A photo blog of random images of life in the Highlands - mostly taken with a 'point & shoot' compact camera.

(Oh, and the odd bit of music thrown in). I'm going to try and keep posting a photo a day for a decade.

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2019 (latest at top)

You don't 'arf get some rum types up here: http://stevecarter.com/random/rumtypes.jpg (Ok, it was a photoshoot - not mine - spot the spray tan) Inc. car: http://stevecarter.com/random/rumtypes1.jpg

Shieldaig sleepover: http://stevecarter.com/random/ymay19.jpg

Inverness market yesterday morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/market.jpg

The herding instinct among motor caravans is strong: http://stevecarter.com/random/mcs.jpg

Clouds on Ben Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/misttree19.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/misttree2019.jpg

This morning's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/20-5-2019.jpg

It's tough being a Bertie: http://stevecarter.com/bertie/sofas.jpg

It's a misty, murky, muggy, midgy morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/19-5-19.jpg

Part of the west bank of Loch Torridon at low tide, from above: http://stevecarter.com/random/LOWTIDEBOD.jpg

Loch Cill Chriosd: http://stevecarter.com/random/CillChriosd19.jpg

Early morning light on Beinn Damph: http://stevecarter.com/random/earlyBD.jpg

The east face of Ben Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/bsmay19.jpg

Above Loch an Loin, looking towards Loch Coultrie, Loch Damh and Beinn Damph yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/towardsbd.jpg

Sunrise is directly behind Liathach at this time of year, so it's a good hour before we actually see the sun: http://stevecarter.com/random/14-5-19.jpg

Idyll: http://stevecarter.com/random/peaceful19.jpg

Looking across Loch Slapin on the Isle of Skye earlier this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/slapinmay19.jpg


Perfect weather this morning, so a dog walk to one of my favourite views: http://stevecarter.com/random/11-5-19.jpg

Beinn Alligin: http://stevecarter.com/random/BAMay2019.jpg

05:45: http://stevecarter.com/random/10-5-2019.jpg

Sunset last night: http://stevecarter.com/random/10-5-19.jpg

The River Balgy flowing from Loch Damh to Loch Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/balgymay19.jpg

My mate Peter has a new hedge trimmer: http://stevecarter.com/random/hedgetrimmer.jpg

Early morning light on the Island: http://stevecarter.com/random/SImay19.jpg

That lamb has gotta' be a Shieldaig Village Association plant: http://stevecarter.com/random/planthire.jpg


This morning's sunrise: http://stevecarter.com/random/6-5-19.jpg

04:35: http://stevecarter.com/random/0435.jpg

Snow on the tops again: http://stevecarter.com/random/3-5-19.jpg

Wind speed: Zero. http://stevecarter.com/random/millpond.jpg

May Day turned out nice in the end: http://stevecarter.com/random/May19.jpg

Today's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/1-5-19.jpg

The Torridon skyline: http://stevecarter.com/random/hill-sides.jpg

It's turning green here... another few weeks and the hills will follow: http://stevecarter.com/random/turninggreen.jpg

Another lovely sunrise. (That's an otter swimming in the foreground): http://stevecarter.com/random/29-4-19.jpg

Slightly scary cloud: http://stevecarter.com/random/scarycloud.jpg

One side of Ben Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/benforest19.jpg - the other side: http://stevecarter.com/random/otherside191.jpg

Sometimes looking down is as good as looking up: http://stevecarter.com/random/lookdown19.jpg

'Nanny's' coffee shop on the seafront, Shieldaig yesterday afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/nannys19.jpg

'Skipper' magazine wanted some shots of the new trawler in town (owned by local Michael): http://stevecarter.com/random/skipper1.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/skipper2.jpg

Talking of boats... here's John's entering the water for the first time: http://stevecarter.com/random/UL620.jpg

The resurfaced (thank goodness) road into Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/shroad19.jpg

Torridon sunrise: http://stevecarter.com/random/saahara19.jpg

The gorse is working overtime this year: http://stevecarter.com/random/gorseriver.jpg

Easter Monday - Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/easter19.jpg

Loch Shieldaig. 05:00 : http://stevecarter.com/random/22-4-19.jpg

This morning's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/21-4-19.jpg

Incoming tide: http://stevecarter.com/random/incomingtide.jpg

Shieldaig Island: http://stevecarter.com/random/SI419.jpg

A section of the branch line to Kyle of Lochalsh: http://stevecarter.com/random/kyleline19.jpg

Turbo Dog: http://stevecarter.com/random/turbo.jpg

Shieldaig's April: http://stevecarter.com/random/17-4-19.jpg

There's one particular seal that keeps coming back when our dog is out and looking over the loch. They stare at each other. I think it might be love: http://stevecarter.com/random/oneseal.jpg


From the top of Skye bridge, looking towards the Applecross hills (left) and the Torridon hills (distant centre): http://stevecarter.com/random/onthebridge.jpg

25 months old: http://stevecarter.com/bertie/25m.jpg

Telegraph pole: http://stevecarter.com/random/gorsepole.jpg

Loch Lundie in Strathhellen Wood: http://stevecarter.com/random/plockton191.jpg

Plockton earlier this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/plockton19.jpg

Here's what's left of Strome Castle, having been blown up by some seriously pissed off Clan Chiefs, 417 years ago: http://stevecarter.com/random/strome19.jpg

The Torridon Hotel this morning. The previous owner tried to sell it to me. Unfortunately I couldn't find two million quid down the back of the sofa. http://stevecarter.com/random/hotel19.jpg

Shieldaig school, playing fields and sheep: http://stevecarter.com/random/schoolandsheep.jpg

Work continues on the Shieldaig campsite: http://stevecarter.com/random/campsite191.jpg

Wind from the east is always hazy. Still, it does make photos look a bit like paintings. The Torridon Hills, April 11th 2019: http://stevecarter.com/random/TorridonHills19.jpg

One of the many Scottish lochs that is almost never, ever seen. You'd have to go right out of your way to get anywhere near it. Drones help. Loch Bad an Fheidh

We're used to seeing the creel fishing trawlers here, but you might be surprised what they look like from above: http://stevecarter.com/random/incaseyou.jpg

Shieldaig Village today: http://stevecarter.com/random/9-4-19.jpg

Here are some of the photos I donated to The Woodland Trust to help them acquire Ben Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/BSpics/bs.htm

Caledonian Pines by the loch: http://stevecarter.com/random/matreetrees.jpg

Lochinver sunset - outside: http://stevecarter.com/random/lisun19.jpg and in: http://stevecarter.com/random/Lochinversunset.jpg

Lochinver (panoramic)... minus the harbour: http://stevecarter.com/random/LIPan.jpg

Sail Gharbh and Sail Ghorm, Sutherland: http://stevecarter.com/random/sailandsail.jpg

Sunrise over Cnoc Glas: http://stevecarter.com/random/CnocGlas.jpg

We often get 'pink' in the mornings... rare to see it yesterday evening: http://stevecarter.com/random/pinkeve.jpg

Today's Shieldaig weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/4-4-19.jpg

Looking up to the top of Tom na Gruagich (3024 ft) http://stevecarter.com/random/BAascent-1.jpg

Keeping an eye out for dangerous wildlife: http://stevecarter.com/bertie/April19Bert.jpg

Torridon @ 09:15 http://stevecarter.com/random/2-4-2019.jpg

Sunrise over Balgy this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/2-4-19.jpg

Loch Diabaigas Airde: http://stevecarter.com/random/LochDiabaigasAirde.jpg

Looking towards Upper Loch Torridon from the Bealach na Gaoithe yesterday morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/diaroad2019.jpg

Sunday morning light: http://stevecarter.com/random/sundaymorninglight.jpg

My favourite spot on Loch Maree, which always seems to be deserted: http://stevecarter.com/random/Maree19.jpg

I maybe the only person in Britain that doesn't mind the Brexit debacle, as Brexitcast (BBC TV and Radio 5) are still use my music as their theme tune: http://stevecarter.com/random/RealityBites.mp3

The top of Liathach this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/30-3-19.jpg

As we enter BST, we still have winter colours here: http://stevecarter.com/random/wintercolourss.jpg

90 seconds of stress busting (hopefully) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghcdqC_AlPg&feature=youtu.be

The strath at the head of Upper Loch Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/cloudsbeach19.jpg

Clyde was in chatty mode yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/clyde19.jpg


This morning's weather (far end of Glen Shieldaig): http://stevecarter.com/random/26-3-19.jpg

Strange goings on on the jetty yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/xocean.jpg , so I asked Google. Well there's a thing... http://xocean.com/technology/#how-it-works

Dark light: http://stevecarter.com/random/DarkLight19.jpg

Low spring tides reveal a large beach at the bottom of our garden. Dog heaven: http://stevecarter.com/random/lowtidebeach19.jpg

Low tide, Loch Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/lowtidemarch19.jpg

I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure sails aren't supposed to look like this: http://stevecarter.com/random/sails.jpg

A 'bob' of seals on the rock known as Sgeir Dhubh (Loch Shieldaig) http://stevecarter.com/random/sealcollective.jpg

Good news: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-47652813

Today's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/21-3-19.jpg

Kinloch B&B yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/kinlochmarch19.jpg

Lucy wanted some shots of the Kishorn Seafood Bar .... which opens for the season next week: http://stevecarter.com/random/KishornSeafoodBar.jpg

A 'fly on the studio wall' video from Angel studios earlier this month: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IkEhdEO0r4

What the forest by Loch Shieldaig sounds like http://stevecarter.com/random/forest19.mp3 ...and looks like at the moment: http://stevecarter.com/random/theforesthere.jpg

Couldoran House: http://stevecarter.com/random/could1234.jpg

Some shots of John's new build (for sale). Ring him on 01520 755294 if you're interested. http://stevecarter.com/jm19/JM19.htm

Beinn Alligin from West Lodge: http://stevecarter.com/random/marchgorse.jpg

Upper Loch Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/ULTmarch19.jpg

The road into Shieldaig village: http://stevecarter.com/random/shenter19.jpg

Great... the very day I get my new car happens to be Bert's 2nd birthday. He's convinced it's for him. (It kinda' is) http://stevecarter.com/random/2yo.jpg


This is just asking for trouble: http://stevecarter.com/random/asking4.jpg

Hailstorm: http://stevecarter.com/random/hail19.jpg

Liathach: http://stevecarter.com/random/liathachmarch19.jpg

Loch Shieldaig just now: http://stevecarter.com/random/11-3-2019.jpg

Today's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/11-3-19.jpg

Snow on the tops again: http://stevecarter.com/random/10-3-19.jpg

The house with (in my opinion) the best view in Scotland (i.e. UK) is finished and for sale: http://stevecarter.com/random/bestukview.jpg (excuse rubbish photo).

I wrote this piece last November on the 100th anniversary of the end of the first world war. Recorded this week in London, I've added some photos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFZ64TweVKA

It's nice to be back to some bumpy scenery: http://stevecarter.com/random/nice2beback.jpg

That's some sorta' valet parking gig: http://stevecarter.com/random somecarpark.jpg (..and no, it's not a drone shot!)

I've been mixing in RAK Studios. Home of Hot Chocolate. You sexy things: http://stevecarter.com/random/mmost.jpg

I popped out into the place known as 'Upper Street' this morning to take a look at the natives. More mobile phones are stolen from folk on this street than any other in the UK. Go figure: http://stevecarter.com/islington/islington.htm

One of the few things I love about London is the amount of ridiculously talented people that live here: http://stevecarter.com/random/pg19.jpg

The view from my window this morning. Not quite what I'm used to: http://stevecarter.com/random/4-3-19.jpg

Respect to this little chap for giving it a try: http://stevecarter.com/random/credit19.jpg

Looking east over Loch Shieldaig towards the Island and Village: http://stevecarter.com/random/goldblack.jpg

This is Bert's not too subtle way of reminding us that it's time for his next walk: http://stevecarter.com/random/bertwaitwalk.jpg

The coast road: http://stevecarter.com/random/snowgones.jpg

Kenmore. If you're a sassenach (like me) you emphasise the first syllable. If you want to hear the Highland accent, emphasise the second, add another 'o' and roll your 'r'. http://stevecarter.com/random/kenmore19.jpg

The coral beach at Ardban: http://stevecarter.com/random/coralbeach1.jpg

Well I wasn't going to drive past was I! http://stevecarter.com/random/24-2-2019.jpg

Shieldaig's Sunday afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/sundayafternoon.jpg

This morning's pinkrise: http://stevecarter.com/random/24-2-19.jpg

Main Street, Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/thefrontsh.jpg

The snowflakes have gone, replaced by the snowdrops: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/dropdrops.jpg

Nice to hear the birds singing again: http://stevecarter.com/random/singing19.jpg

The burn through the forest: http://stevecarter.com/random/afterrainss.jpg

I tried to buy this house 22 years ago (when it was derelict) http://stevecarter.com/random/triedtobuy.jpg

Very stylish: http://stevecarter.com/random/verystylish.jpg (Off topic - SteveCarter.com is 20 years old today - how the hell did that happen).

By Loch Dughaill: http://stevecarter.com/random/A89619.jpg

Yesterday's sunrise: http://stevecarter.com/random/15-2-19.jpg

I took this photo last month, but never got round to posting it: http://stevecarter.com/random/puregold.jpg

Bert the dog is 23 months old today, and is officially a proper scruff: http://stevecarter.com/bertie/scruff2019.jpg


The mast atop Sgurr a Chaorachain - the corbett that overlooks the Bealach na Ba: http://stevecarter.com/random/masttop.jpg

Mucky legs was determined not to move yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/moretraffic.jpg

08:00 by Inverbain: http://stevecarter.com/random/11-2-19.jpg

Sundaze: http://stevecarter.com/random/BODfeb19.jpg



Above the clouds: http://stevecarter.com/random/TopLiaFeb19.jpg

From next month's edition of The Woodland Trust mag: http://stevecarter.com/random/1point6million.jpg

The hills looking rather lovely yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/7-2-19.jpg

Our gritter driver known as 'Finky' taking a break just now: http://stevecarter.com/random/finkynap.jpg

Snowmelt: http://stevecarter.com/random/snowmelt.jpg

By Ob Gorm Beag: http://stevecarter.com/random/5-2-2019.jpg

Gain some height and it's still winter out there: http://stevecarter.com/random/5-2-19.jpg


And now the thaw: http://stevecarter.com/random/thaw19.jpg

I've taken dozens of photos from this spot, but I don't think I've ever seen it prettier: http://stevecarter.com/random/BA2-2-19.jpg

What's left of the Log House: http://stevecarter.com/random/whatsleft.jpg

The north end of Loch Damh: http://stevecarter.com/random/LDNend.jpg

You can't beat winter light! http://stevecarter.com/random/2-2-19.jpg

Low tide, Upper Loch Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/ULTsnowss.jpg

Inland Lochs here are frozen over, and for the first time since 2012 I saw floating ice on the sea yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/frozenfeb19.jpg

The top of Beinn Alligin yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/TopBAJan19.jpg

Midday today over Loch Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/31-1-19.jpg

Not a breath of wind here today: http://stevecarter.com/random/notabreath.jpg

Above the river Balgy yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/roadtoshjan2019.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/roadtoshjan19.jpg

Beinn Alligin & An Ruadh Mheallan: http://stevecarter.com/random/BArefjan19.jpg


Today's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/28-1-19.jpg

Hailstorm: http://stevecarter.com/random/snowstorm.jpg

Incoming: http://stevecarter.com/random/incommingjan19.jpg

Three locals catching some rays from the low winter sun: http://stevecarter.com/random/HangingLoose.jpg

The road to Diabaig (Bealach na Gaoithe) was looking like it'd be somewhat challenging yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/roadtodia19.jpg

Liathach: http://stevecarter.com/random/LiaJan19.jpg

The south shoreline of Upper Loch Torridon yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/ULTJan19.jpg

It rained, then it froze, then it snowed. No grit on the driveway... so I drove half way up, stopped, put the handbrake on... and slid all the way back down.

The view from the Shieldaig campsite this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/23-1-19.jpg

Talking of winter... http://stevecarter.com/random/properwinter19.jpg

Winters beat Summers hands down... provided they're still and not blowing a hoolie: http://stevecarter.com/random/tuesday19.jpg

Beinn & Loch Damh just now: http://stevecarter.com/random/BD&LDjan19.jpg

Clyde has got a couple of new friends: http://stevecarter.com/random/clydesheep.jpg

No apologies for posting another photo of this: http://stevecarter.com/random/rig4.jpg

The hill known locally as 'Wellington's Nose': http://stevecarter.com/random/welnose19.jpg

It was cloudy here this morning... but if you want to know what we missed, here's the last lunar eclipse: http://stevecarter.com/random/moo.jpg


That's one big crane: http://stevecarter.com/random/bigcrane19.jpg

I think it's pretty weird that I can look up from here and see a plane going from Dusseldorf to Samana. Also in the weird stakes is that it missed the plane going from Cincinnati to Bahrain. Still... they managed a decent stab at the Scottish flag as they passed. So... http://stevecarter.com/random/DDM19.jpg

Looking north west this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/BNBjan19.jpg - Looking south east this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/rig3.jpg

It's very pretty here at the moment: http://stevecarter.com/random/clearjan19.jpg

The first customer for the newly renovated Kishorn Port dry dock has arrived (not a single person shouted 'Oi, you can't park there'). http://stevecarter.com/random/rig1.jpg

The top of Liathach just now: http://stevecarter.com/random/topofl19.jpg

Today's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/17-1-19.jpg

The 'Southend' of Loch Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/southend.jpg

Layers: http://stevecarter.com/random/layers19.j

Some winter sun on Shieldaig Island: http://stevecarter.com/random/SIJan19.jpg

Liathach just now - looking warm when it certainly isn't: http://stevecarter.com/random/liathachjan19.jpg

Bertie is 22 months old today. He's the height of a Standard Poodle and has the appetite of a starved Labrador: http://stevecarter.com/bertie/stick19.jpg

The road and the river through Glen Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/riverroad.jpg

I know, but I couldn't resist: http://stevecarter.com/random/redroofjan19.jpg

Across the sea to Skye: http://stevecarter.com/random/cuillinsJan19.jpg

The river 'Allt a Chumhaing' not in any particular rush to get to the sea: http://stevecarter.com/random/chumhaing.jpg

This morning's sunrise: http://stevecarter.com/random/9-1-19.jpg

I've been helping the Woodland Trust (FOC) with their attempt to buy Ben Shieldaig: Their Page

Classy bit of photobombing: http://stevecarter.com/random/photobomb19.jpg

The view out of the car windscreen earlier today: http://stevecarter.com/random/TodaysOC.jpg

Another one for the geologists: http://stevecarter.com/random/geologyjan19.jpg

Is it just me or does this remind you of a well known politician? http://stevecarter.com/random/0067.jpg

You get a much better idea of the size of Liathach when you put something in front of it: http://stevecarter.com/random/liabehind19.jpg

(Almost) sunrise over the beach yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/2-1-19.jpg

The Enterprise is in the Inner Sound: http://stevecarter.com/random/H88.jpg

44 miles / zero traffic this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/coastroadJan19.jpg

Sometimes you just have to stop the car and get out: http://stevecarter.com/random/sometimes19.jpg

Shieldaig's version of Brexit: http://stevecarter.com/random/Brexitsh.jpg

A light dusting on the tops today: http://stevecarter.com/random/dusting19.jpg

Happy new year. Here's a panoramic from the Isle of Harris looking towards Taransay (taken in mid November). http://stevecarter.com/random/hpan18.jpg

My fave Highland photos from 2018 here: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/latesttorridon18.htm