg

Couldoran House: http://stevecarter.com/random/couldorannov18.jpg

One for the cloud appreciation society: http://stevecarter.com/random/spacecraft2.jpg

Today's traffic jam. Bless 'em: https://youtu.be/4B3vDxoirxM

Driving towards Liathach yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/RoadLiathach18.jpg

I've rebuilt the Hebridean photo page to include a dozen new photos: http://www.stevecarter.com/Hebrides/Hebrides.htm

The sound of Taransay: http://stevecarter.com/Hebrides/h7.jpg ...not that he cares: http://www.stevecarter.com/Hebrides/harrisdog.jpg

The view from above Seilebost: http://www.stevecarter.com/Hebrides/ha181.jpg

Some predawn geese (making a racket) : http://stevecarter.com/Hebrides/ha186.jpg

South Harris at the weekend: https://youtu.be/967HjaK0I_g (2:30 youtube vid).

When we head to Harris we usually stay here (Rodel). One of my fave parts of Scotland: http://www.stevecarter.com/Hebrides/ha187.jpg

Looking towards Luskentyre and the Sound of Taransay (incoming tide) : http://stevecarter.com/random/ha18111.jpg


Part of Scarasta beach, Isle of Harris (Toe Head and the Chaipaval pegmatite in the Lewisian Gneiss Complex!) http://stevecarter.com/random/harris182.jpg

Ultra clear skies here: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/moonlastnight.jpg

I'm on my way back from the Outer Hebrides with an embarrassing amount of photos. Weather was terrible : http://stevecarter.com/random/harris181.jpg

Well I suppose even a murmuration needs a rest from time to time: http://stevecarter.com/random/900starlings.jpg

Loch Beag yesterday: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/lochbeag18.jpg

Torridon before sunrise this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/beforerisenov18.jpg

By Lonbain (coast road) every 5th or 6th passing place has it's own resident buzzard. Sensible space sharing: http://stevecarter.com/random/buzzingplace.jpg

Well that didn't go to plan... http://stevecarter.com/random/seeds.jpg

The top of Liathach: http://stevecarter.com/random/topofl.jpg

Bertie is 20 months old today: How can such a happy dog can look so sad! http://stevecarter.com/bertie/sosad.jpg Compared to 5 months - Mr Scruffy! http://stevecarter.com/bertie/SockDraw.jpg

Sky over Skye: http://stevecarter.com/random/skyesky.jpg

Glen Torridon yesterday morning. The hills on the north side of the glen; Beinn Eighe and Liathach: http://stevecarter.com/random/BEandL.jpg

Loch Coulin shrouded in mist, early this morning. http://stevecarter.com/random/lochclairmist.jpg

Looking over Loch Clair this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/11-11-18.jpg


Loch Clair feeds the River Torridon which eventually finds its way to the sea, seen here approaching Loch Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/rivertorridonNW.jpg

Skyeline: http://stevecarter.com/random/Skyeline.jpg

This is a nothing photo (taken this morning with a point/shoot), but I've never ever seen the very top of the Isle of Lewis before (+/- 60 miles from where I was standing). At first it looks like a separate island (on the right), but the curve of the earth hides the low lying ground. http://stevecarter.com/random/curveofearth.jpg

07:15 this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/redroofrise.jpg

Torridon sunrise: http://stevecarter.com/random/earlyglow.jpg

Looking towards Upper Loch Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/panult18.jpg

First light on the hills: http://stevecarter.com/random/firstlightnov.jpg


99% of the deer here panic and flee when they see you, but some are ridiculously tame/brave and just stay put and big it out: http://stevecarter.com/random/tamedeer.jpg

Some of the 31,400, and Scalpay & Skye in the distance: http://stevecarter.com/random/littleplenty.jpg

How to catch and kill a frisbee: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOD89Y4Y_Zg (youtube vid)

Coire nan arr, complete with Loch and recently added dam: http://stevecarter.com/random/damnov18.jpg

Sunrise over Sand beach this morning http://stevecarter.com/random/sandsunrise.jpg - and the reason we were there: http://stevecarter.com/random/frizbie.jpg

Hailstorm one mile off and closing: http://stevecarter.com/random/hail18.jpg

Party at Nanny's, Shieldaig - Saturday 3rd - between 3 and 5 to celebrate 100 years of Nanny's shop! http://stevecarter.com/random/cake100.jpg Also BBC Alba 'An La' either Fri or Sat evening.

The view from the Torridon Hotel: http://stevecarter.com/random/lthoct18.jpg

Shieldaig village yesterday afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/SVOct18.jpg

Loch Droma: http://stevecarter.com/random/Droma18.jpg

Lovely food at the Kylesku Hotel yesterday (again): http://stevecarter.com/random/kfood18.jpg - and not a bad view whilst you eat! http://stevecarter.com/random/kyleskuoct18.jpg

The hills around Loch Glencoul don't look like they should be on this planet, let alone the UK: http://stevecarter.com/random/glencouloct18.jpg

Suilven yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/suilvanoct18.jpg

Extraordinary light in Glen Torridon this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/extra18.jpg

Ben Damph and the River Balgy: http://stevecarter.com/random/BDam.jpg

After much discussion, the sheep decided they needed to change their P.R. consultants: http://stevecarter.com/random/redsheep.jpg

Turned out nice: http://stevecarter.com/random/27-10-18.jpg

I think we can safely assume it's about to snow here: http://stevecarter.com/random/aboutto.jpg

Panoramic of Glasnock and Loch an Loin: http://stevecarter.com/random/glas18.jpg

It doesn't matter that you can explain it to me, electrical induction is just plain weird: http://stevecarter.com/random/induction.jpg

First snow on the hills today: http://stevecarter.com/random/first18snow.jpg

At least there was no chance of meeting a motorhome half way up... http://stevecarter.com/random/earlycar.jpg

Ben Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/BS-10-18.jpg

The joys of driving in the Highlands (in summer with the tourists): https://youtu.be/LaJmF97Leo8

Glen Shieldaig (through the car windscreen): http://stevecarter.com/random/GSOct18.jpg

The side of the loch where the boats live: http://stevecarter.com/random/otherside18.jpg

Camasaidh: http://stevecarter.com/random/stel182.jpg

The old shed with the red tin roof: http://stevecarter.com/random/tinroofshed.jpg

Sometimes cameras just don't cut it. This is such an instance: http://stevecarter.com/random/oct18clouds.jpg

Beinn Alligin: http://stevecarter.com/random/baoct18.jpg

The beach on the loch: http://stevecarter.com/random/thebeach18.jpg

Shieldaig looking rather like a model village: http://stevecarter.com/random/smodelvillage.jpg

Upper Loch Torridon yesterday - complete with mussel farm: http://stevecarter.com/random/ltoct18.jpg

We probably see 100+ rainbows a year here, but I have never before seen one this bright: http://stevecarter.com/random/mostbow.jpg

The Coire na Ba: http://stevecarter.com/random/beadown18.jpg

The forest floor is now golden brown: http://stevecarter.com/random/suncomesoutforest.jpg

A local fisherman's boat broke it's mooring in the gales and ended up on it's side on some rocks. Now recovered but in need of TLC!http://stevecarter.com/random/rodboat.jpg

The burn known as Allt 'a Chumhaing (flowing down the Bealach na Ba) this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/bea14-10-18.jpg

Bertie is 19 months old today, and is officially a scruffy bugger: http://stevecarter.com/bertie/19m.jpg

Early morning dog walk by Loch Dughaill: http://stevecarter.com/random/octearlymorn.jpg

15 minutes before yesterday's Shieldaig sunrise: http://stevecarter.com/random/oct18pastel.jpg

Shieldaig Island as you probably haven't seen it before: http://stevecarter.com/random/SI-10-18.jpg

Wind and rain are much more bearable when you've got your mates around you: http://stevecarter.com/random/rainavoidance.jpg

We had two red squirrels (simultaneously) on our bird feeder yesterday. One scarpered, here's the other (taken through glass) http://stevecarter.com/random/2reds.jpg

A neighbour in his new (54 year old) yacht: http://stevecarter.com/random/inyacht18.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/inyacht181.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/inyacht182.jpg

Looking from above Loch Torridon towards Loch Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/6-10-18-1.jpg

Nice place to park (Loch Torridon -14:10 today) http://stevecarter.com/random/niceplacetopark.jpg

Shiledaig (Loch, Ben and Village) yesterday evening: http://stevecarer.comrandom/pan5-10-18.jpg

The forest and the loch earlier: http://stevecarter.com/random/forestloch18.jpg

We are due two sunny days - it'll be a very colourful time in the NW Highlands: http://stevecarter.com/random/octc18.jpg

Low sun highlighting the geology of Port Laire and Lagaidh Dhubh: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/PL18.jpg

I've added this (and some more) shots to my 'random' page: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/random.htm

And all of a sudden, October does its thing: http://stevecarter.com/random/Oct18colour.jpg

If you're coming up here this week, you might consider WD40 rather than Ambre Solaire: http://stevecarter.com/random/oct18rain.jpg

Shieldaig Island as seen from the south: http://stevecarter.com/random/contrastisland.jpg

Low cloud at Achintraid: http://stevecarter.com/random/kishorn18.jpg

Beinn Alligin from below Beinn Bheag: http://stevecarter.com/random/BAsept18.jpg

Are you sure this is the best place to have this conversation? http://stevecarter.com/random/conver.jpg

Here's the West face of Ben Shieldaig. Then the North face. Then there's the east face. Who stole all the trees?

We don't 'arf get some wacky light in September: http://stevecarter.com/random/wackyweather18.jpg

...and the sun came out and we went into Technicolor © : http://stevecarter.com/random/busybeach.jpg

The whole forest was leaking yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/leaking.jpg

After the rain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgDU8a7nwV4 (youtube vid)

It's trying really hard to be a beautiful day here: http://stevecarter.com/random/keeptrying.jpg

10 weeks ago we were on emergency water rations due a prolonged drought. Here's our water supply this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/nodrought.jpg

And still they come. (This one during a hailstorm) : http://stevecarter.com/random/brightbow.jpg

Shepherds' warning: http://stevecarter.com/random/shepherds.jpg

I just realised the BBC's 'Brexitcast' is using my music as the theme tune. The title? Reality Bites (!) http://stevecarter.com/random/RealityBites.mp3

Pleased to say that the telescope we put up in 2012 has now earned over £1000 for the RSPB (and quite a few bottle tops). http://stevecarter.com/random/telescopecash.jpg

The cliff known as Creag a' Chumhaing disappearing into the clouds: http://stevecarter.com/random/bnbclouds.jpg

Taking off is hard to do: http://stevecarter.com/random/ctakeoff.jpg

Even rubbish weather has its moments: http://stevecarter.com/random/stickyclouds.jpg

As the tourist season ends, the storm season starts: http://stevecarter.com/random/packingup181.jpg

For those that missed: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0bk9g9m/grand-tours-of-scotlands-lochs-series-2-2-take-my-breath-away

This morning's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/18-9-18.jpg

A panoramic of Loch Clair (taken before the winds came) http://stevecarter.com/random/clairpan189.jpg

Harris/Lewis - the biggest Island in Scotland. This, one of the smaller ones: http://stevecarter.com/random/smallisland.jpg

Wester Ross skyline: http://stevecarter.com/random/moody189.jpg

Bertie is 18 months old today. 'You can take my photo, but you're going to have to fight for the stick!' http://stevecarter.com/bertie/18mmm.jpg

Waterfall (short video) https://youtu.be/BdRBKpx9tw8

I wonder if rainbows exist if there's nobody there to see them. http://stevecarter.com/random/bowdeception.jpg

A break in the clouds giving a few seconds of late evening sunshine: http://stevecarter.com/random/eveninglight189.jpg

The sky reflected on the surface of Loch Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/differentview.jpg

Today's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/9-9-18.jpg

More often than not, Kinloch B&B looks like a jigsaw: http://stevecarter.com/tandom/kinloch918.jpg

First light on the hills: http://stevecarter.com/random/firstlight18.jpg

Glen Torridon - 07:15 this morning http://stevecarter.com/random/8-9-18.jpg

Funny stuff, mist: http://stevecarter.com/random/funnystuff.jpg

We've had most of the seasons here today. This was one of them: http://stevecarter.com/random/somewhere.jpg

Loch Shieldaig yesterday evening: http://stevecarter.com/random/LS189.jpg

Shieldaig's female skiff crew practicing their rowing technique on the loch this evening: http://stevecarter.com/random/skiff6-9-18.jpg

Beinn Eighe: http://stevecarter.com/random/BE189.jpg

Looking from Couldoran towards Tornapress and Loch Kishorn: http://stevecarter.com/random/couldoran189.jpg

The RAF are testing their new fighter jets up here at the moment, one came over yesterday, very low, very loud and very fast - so I thought I'd get a photo... http://stevecarter.com/random/jet.jpg

You can tell that autumn has arrived: http://stevecarter.com/random/autumn189.jpg

Loch Clair and Sgurr Dubh: http://stevecarter.com/random/sgurrdubh181.jpg

Early morning, Loch a' Chroisg: http://stevecarter.com/random/chroisg189.jpg

The hill known as Sail Gharbh doesn't exactly creep up on you: http://stevecarter.com/random/SailGharbhA894.jpg

Drones from Sutherland. The hills Canisp and Suilven: http://stevecarter.com/random/CanispSuilven182.jpg and Loch Druim Suardalain http://stevecarter.com/random/DruimSuardalain18.jpg

Loch Glascarnoch early this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/glascarnoch181.jpg

A few from Glencanisp yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/cansp185.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/cansp182.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/cansp187.jpg

The Bridge over the River Culag (earlier today): http://stevecarter.com/random/cansp189a.jpg

Standing tall: http://stevecarter.com/random/standingtall.jpg

A pastel start: http://stevecarter.com/random/pastelaug.jpg

Considering August, and an English bank holiday, it was surprisingly quiet in the village yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/quiet188.jpg

Straight on wasn't an option: http://stevecarter.com/random/road1881.jpg

What? http://stevecarter.com/random/whatwhatwhat.jpg

The moment and the place that a loch becomes a river: http://stevecarter.com/random/balgystart.jpg

You can clearly see in this photo the footprint of the old crofting township of Fuaran. A victim of the clearances: http://stevecarter.com/random/fasaig181.jpg

Nobody owns a lawnmower around here. You just open your gate. http://stevecarter.com/random/lawnmower.jpg

August roads are a bit of a nightmare after 09.30... Best drive in the rush hour: http://stevecarter.com/random/19-8-182.jpg

The Deer Park at the eastern end of Upper Loch Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/ULT20-8-18.jpg

Loch an Loin: http://stevecarter.com/random/19-8-181.jpg

It was busy at Applecross this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/deerapplex.jpg

This morning's sunrise over Loch Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/19-8-18.jpg

Lochcarron (short video) : https://youtu.be/-PyI6x9tD_Y

The hills by Couldoran often look a bit 'Mordor' in August: http://stevecarter.com/random/darkover18.jpg

We're getting some seriously moody weather here at the moment. That'll be August then: http://stevecarter.com/random/darkover18.jpg

Dark skies over the Bealach: http://stevecarter.com/random/darkbea18.jpg

That's some road trip Peter and Paula are taking: http://stevecarter.com/random/roadtripmg.jpg

Come and see the Highlands. They're in there somewhere: http://stevecarter.com/random/comesee.jpg

Bertie is 17 months old: http://stevecarter.com/bertie/17m0.jpg

There's loud, and there's Gull loud: http://stevecarter.com/random/veryloud2.jpg

I've always wondered why, when they built this bridge (relatively recently), they chose this convoluted route: http://stevecarter.com/random/strangeloc.jpg

Photos (and video) from the fete & regatta. I was only able to be there for an hour and a bit, so not so many pics this year! http://stevecarter.com/fete18/fete18.htm

Liathach & Upper Loch Torridon yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/10-8-18.jpg

The released Red Squirrels have dispersed over quite a large area, but one, 'white tail' has remained in the forest here: http://stevecarter.com/random/reds18.jpg

The jaggedy bit at the top of the hill: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/topofthehill.jpg

Weather forecast said 'mostly cloudy'. Sounds dull, doesn't it. On the other hand: http://stevecarter.com/random/partlycloudy.jpg

Beinn Alligin is in there somewhere: http://stevecarter.com/random/summer-8-18.jpg

The River Torridon is back to full strength: http://stevecarter.com/random/RTstrong.jpg

Shieldaig Island (pic taken in July) : http://stevecarter.com/random/islandsun18.jpg

The gallery at the Bealach Cafe : http://stevecarter.com/random/gallery1881.jpg

Low tide on Upper Loch Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/LT3-8-18.jpg

Loch Shieldaig. 06:30 this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/3-8-18.jpg

This morning's cloud-base.... about 40ft: http://stevecarter.com/random/40ft.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/40ft2.jpg

Just a reminder that the Shieldaig Fete and Regatta is on 11th August: Some pics from previous years: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=il1HUCBeuXM

You can tell it's August: http://stevecarter.com/random/summerjustarrived.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/summerjustarrived2.jpg

A secret lochan surround on all sides by firs: http://stevecarter.com/random/secretlochan2.jpg

The top of Meall Dubh at the south eastern end of Glen Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/mealldubh.jpg

The wooden house in the wood: http://stevecarter.com/random/peopleask.jpg

Sarah. Not exactly a looker, but she doesn't half go: http://stevecarter.com/random/sarah.jpg

A very blustery Sunday: http://stevecarter.com/random/bluster187.jpg

The estuary at Tornapress on Thursday: http://stevecarter.com/random/tornapress187.jpg

People come here to see sights like this, http://stevecarter.com/random/ShJuly18.jpg ...and leave sights like this: http://stevecarter.com/random/flung.jpg

Achintraid: http://stevecarter.com/random/achintraid187.jpg

The (almost) regenerated Kishorn Yard which will act as a renewable energy construction hub, with the (now fully drained) dry dock. http://stevecarter.com/random/kishornyard187.jpg

The pass of the cattle, earlier this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/bea187.jpg

The much needed rain has turned Torridon very green: http://stevecarter.com/random/greenhills18.jpg

Nice to see nature winning this particular battle: http://stevecarter.com/random/giveashit.jpg

A fishing boat leaving Shieldaig early this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/fishboat187.jpg

A cool walk by Liathach: http://stevecarter.com/random/coolwalk.jpg

The Ocean Youth Trust yacht, the end of Shieldaig Island and two miles distant, through the drizzle, 'red roof': http://stevecarter.com/random/oyts.jpg

Glen Shieldaig yesterday afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/gsld187.jpg

This fallen pine tree just refuses to lie down: http://stevecarter.com/random/fallentree18.jpg

Looks like hard work! (photo of a photo) http://stevecarter.com/random/oldvan.jpg

Coming in to land in the amphibious vehicle: http://stevecarter.com/random/comingintoland.jpg

Right. It's about time we had some comedy music. Recorded in March in Angel Studios: Pic> http://stevecarter.com/random/recording18.jpg - Music > http://stevecarter.com/random/time2018.mp3

Another look (or two) at Archimedes... this time from above: http://stevecarter.com/random/1100t2.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/ach187.jpg

'Archimedes' is in the loch - all 1100 tonnes of buoyancy proving the dude was right all along: http://stevecarter.com/random/1100t.jpg

Ben Shieldaig disappearing into the clouds: http://stevecarter.com/random/cloudhills18.jpg

Rhuba Lodge holiday let: http://stevecarter.com/random/rhuba181.jpg

Bertie was genuinely surprised that I wasn't impressed by the hole: http://stevecarter.com/random/washface2.jpg

Caught short in the middle of nowhere? No problem: http://stevecarter.com/random/loneloo.jpg

Free Crow and Coo with every derelict crofters cottage: http://stevecarter.com/random/freecrow.jpg

Local retail outlet: http://stevecarter.com/random/eggsforsale.jpg

The new track heading into the hills from Kinloch Damh is the start of a new hydro scheme: http://stevecarter.com/random/kld187.jpg

Only a couple of years to go, so I've started work on the book... well the cover, anyway: http://stevecarter.com/random/deccover.jpg

Applecross Bay: http://stevecarter.com/random/ab186.jpg

The A896: http://stevecarter.com/random/LCroad187.jpg

Just the one here: http://stevecarter.com/random/1fox.jpg

If you ARE going to crop off the bottom of a house.. http://stevecarter.com/random/crapcards.jpg (Postcard). At least do it like this: http://stevecarter.com/random/redroofblue.jpg

16 months today and twice the size that he looks in this photo (over 6 stone). Small horse meets teddy bear... : http://stevecarter.com/bertie/16m.jpg

Ground effect: http://stevecarter.com/random/gullreflet18.jpg - Cute effect: http://stevecarter.com/random/weeecooo.jpg

The fishing hut in Glen Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/fishhut2.jpg

A yacht enters Loch Shieldaig from a very misty North Atlantic: http://stevecarter.com/random/outofthemist18.jpg

Harr approaching Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/moreharr.jpg

Shieldaig School and playing fields: http://stevecarter.com/random/sschool.jpg

Looking towards 'Moine Mhor' (Large Moss). Loch Kishorn in the distance: http://stevecarter.com/random/moinemhor.jpg

Keep an eye out for Stuart who today will (hopefully) complete 3 back to back extreme triathlons - Wales, England &Scotland (in 60 hours!) http://stevecarter.com/celt14/celt42.jpg

Dashcam. Blind corner, narrow bridge, passing place and a dozen bikers decide this is the best place to stop and have a natter. Tut. http://stevecarter.com/random/meetingplace.jpg

This one might be a little hard to work out: http://stevecarter.com/random/diff187.jpg

Gneiss to see you: http://stevecarter.com/random/noname181.jpg

Five women and a buoy: http://stevecarter.com/random/skiff1872.jpg

The Torridon Hills this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/5-7-18.jpg

The Balgy Gap: http://stevecarter.com/random/balgygap187.jpg

Panoramic of Loch Shieldaig: 07:30 this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/4-7-18.jpg

Where the River Balgy meets Upper Loch Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/rbult187.jpg

Walk, food, nap. It's tough out there. http://stevecarter.com/bertie/nap.jpg

Loch Damh and Beinn Damh: http://stevecarter.com/random/LD1872.jpg

The mornings are so still at the moment. The lochs are like glass: http://stevecarter.com/random/dug187.jpg

(Very) early morning light over Ben Shiedaig and Inverbain Island: http://stevecarter.com/random/bs187.jpg

No Parking.... Okay, maybe just this once (terrible plate mind). http://stevecarter.com/random/redmclaren2.jpg

This morning's roadblock wasn't for moving: http://stevecarter.com/random/roadblock18.jpg

Nice hat. Not sure about the earring. http://stevecarter.com/random/nicehat.jpg

The ling hut in Glen Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/ling181.jpg

A somewhat different view of the area: http://stevecarter.com/random/29-6-18

Earlier: http://stevecarter.com/random/lt1869.jpg

The Torridon Hotel yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/th186.jpg

Liathach: http://stevecarter.com/random/liathach186.jpg

It's such a pretty boat, I thought it deserved another photo: http://stevecarter.com/random/niceboat.jpg - or two: http://stevecarter.com/random/niceboat1.jpg

The road to Shieldaig this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/shieldaigroad186.jpg

Loch Coultrie (foreground) and Loch Damh: http://stevecarter.com/random/coultrie1862.jpg

Parked up and off to the pub: http://stevevecarter.com/random/prettystuff181.jpg

6 a.m. this morning and the haar is rolling across Upper Loch Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/haarjune18.jpg

The (almost never seen) plateau of the Applecross Peninsula is peppered with hundreds of lochans: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/lotslochs.jpg

The coast road to Applecross as it approaches Kenmore this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/kenmorecoast.jpg

Ben Shieldaig and Shieldaig village: http://stevecarter.com/random/24-6-182.jpg

Well done to all those who researched and created: http://torridonplacenames.org.uk/index.html

Kinloch this evening: http://stevecarter.com/random/kinloch618.jpg

Bertie (aka Hover Dog) on Sand beach this morning: http://stevecarter.com/bertie/hoverdog18.jpg


Glen Mor: http://stevecarter.com/random/glenmor.jpg

I said to John "I'm amazed you got planning for that". He replied. "So was I". http://stevecarter.com/randpm/planjohn.jpg

The Summer solstice. Time lapse - 24 hours into 1 minute - Loch Shieldaig (cheap camera, so low res!) https://youtu.be/qjxWkeW5Jgk

'Eilean Dughaill' in Loch Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/eileandughaill.jpg

I think most people would benefit from a ukulele in their lives. I got mine a couple of weeks ago: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/ukulele.jpg .... clip here

Kishorn and the Bealach from above Glen Mor: http://stevecarter.com/random/kish186.jpg

The falls at Balgy as the river leaves Loch Damh: http://stevecarter.com/random/balgyfalls186.jpg

That indeterminate place where a Strath becomes a Glen - or vice versa: http://stevecarter.com/random/strathcarron18.jpg

I bought a beer with which to watch the match last night. It was so very nearly perfectly named: http://stevecarter.com/random/bittert.jpg

I'm sure many of you know the Log House. Sadly, as of Saturday afternoon, I should now say 'knew': http://stevecarter.com/random/loghouse.jpg

Video of the start of yesterday's Celtman: https://youtu.be/e_k5-k8FrhE

Webpage of Celtman start and T1 here >>> http://stevecarter.com/celt18/celt18.htm More to come.

This morning's Celtman extreme triathlon competitors 04:45: http://stevecarter.com/celt18/c18.jpg - 04:55 they start to enter the sea: http://stevecarter.com/celt18/c18c.jpg

More bog cotton that I've ever seen this year. Fields of it: http://stevecarter.com/random/BCjune18.jpg

Normal (weather) services now resumed, but 6 weeks of dry sunny weather have left the freshwater lochs low and abundant with water lilies: http://stevecarter.com/random/la618.jpg

1 and 1/4 tomorrow. Looks like butter wouldn't melt... but only as it wouldn't touch the sides of his mouth! http://stevecarter.com/bertie/15m.jpg

The track from Loch Damh to Loch Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/tracktotor.jpg

Nice place to call home for the Sea Eagle family: http://stevecarter.com/random/shis618.jpg

Clouds bubbling up over the hills - yielding the first (badly needed) rain in weeks: http://stevecarter.com/random/hills6618.jpg

Stepping stones: http://stevecarter.com/random/stepstone.jpg

Postcard anyone? http://stevecarter.com/random/postcard181.jpg

An Cos holiday let: http://stevecarter.com/random/NS181.jpg

Shieldaig Summer: http://stevecarter.com/random/shsummer18.jpg

Hopefully, in about 100 years, due to deer fencing, the left hand side of this scene will have as many trees as the right side: http://stevecarter.com/random/dug186.jpg

Class of 2018 (about 1/3 the size of mum) http://stevecarter.com/random/classof18.jpg

Early dog walking means completely empty roads! http://stevecarter.com/random/dogwalk185.jpg

It was really misty first thing. You could hardly see the Norwegian cargo ship in front of your face: http://stevecarter.com/random/mistyfame.jpg

Forestry at Strathcarron, with Loch Carron in the distance: http://stevecarter.com/random/strath18.jpg

A view that is about as 'Torridon' as you can get: http://stevecarter.com/random/verytorridon.jpg

It looks like Greece here at the moment, and funnily enough, we have about the same temperature as Athens: http://stevecarter.com/random/calmboat.jpg

Beinn and Loch Damh yesterday afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/BDLD185.jpg

The Bog Cotton is out: http://stevecarter.com/random/bcotton18.jpg

Applecross Bay: http://stevecarter.com/random/applexbay18.jpg

The hill known as An Ruadh Mheallan at 01:30 this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/fire18.jpg

There are dozens of places to stop overnight, why do motorcaravans feel the need to herd? Odd. http://stevecarter.com/random/whymc.jpg

7.45 a.m. http://stevecarter.com/random/ULT26518.jpg

They may well say that sunrise is at 04:39, but the bumpy bits around here delay that by at least 40 minutes: http://stevecarter.com/random/latesunrise.jpg

Celtman is three weeks today... here's when the swim starts (at 5 a.m.) http://stevecarter.com/random/celtstart.jpg

Pastel colours before the sunrise: http://stevecarter.com/random/lateearly.jpg

This is the very tame Blackbird (Bernadette), who disappeared from our garden in October. She has returned today and tapped on our window for apple! http://stevecarter.com/random/bernadette18.jpg

It's that time of year again: http://stevecarter.com/random/thattime.jpg

Loch Coultrie earlier this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/lochcoultrie1851.jpg

Reflected sunrise: http://stevecarter.com/random/reflectedsunrise.jpg

Today's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/23-5-18.jpg

The Navy's in. Don't know which Navy, and I'm not sending a drone out to find out as it'll probably get shot down.: http://stevecarter.com/random/navy18.jpg

(If anyone is interested. I got the binos out. It's HMS Grimsby, a Sandown-class minehunter. So it's one of ours. Still not sending the drone out mind. Don't like the look of that gun!)

Shame about the view: http://stevecarter.com/random/shameview.jpg

Could be summer: http://stevecarter.com/random/couldbesummer.jpg

The sea is looking rather lovely this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/22-5-18.jpg

One of the beaches at Gairloch: http://stevecarter.com/random/gairbeach.jpg

The road to the Summer Isles: http://stevecarter.com/random/summerisles18.jpg

Lick 'a paint, it'll be fine: http://stevecarter.com/random/lickapaint.jpg

Pines by Loch Assynt: http://stevecarter.com/random/assynt18.jpg

Preparations are complete for the Shieldaig Royal Wedding Street party. Crowds already gathering: http://stevecarter.com/random/preparations.jpg

Loch Druim Suardalain with the hills Canisp and Suilven behind: http://stevecarter.com/random/suilven18.jpg

Ardvreck Castle early this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/ardvreckmay18.jpg

Kylesku yesterday morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/ky16-5-18.jpg

The Beech Trees at Applecross: http://stevecarter.com/random/appletrees.jpg

Well who doesn't like a custard cream? http://stevecarter.com/random/cuscre.jpg

It's suddenly got very colourful here: http://stevecarter.com/random/turngreen.jpg

Bertie is 14 months old today, and will ALWAYS choose the most annoying stick to chew: http://stevecarter.com/bertie/14m.jpg

Ben Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/bsmay18.jpg

The Shieldaig Skiff crew out on the loch yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/skiff1852.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/skiff1851.jpg

The River Applecross meets the sea: http://stevecarter.com/random/applecrossriver185.jpg

Lots of new mobile chicanes on the roads. Be careful out there folks! http://stevecarter.com/random/mumandlambs.jpg

Sunrise over the River Balgy: http://stevecarter.com/random/bsunrise.jpg

Shieldaig Village: https://youtu.be/fzoPhbeAVTA

The forest from above (not a cauliflower) http://stevecarter.com/random/forestfromabove.jpg

7 pm yesterday evening: http://stevecarter.com/random/8-5-18.jpg

...and in case you ever wondered how it was done: https://youtu.be/cQ6bMKIzYRA (youtube vid)

Weeeeeeeeeeee: http://stevecarter.com/random/flysea.jpg

Out fishing on Loch Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/otterwatch.jpg

Cloudbase <200ft this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/cb200.jpg

Well if you're going to be a sheep... it might as well be here: http://stevecarter.com/random/niceplacesheep.jpg

The top of Loch Clair in Glen Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/GTMay18.jpg

Pleased to see the Sea Eagle fly over the house today. Less pleased with the greetings card: http://stevecarter.com/random/greetings.jpg

The top of Beinn Eighe (earlier this week) http://stevecarter.com/random/BE30-4-18.jpg

Ben Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/bs184.jpg

Having swum 3k, cycled 200k and run about 30k, this is where the Celtman competitors start their run up Beinn Eighe: http://stevecarter.com/random/hillstart.jpg

I think we can safely assume that a glacier had something to do with the shape of Glen Docherty: http://stevecarter.com/random/GD1841.jpg

A view of part of Beinn Eighe that many don't see. This looks rubbish in LOW RES , so if you're interested, here it is in HIGHER RES (12mb)

A' Ghairbhe flowing west: http://stevecarter.com/random/a-Ghairbhe18.jpg

Sgurr Dubh in Glen Torridon this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/SD184.jpg

A couple of horny locals: http://stevecarter.com/random/thelads.jpg

A different view of Shieldaig Village, taken just now: http://stevecarter.com/random/28-4-18.jpg

A slight dusting on the tops again: http://stevecarter.com/random/endapril18.jpg

Gordonstoun School has a yacht to teach its pupils how to sail (like you do). It's currently parked at the bottom of my garden: http://stevecarter.com/random/osm.jpg

The River Balgy meets the Atlantic: http://stevecarter.com/random/balgy1842.jpg

It's like the Battle of Britain out there today: http://stevecarter.com/random/bofb.jpg

This is my naughty face: http://stevecarter.com/bertie/mrglovepuppet.jpg

A view of Loch Shieldaig looking North: http://stevecarter.com/random/differentview18.jpg

Even though we leave an egg out from time to time, Pine Martens still make off like they've stolen it: http://stevecarter.com/random/swiftegg.jpg

Sometimes Shieldaig looks like some sort of model village. I half expect a Hornby Dublo to make an appearance. And those hills are obviously fake: http://stevecarter.com/random/nannys181.jpg

Nose. http://stevecarter.com/random/nose181.jpg

The Hebridean Princess leaving Loch Shieldaig yesterday afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/pexit.jpg

We have a very tame otter in the loch. If you're in the area, bring fish! : http://stevecarter.com/random/otter0418.jpg

Another one for the geologists: http://stevecarter.com/random/geo181.jpg

The burns are all go after the first proper rain in ages : http://stevecarter.com/random/gm181.jpg

Sam Doyle and his dog are walking round the coast of Britain to raise money for PTSD. Look out for him and buy him (them) a meal! http://stevecarter.com/random/samdog.jpg

'Gimpy' a Scottish wild cat that lived around here until aged 23: http://stevecarter.com/random/gimpy.jpg Don't be fooled - 'twas size of a dog... we hear there is another around. TBC.

The first real rain for about 8 weeks yesterday, so took the opportunity to try out the new Sony 10-18mm. (Neighbours garden) : http://stevecarter.com/random/GM181.jpg

Ardvreck Castle: http://stevecarter.com/random/ardvreck181.jpg

It was a Sunny Sunday Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/15-4-182.jpg

Today's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/15-4-18.jpg

Bertie is 13 months old. He may look wise in this photo, but he's just staring at a bit of bread, right of camera: http://stevecarter.com/bertie/13m.jpg

One of Scotland's smaller islands: http://stevecarter.com/random/hugeisland.jpg

Hammond, May and Clarkson's rides on their 'Grand Tour' of the Highlands http://stevecarter.com/random/grandtour.jpg

The sea wall on Loch Inver: http://stevecarter.com/random/jettwalk1.jpg

Ullapool this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/ull181.jpg

The view from the forest at Allt an Dubh: http://stevecarter.com/random/wviewfromforest.jpg

The footpath to Loch Damph: http://stevecarter.com/random/footpathd.jpg

The river meets the loch meets the sea: http://stevecarter.com/random/dug1841.jpg

This seriously confuses most foreign visitors: http://stevecarter.com/random/tablet.jpg

After 241 flights (a recorded 133.7 miles) my p3p drone died (not in the air thankfully). Only one thing for it. p4p. http://stevecarter.com/random/p4p3.jpg

Beinn Alligin yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/ba184.jpg

Upper Loch Torridon 06:45: http://stevecarter.com/random/9-4-18.jpg

Several weeks of decent sunshine, followed by two days of rain has bought the gorse out big time: http://stevecarter.com/random/gorse181.jpg

A misty start: http://stevecarter.com/random/missed181.jpg

Snowdrops: http://stevecarter.com/random/dropdrops.jpg

Torridon : the first three months of 2018 https://youtu.be/n_apjcSe1Dc

Big skies and snow showers: http://stevecarter.com/random/bigsky181.jpg

Keeping us safe: http://stevecarter.com/random/keepingwatch.jpg (Now we know what 'being on stag' looks like).

Today's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/4-4-18.jpg

First visit of a Pine Marten to the window this year makes me realise they all need a clean: http://stevecarter.com/random/PM181.jpg (and yes, Bertie dog went ballistic - Piney not impressed).

I have about 50 favourite views around here. This is one of them: http://stevecarter.com/random/easter183.jpg

Time and tide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhcL-earaqo

7 a.m. Easter day - Loch Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/easterday18.jpg

The 2018 Shieldaig booklet is now for sale locally - if you're in the area, look out for this cover image: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/equinox17.jpeg

Easter bow: http://stevecarter.com/random/easterbows1.jpg

A message from Ruairidh: Shieldaig campsite is undergoing a significant redevelopment with a view to opening in 2019. Due to this it is with regret that the campsite will remain closed this season. Private arrangements have been made for Celtman competitors. http://stevecarter.com/random/camp18.jpg

The old road and the new road that run west/east by Upper Loch Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/oldnew.jpg

In sheltered spots, the sea has frozen today: http://stevecarter.com/random/iceonsea.jpg

Today's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/29-3-18.jpg

Cloudscape: Testing the cheap(ish) time lapse camera (Brinno TLC200 pro). https://youtu.be/PBOshkX_CNY

No apologies for stopping and taking a photo every time I pass Clyde. How could you resist that face? : http://stevecarter.com/random/clyde18.jpg

As the evenings get longer, the colours get more vibrant: http://stevecarter.com/random/BST181.jpg

Nanny's cafe reopens today: http://stevecarter.com/random/open4biz.jpg

Shieldaig Village, 7 pm, First day of British Summer Time: http://stevecarter.com/random/BST18.jpg

Bertie spends at least an hour each morning trying to find where the Pine Martens have gone. He knows damn well they are down there somewhere: http://stevecarter.com/random/findpine.jpg

Any chance of a snack? http://stevecarter.com/random/whatwhat.jpg

Two seals taking a break on some rocks in the middle of Loch Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/2seals.jpg

Nice highlights: http://stevecarter.com/random/nicehighlights.jpg

Another of the short piano pieces written for WCPM and recorded earlier this month at Angel Studios. Sight read by Al Gavin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATgDPD1TwUs

I was tempted to post this upside down, but it messes with your head too much: http://stevecarter.com/random/BAMarch181.jpg

I tried (and failed) to buy this house when it was derelict/unloved. What a spot! http://stevecarter.com/random/triedhard.jpg (FYI... back then: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/dec7.jpg )

It really does feel like the first day of spring here today: http://stevecarter.com/random/spring20182.jpg

An unusual view of the track to the Torridon deer park: http://stevecarter.com/random/tracktodeerpark.jpg

Frozen waterfalls by Meall Gorm this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/19-3-18.jpg

Upper Loch Torridon about 10 minutes ago (Sun 16:00) http://stevecarter.com/random/ULT181.jpg

Looking across the Inner Sound to Raasay, with the Cuillins behind: http://stevecarter.com/random/cuillins181.jpg


Looking across to Skye this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/Skye17-3-18.jpg

Shieldaig Island: http://stevecarter.com/random/theisland181.jpg

There is now a Sea Eagle 'information plinth' (with photos!) at the north end of Shieldaig - the best position from which to see them: http://stevecarter.com/random/seplinth.jpg

It's still too early for any green in the Highlands, but it's a very golden March: http://stevecarter.com/random/qcm.jpg

Happy Bert-day. One year old today: http://stevecarter.com/bertie/12months.jpg - Don't be daft, of course he has his own web page: http://stevecarter.com/bertie/Bertie.htm

Some shamelessly saccharin 'Christmas' music written for Warner Bros. - with some footage from Angel studio 3. https://youtu.be/ffdXrpOvop8

The Shieldaig peninsula yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/12-03-18.jpg

Whilst going over to say hello to some seals, one of them looks into the lens and waves. Yes, it's probably sod off with your drone, not hello, but still... https://youtu.be/AG3EMofFORg

Never known as the River Shieldaig - marked on maps as Abhainn Ceann Locha (River at the head of the Loch) it's mostly hidden from view by forest: http://stevecarter.com/random/rivertosea.jpg

The road west: http://stevecarter.com/random/longroad.jpg

Amazing to look at, but astonishing when you read how old these rocks are: http://stevecarter.com/random/therock.jpg

If you have 94 seconds to spare, have a listen to some (unmastered) snippets from this weeks recording session: http://stevecarter.com/random/TimeSampler.mp3

Happy to be back in the Highlands. It's not just home, but the quiet, the air, the colours and the SPACE! http://stevecarter.com/random/space.jpg

Recorded in Angel Studio 3 on Monday. Al Gavin performs, Paul Golding engineers. https://youtu.be/DVm-sECpppU

Just about done, and back home to some peace and quiet! http://stevecarter.com/random/a3-181.jpg - http://www.stevecarter.com/random/a3-186.jpg

I'm offline for a couple >>> http://www.stevecarter.com/random/testcard2.jpg

Frozen waterfall, by Upper Loch Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/Froz18.jpg

Glen Torridon is fab at the moment, not just because it's pretty, but because it's empty: http://stevecarter.com/random/GTMar18.jpg

Siberian weather hasn't caused chaos on the north west coast, but it ain't half parky: http://stevecarter.com/random/stalag.jpg

Frozen Loch Droma at sunrise: http://stevecarter.com/random/pastelsunrise18.jpg

Daybreak reflected by the croft at Loch an Loin this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/LaLCroft.jpg

It's all go in Ullapool: http://stevecarter.com/random/25-2-189a.jpg

The dam on Loch Glascarnoch. (I know what you're whistling!) http://stevecarter.com/random/res181.jpg

'The Beast from the East' does at least bring some very clear air: http://stevecarter.com/random/26-2-18moon.jpg

The A894 by Kylestrome, Sutherland yesterday afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/ky181.jpg

Balgy Lodge (holiday let): http://stevecarter.com/random/balgylodge18.jpg - and if I turn round, this is their not too shabby view: http://stevecarter.com/random/24-2-18.jpg

A panoramic photo of Upper Loch Torridon. Beinn Alligin, Beinn Dearg and Liathach shown in the centre: http://stevecarter.com/random/qazaq.jpg

When you are trying to watch the Olympics on TV, and the dog comes and sits directly in front of you on your footstool and stares into your eyes..... you know it's time for his food.

There are two ways to get to my house. This is one of them. (Photo - screen grab from tonight's weather).... FYI - I'm using the other route. http://www.stevecarter.com/random/bnb18.jpg

Shieldaig Village, Loch and Island from the top of Ben Shieldaig yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/viewfromthetop.jpg

It's still here (in both senses) http://www.stevecarter.com/random/20-2-18.jpg

It's looking very 'Scottish Highlands' here at the moment: http://stevecarter.com/random/VeryHighland18.jpg

Some of the action from Loch Chroisg yesterday morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/4sheep18.jpg

Glen Docherty about an hour ago: http://stevecarter.com/random/19-2-18.jpg

The snow has retreated to about 1500 feet. Another cold snap due next week though. http://stevecarter.com/random/1500ft1.jpg

Bertie making the most of the last of the snow: https://youtu.be/IniQyHxDjOI

Bonnie and Clyde - (no, really) http://stevecarter.com/random/bandc1.jpg

The river A' ghairbhe as it approaches Loch Clair: http://stevecarter.com/random/ghairbhe.jpg

The road by Loch an Loin: http://stevecarter.com/random/coultrieroad.jpg

It's no wonder I moved up here. I just got my DNA analysis: 55.2% Scottish/Irish - 30.7% Scandinavian - 11.1% English - 1.8% Greek - 1.2% Nigerian

Took this the other day and thought of 'Kind of Blue' : http://stevecarter.com/random/seasea.jpg

There's thousands of midges somewhere in this photo. Every time it snows I wonder if they'll die, but they always survive: http://stevecarter.com/random/heathersnow.jpg

Glen Shieldaig and the A896 from above: http://stevecarter.com/random/GSabovefeb18.jpg

Bertie is 11 months old today: http://stevecarter.com/bertie/11months.jpg

A couple of panoramics: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/snowpan18.jpg - http://www.stevecarter.com/random/snowpan181.jpg

Main Street, Shieldaig: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/feb-18.jpg

It looks like Norway here today: http://stevecarter.com/random/loosliken.jpg

Coming in to land yesterday. Final approach a bit tricky! http://stevecarter.com/random/housefeb18.jpg

Shieldaig village 09:03 this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/11-2-2018.jpg

Shieldaig Village 07:11 this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/711.jpg

Ice circles: http://stevecarter.com/random/icecircles.jpg

Lots of ABS action on the way to Inverness yesterday. Still, it was very pretty: http://stevecarter.com/random/9-2-18.jpg


Liathach reflected: http://stevecarter.com/random/4-2-182.jpg

Torridon House: http://stevecarter.com/random/ThouseFeb181.jpg

The view from Lochside Cottage (Holiday Let) at low tide: http://stevecarter.com/random/TEFeb181.jpg

They call this 'The viewing point'. I can't imagine why: http://stevecarter.com/random/4-2-183.jpg

Our house is named Sgeir Dhubh (black skerry) after the rock nearby. From most angles it does look black, but from above... http://stevecarter.com/random/sgeirdhubh.jpg

Loch Clair and Sgurr Dubh this morning: http://Stevecarter.com/random/4-2-184.jpg - and Loch Clair, Liathach and Beinn Eighe: http://Stevecarter.com/random/4-2-181.jpg

One of the 31,460 lochs in Scotland. This one (like many) with no name: http://stevecarter.com/random/LochanFeb181.jpg

Seriously low tide yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/lowfeb18.jpg

This cat gets into the owners car when she goes shopping, wanders around for a bit outside the shop, then gets back into the car to return home. Odd. http://stevecarter.com/random/cat.jpg

Looking east over Upper Loch Torridon yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/LiaFeb182.jpg

Torridon looking rather lovely today: http://stevecarter.com/random/liafeb181.jpg

The road to the Applecross Inn: http://stevecarter.com/random/highlandroad.jpg

I saw the snow heading in yesterday from about 15 miles off - this was just before it arrived: http://stevecarter.com/random/31-1-18.jpg

He's getting to be a scruffy bugger (like his owner) : http://stevecarter.com/bertie/scruffy.jpg

I like a silhouette, me. http://stevecarter.com/random/5trees18.jpg


Just before sunrise, Loch Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/atree181.jpg

At the top of the Bealach yesterday (completely empty and particularly lovely): Here, Here & Here

Why pick up a frizbee when you can pounce and kill it first? http://stevecarter.com/bertie/pounce.jpg

This is where the Celtman Extreme Triathlon competitors begin the home stretch... just the small matter of that pesky 3000 ft hill to run up - and down: http://stevecarter.com/random/celtman181.jpg

The Kyle of Lochalsh line passing Lochluichart. Photo taken on Tuesday: http://stevecarter.com/random/kyleline18.jpg

All you need to know about this morning's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/windgusts.jpg

I've taken several photos of this place near Gorstan over the past 20 years. - this, yesterday. 'In need of modernisation' springs to mind: http://stevecarter.com/random/stillneedswork.jpg

Automatic lawn mower: http://stevecarter.com/random/redroof181.jpg

The thaw begins: http://stevecarter.com/random/thethaw18.jpg

Roots amongst the rocks: http://stevecarter.com/random/rootsrocks.jpg

Liathach yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/20-1-18.jpg

This is where I live: http://stevecarter.com/random/thisiswhereilive.jpg

Snow shower over Shieldaig earlier: http://stevecarter.com/random/snowfallingos.jpg

Frozen Loch Dughaill: http://stevecarter.com/random/Froz118.jpg

A couple from yesterday flying over Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/18-1-18.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/18-1-2018.jpg

The view from the Torridon Hotel yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/LTHsnow18.jpg

Glen Shieldaig this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/17-1-18.jpg

Shieldaig Island between snow showers: http://stevecarter.com/random/SIslandsnow.jpg

Funny how sheep look white until it snows: http://stevecarter.com/random/NotWhite1.jpg

I finally got round to putting this on Youtube: https://youtu.be/idSuotx4HsY

Some wacky cloud over Loch Kishorn: http://stevecarter.com/random/somewackycloud.jpg

Looking across to the Torridon Estate with Beinn Alligin behind: http://stevecarter.com/random/TE182.jpg

Bertie is 10 months old today: http://stevecarter.com/bertie/10months.jpg

It's behind you: http://stevecarter.com/random/itsbehindyou.jpg

Looking towards the hills of Killilan, Kintail and Glen Affric: http://stevecarter.com/random/KKGA.jpg


The River Balgy, 08:30 this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/BD0830.jpg

The frosty landscape at Tornapress yestrday: http://stevecarter.com/random/11-1-2018.jpg

Yet more miserable Scottish weather today: http://stevecarter.com/random/11-1-18.jpg

Morning sky over Maol Chean-Dearg: http://stevecarter.com/random/bitofsky.jpg

Some lovely January light here today: http://stevecarter.com/random/JanLight.jpg

The cliff known as Meall Gorm: http://stevecarter.com/random/meallgorm.jpg

An unusual view of both Loch Damph and Beinn Damh : http://www.stevecarter.com/random/LochDamph181.jpg

Remember Bertie's rope? (Since destroyed). He's managed to bring back the ghost of Charlie!... Spooky! here and here (not doctored!)

The river, the road and some of the the sheep of Glen Shieldaig yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/GSR7-1-18.jpg

Bertie found a rope washed up on the beach. Predictable results. https://youtu.be/NktBOBy1XbM

For the millions of you out there with an interest in Danish cargo ships built in 1984 - fill ya' boots: http://stevecarter.com/random/vestland2.jpg

One for the Geologists: http://stevecarter.com/random/rocks181.jpg

The cargo ship VESTLAND just turned up in the loch. It must be delivering a shed load of vests! http://stevecarter.com/random/vestland.jpg

January in the NW Highlands has been very peaceful so far this year (for a change) http://stevecarter.com/random/2trees18.jpg

Two derelict crofts with the hills of Trotternish (North Skye) in the background: http://stevecarter.com/random/shame18.jpg

The croft at Ardheslaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/croft18.jpg

Do you think they know something we don't? http://stevecarter.com/random/sheepsign.jpg

New Years day swim for Bertie: http://stevecarter.com/bertie/bertie20182.jpg

Inverbain Island, Loch Torridon and the Torridon Hills this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/1-1-18.jpg

For those remotely interested: Temps from 2017 at Allt an Dubh. 11 metres from the sea. Coldest -1.8C on 11th Feb. Warmest 27.8C on 26th May. http://stevecarter.com/random/temps17.jpg

Happy New Year. My fave Highland photos from 2017 here: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/latesttorridon17.htm