A photo blog of random images of life in the Highlands - mostly taken with a 'point & shoot' compact camera.

(Oh, and the odd bit of music thrown in). I'm going to try and keep posting a photo a day for a decade.

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2020 (latest at top)

This ends 10 years of 'a photo a day'. Thanks for watching. I've made a book, but it's prohibitively expensive to sell, so here's a pdf instead. If you download it, (rather than viewing in a browser) you can view with a pdf viewer (such as preview on a Mac) However you'll have to change your settings to view 2 pages at a time, or the panoramics will be cut in half. http://stevecarter.com/3653.pdf


My faves from 2020. Chronologically displayed, latest at top: http://www.stevecarter.com/latest/latesttorridon20.htm

Balgy Lodge: http://stevecarter.com/random/BalgyLodge20.jpg

...and then the sun came out: http://stevecarter.com/random/suncameout.jpg ... for about an hour: http://stevecarter.com/random/430pm2020.jpg

The Applecross coast road this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/28-12-20.jpg

Another from yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/27-12-2020.jpg

Today's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/27-12-20.jpg

Huge amounts of rain yesterday. Forest now leaking: http://stevecarter.com/random/thismuchdec2020.jpg

Sometimes December gives us dark light: http://stevecarter.com/random/oddlightdec20.jpg

The Torridon Stores yesterday. (Read 'lifeline'). http://stevecarter.com/random/TSdec20.jpg

Snow showers over Torridon yesterday morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/xmaseve2020.jpg

I know, I know, but I was there with a camera. What's a man to do. http://stevecarter.com/random/23201.jpg

Inverbain Island yesterday morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/23-12-20.jpg

Today's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/23-12-2020.jpg

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside: http://stevecarter.com/random/N2CH.jpg

Caledonian Pines near the top of the west face of Ben Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/wf20.jpg

One from last week: http://stevecarter.com/random/BSdec20.jpg

Gettin' the hell outa' Dodge: http://stevecarter.com/random/GAFIA.jpg

I sometimes wonder if this was a bad attempt at standing stones: http://stevecarter.com/random/19-12-20.jpg

Looking over Loch Shieldaig towards Kinloch B&B yesterday morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/18-12-20.jpg

Liathach from West Lodge yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/17-12-20.jpg

The worst thing about living this far north ... the short winter days. This from 9:15 a.m. yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/gone9.jpg

A bit of winter sunshine: http://stevecarter.com/random/end20.jpg

One of the many thousands of charging points in the Highlands (cough) http://stevecarter.com/random/NotICE.jpg

I sent this to an artist friend - as I knew she'd paint it: http://stevecarter.com/random/JJlike.jpg - she's started: http://stevecarter.com/random/JJ20.jpg

Mist by Loch A Chuillinn: http://stevecarter.com/random/LAC20.jpg


Looking across Loch Carron yesterday morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/LCdec20.jpg


After the rain: http://stevecarter.com/random/atr20.jpg

...unlike Monday which was a day to be outside: http://stevecarter.com/random/badec20.jpg

Yesterday was not the best day to go hill walking (though I saw some starting off). http://stevecarter.com/random/notthebestday.jpg

Not a breath of wind over Loch Dughaill yesterday morning, (unlike today - it's blowing a hoolie out there) : http://stevecarter.com/random/7-12-20.jpg

The usual traffic chaos by Kalnakill yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/chaos20.jpg

When December light is good (like today) it's magnificent: http://stevecarter.com/random/6-12-20.jpg

The village of Inveralligin: http://stevecarter.com/random/inveralligin20.jpg

When you know it'll fall as snow: http://stevecarter.com/random/snowintheair.jpg

All quiet on the west coast front: http://stevecarter.com/random/3-12-20.jpg

Today's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/3-12-2020.jpg

This might be the last photo this year of Torridon without snow: http://stevecarter.com/random/dec20.jpg

The sign that tells you all you need to know: http://stevecarter.com/random/allyouneed.jpg

Another from the weekend: http://stevecarter.com/random/beachuptop.jpg


Some from a drive up to Caithness at the weekend: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

Loch Cul Dromannan yesterday morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/treereflectnov20.jpg

This morning's moon: http://stevecarter.com/random/novmoon.jpg

The end of Autumn: http://stevecarter.com/random/EndAutumn20.jpg

Upper Loch Torridon yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/26-11-20.jpg

Shieldaig - once again looking like a model village: http://stevecarter.com/random/villagenov20.jpg

The gap in the trees: http://stevecarter.com/random/throughthetrees.jpg

Gull winged: http://stevecarter.com/random/gullwinged.jpg

The horns of Alligin (taken last week) http://stevecarter.com/random/horns20.jpg

Life of Riley: http://stevecarter.com/random/Riley.jpg

One of my fave sounds. Dog eats biscuit: stevecarter.com/Crunch.mp3

The fleet is in (probably just as well looking at that sky). http://stevecarter.com/random/fleetin20.jpg

Loch an Eisg Brachaidh (taken last week) : http://stevecarter.com/random/LAEB.jpg

The top of Liathach yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/lia19-11-2020.jpg

This morning's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/19-11-20.jpg

This much rain: http://stevecarter.com/random/thismuchnov20.jpg

Part of the forest floor: http://stevecarter.com/random/forestfloor20.jpg

From gold to almost copper: http://stevecarter.com/random/gold2copper.jpg

Low tide - Shieldaig Island, yesterday afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/15-11-2020.jpg

Today's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/15-11-20

Selfies: http://stevecarter.com/random/selfie20.jpg

I'm printing one of these for the owner of Rivendell: http://stevecarter.com/random/rivbow.jpg

Shieldaig's weather yesterday morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/Fri1320.jpg

Lots of this at the moment: http://stevecarter.com/random/lots2020.jpg

I could tell you where this is, but I'd have to kill you: http://stevecarter.com/random/kirkisland.jpg

Shieldaig's power supply: http://stevecarter.com/random/power.jpg

Easy on the eye, but not on the tongue, the River Allt an t-Srathain: http://stevecarter.com/random/aats.jpg

Balgy Dawn: http://stevecarter.com/random/balgy1120.jpg

The Kyle of Lochalsh line: http://stevecarter.com/random/kyleline2020.jpg

When you know you're about to get 20 miles of thick fog: http://stevecarter.com/random/abovefog.jpg

The harbour at Lochinver yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/7-11-20.jpg

Liathach looking rather lovely: http://stevecarter.com/random/lia6-11-20.jpg

Low cloud over Beinn Alligin: http://stevecarter.com/random/cloudalligin20.jpg

'Colin' was sitting in his usual place this lunchtime: http://stevecarter.com/random/colin20.jpg

Now these colours: http://stevecarter.com/random/nowthese20.jpg

Tree shadows: http://stevecarter.com/random/treeshadows20.jpg

The south west coastline of Loch Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/GMtrees20.jpg

16:35 http://stevecarter.com/random/3-11-20.jpg

Strath Torridon at low tide yesterday afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/2-11-20.jpg

Today's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/autumnweather2020.jpg

More rain! http://stevecarter.com/random/movement.jpg

The bit where Shieldaig Village runs out of land: http://stevecarter.com/random/farend20.jpg

The start of the 6k track to Balgy: http://stevecarter.com/random/tracktobalgy20.jpg

Kinloch B&B yesterday afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/kinlochoct20.jpg

The road running south through Glen Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/roadsouth20.jpg

Looking across Upper Loch Torridon earlier this week: http://stevecarter.com/random/UpperLTOct20.jpg

Known locally as 'The back road', this is in fact where most of Shieldaig's full time residents live: http://stevecarter.com/random/backroad.jpg

Today's sunrise over Kinloch Damh: http://stevecarter.com/random/27-10-204.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/27-10-203.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/skyoct201.jpg

Sunshine and showers: http://stevecarter.com/random/26-10-20.jpg

And then there were none. http://stevecarter.com/random/emptycampsite.jpg

The start of 'Tar Brae' on the coast road: http://stevecarter.com/random/tarbrae20.jpg

One of the many waterfalls in Glen Shieldaig as the sun came out yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/wfoct20.jpg

Evergreen and deciduous trees on Ben Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/bsoct2020.jpg

The boaty end of Shieldaig yesterday afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/pontoon20.jpg

Yea, right: http://stevecarter.com/random/yearight2020.jpg

Straight on isn't an option: http://stevecarter.com/random/SO20.jpg

Bertie hurt his paw, and this is how happy he is about it: http://stevecarter.com/random/poorsoldier.jpg

It's there somewhere: http://stevecarter.com/random/islandinthemist.jpg

The wall to wall rain we've had over two days has turned the hills a very dark brown: http://stevecarter.com/random/rainsoak.jpg

These colours: http://stevecarter.com/random/bracken20.jpg

Very low tides at the moment: http://stevecarter.com/random/LT18-10-20.jpg


Spot the deer: http://stevecarter.com/random/spotthedeer20.jpg


Predawn yesterday, looking over Loch Kishorn with the lights of Broadford and the Cuillin Hills on Skye in the background: http://stevecarter.com/random/15-10-20.jpg

New pup on the block. Rosie. (Not mine). http://stevecarter.com/random/pup20.jpg

The roads on the NC500 are still busy, but the roads that aren't, aren't. http://stevecarter.com/random/notnc500.jpg

Who's a pretty boy then: http://stevecarter.com/random/bertoct2020.jpg


Early light on Liathach: http://stevecarter.com/random/earlyoctlight20.jpg

The area behind Kinloch that is fenced off to allow Caledonian Pine trees to grow. In another 30 years, this should be a forest again: http://stevecarter.com/random/12-10-20.jpg

Bertie smiles a lot: http://stevecarter.com/random/bertiesmile20.jpg


Fasaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/fasaigoct20.jpg

First snow on the tops today: http://stevecarter.com/random/fsoct20.jpg

Beinn Damh from Am Ploc: http://stevecarter.com/random/bdfromapoct20.jpg

Today's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/8-10-20.jpg

Some of Shieldaig's fishermen starting their day: http://stevecarter.com/random/earlyfish20.jpg

Clouds over Liathach yesterday afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/cloudsoct20.jpg

Kishorn Port, Achintraid and in the Distance, the Cuillin Hills on Skye: http://stevecarter.com/random/kispanoct20.jpg

High tide - Loch Kishorn yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/5-10-20.jpg

Loch Shieldaig a couple of minutes ago: http://stevecarter.com/random/ls5-10-20.jpg

Looking across Loch an Loin earlier this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/laloct20.jpg

Windy? http://stevecarter.com/random/windywife.jpg

It was a tad misty yesterday morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/4-10-2020.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/4-10-20.jpg

Looking over the loch from West Lodge: http://stevecarter.com/random/3-10-2020.jpg

After the rain: http://stevecarter.com/random/3-10-20.jpg

Sgurr Dubh: http://stevecarter.com/random/sdubh.jpg

The strath by Upper Loch Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/strathattorridon.jpg

The Torridon hills yesterday afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/hillsendsept20.jpg

Looking towards Glen Torridon yesterday afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/28-9-20.jpg

Shieldaig's September: http://stevecarter.com/random/earlymorning20.jpg

One reason I've seen caravans trying to navigate hairpin bends on the Bealach could be that the sign that says 'Unsuitable for caravans' now looks thus: http://stevecarter.com/random/stickers20.jpg



Autumn colours haven't reached the trees yet, but the colours in the sky over Loch Dughaill are unmistakable: http://stevecarter.com/random/autumnhere.jpg

Looking towards Ben Shieldaig, Kinloch and Loch Dughaill: http://stevecarter.com/random/BSsept20.jpg

It's still still here. (Well it was yesterday): http://stevecarter.com/random/stillsept20.jpg

Panoramic - Loch Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/shpansept20.jpg

Late yesterday afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/LSULT.jpg

Sometimes photos just cry out to be jigsaws: http://stevecarter.com/random/jigsaw20.jpg

Ooops: http://stevecarter.com/random/oops2020.jpg


https://youtu.be/D92G1Sl3Pis (A vid of some of my 'go to' musicians at work).

Yesterday's sunrise over Loch a' Chroisg: http://stevecarter.com/random/chroisg2020.jpg

Misty dawn: http://stevecarter.com/random/mistydawn20.jpg

I was being charged by a spooked flock of wild Soays yesterday morning... traveling at warp factor sheep. http://stevecarter.com/random/soay20.jpg FYI: Originally only found on the Isle of Soay, they were then domesticated on St. Kilda, and when the island was abandoned ended up here on the mainland.

Very low tides here at the moment: http://stevecarter.com/random/verylowtide.jpg

Our neighbour's house is almost finished -15 years to the day to when our build started. Where'd them years go then? http://stevecarter.com/random/hhousesept20.jpg

Haar following its usual route - down Loch Torridon and into Upper Loch Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/haarsept20.jpg

Looking towards Upper Loch Torridon yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/Balgy18-9-20.jpg

Earlier this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/18-9-20.jpg

Some September evening sun on some nice gneiss: http://stevecarter.com/random/gneiss20.jpg

The Bay of Deception flattering to deceive: http://stevecarter.com/random/reflects20.jpg

Ted has visited the Highlands again: http://stevecarter.com/random/tedt50.jpg

Part of the temperate rainforest on Ben Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/evesun20.jpg

Late afternoon light over Loch Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/evesun2020.jpg

It's been a tad wet: http://stevecarter.com/random/coireroill20.jpg

A very Torridon landscape: http://stevecarter.com/random/nicegneiss20.jpg

After yesterday's rain. Still: http://stevecarter.com/random/waterfallstill.jpg - Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmRFpLFL1CE&feature=youtu.be

From last week. The silhouette of Liathach in the early dawn: http://stevecarter.com/random/yellowdawn20.jpg

Low tide: http://stevecarter.com/random/SgurrAChaorachain.jpg

This morning's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/9-9-20.jpg

Upside down: http://stevecarter.com/random/upside2020.jpg - and in case some don't believe me... here's the original: http://stevecarter.com/random/upsideNOT2020.jpg

The old croft at Fasaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/fasaig20201.jpg

The refurbished Dock at Kishorn - currently working on the Voyageur Spirit, which has arrived from the Huntington Oil Field in the North Sea: http://stevecarter.com/random/KDD20.jpg

Telegraph poles: http://stevecarter.com/random/Tpoles20.jpg

The trees on the hill: http://stevecarter.com/random/septautumn.jpg

September has bought some dark & wet weather, but also some great light. Looking over Loch Shieldaig yesterday evening: http://stevecarter.com/random/4-9-20.jpg

Well, we needed some rain: http://stevecarter.com/random/liacloud2020.jpg

Sun, Sand and Seaweed: http://stevecarter.com/random/greensea2020.jpg

Autumn. Shieldaig Village: http://stevecarter.com/random/villagepan2020.jpg

The heather has been turned up to 11 this year: http://stevecarter.com/random/heatherhill20.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/heatherhill201.jpg

It's a lovely evening out there - and the roads are suddenly empty: http://stevecarter.com/random/31-8-20.jpg

Shieldaig Loch & Island (looking very much like desktop wallpaper!) : http://stevecarter.com/random/SI30-8-20.jpg

Loch Shieldaig & Shieldaig Village 5 minutes ago (13:52) : http://stevecarter.com/random/30-8-20.jpg

The sun burning off low clouds over Ben Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/sunburnclouds.jpg

For the 20 years (that I know of) before this was painted, no buses ever stopped here. In the 2 years since they painted it, no buses have stopped here. I guess they had nothing better to do - and had some spare yellow paint. http://stevecarter.com/random/bus2020.jpg

It feels like the end of summer: http://stevecarter.com/random/thintrees.jpg

Following this camper van this morning, having to stop and pick up the rubbish they were throwing out of the window as they drove. Caught on dashcam video. Police informed.

Wee Coo: http://stevecarter.com/random/cutecoo2020.jpg

Substantial 3 bed property for sale in Wester Alligin (with fab views) plus a 7.6 acre croft. https://www.galbraithgroup.com/property/search/residential?search=Alligin


The colours are starting to turn: http://stevecarter.com/random/colourturn20.jpg

Something in the sky over Skye. Not sure what - Giant cow's head? http://stevecarter.com/random/wackycloud20201.jpg

Well you can't have too many photos of this view, can you. And at least you can play spot the sheep in this one: http://stevecarter.com/random/redroof20201.jpg

I can confirm that Boris has left the building. The next holiday makers have arrived: http://stevecarter.com/random/bjgone.jpg

After the rain: http://stevecarter.com/random/spate20.jpg

Early sunshine making the Torridon colours look like autumn: http://stevecarter.com/random/earlysun20.jpg


nteresting to have been a 'fly on the cab' when this met the caravans we saw earlier (coming in the opposite direction from Applecross). http://stevecarter.com/random/tomeet.jpg

So... according to the press, Boris Johnson is holidaying just up the road from here. Ug. (Not my pic). http://stevecarter.com/random/bj.jpg

The hill known as Liathach from Lon Meall an Maol. (There's about a mile of North Atlantic between the two): http://stevecarter.com/random/black201.jpg

Looking north over Loch Torridon yesterday morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/19-8-20.jpg

Every morning at the moment, we're getting sea mist over the loch which clears in about 5 minutes as the sun rises: http://stevecarter.com/random/19-8-2020.jpg

...and the mist spills onto the land: http://stevecarter.com/random/dayafterday.jpg

Last night's Shieldaig Sunset: http://stevecarter.com/random/18-8-20.jpg

There was a pod of about 50 dolphin in the loch this morning. Sadly up the wrong end for my camera! Last time they were much closer: http://stevecarter.com/random/podd.jpg

Something from the weekend: http://stevecarter.com/random/torridonmist2020.jpg

30 minutes trying to kill Ted has worn Bertie out: http://stevecarter.com/random/tiredted.jpg

Early morning dog walk: http://stevecarter.com/random/dogwalkaug20.jpg

This still: http://stevecarter.com/random/thisstill2020.jpg

Loch Dughaill in the mist: http://stevecarter.com/random/dughaillAug20.jpg

Above Torridon earlier this morning. Short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfZhzT38H4U&feature=youtu.be

It's seriously misty out there. Can't see a thing at sea level: http://stevecarter.com/random/mist20.jpg ..and then the sun came out (well sorta'). http://stevecarter.com/random/sun20.jpg

Ted has finally emerged from Lockdown (688,485 miles traveled) http://stevecarter.com/random/lockdownted.jpg

We've missed out on the rubbish weather that seems to have affected much of the UK: http://stevecarter.com/random/stillclouds.jpg

Looking across Aird Mhor towards Liathach: http://stevecarter.com/random/12-8-20.jpg

Beinn Damph: http://stevecarter.com/random/BDsummer20.jpg

Shieldaig Island yesterday morning (by the way, I saw a Sea Eagle yesterday for the first time in a few months - I think they nested elsewhere this year). http://stevecarter.com/random/is820.jpg


Summertime... http://stevecarter.com/random/summer20201.jpg

What do you reckon the chances are of the three motorhomes that were parked here coming back to clear this mess up and return the breeze blocks? http://stevecarter.com/random/outlounge.jpg

Ben Shieldaig and the River Balgy: http://stevecarter.com/random/BSAug2020.jpg

That photo I posted yesterday http://stevecarter.com/random/hugesheep.jpg - check out how many views on Twitter! http://stevecarter.com/random/gulpp.jpg - still rising as I type.

This morning's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/8-8-20.jpg

Either a sheep minding its own business by Loch Torridon or a MASSIVE sheep in South Wales: http://stevecarter.com/random/hugesheep.jpg

Clouds reflected on Loch Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/lsabove.jpg


When all the trees around you are cut down: http://stevecarter.com/random/whisptrees.jpg

It's a tad wet here at the moment: http://stevecarter.com/random/wetfootpath.jpg

Glen Shieldaig from the air: http://stevecarter.com/random/gs2020.jpg

Sometimes you just have to get a bit arty: http://stevecarter.com/random/colours20.jpg

Monday lunchtime - Shieldaig Village: http://stevecarter.com/random/nolock.jpg

Balgy and Beinn Damh: http://stevecarter.com/random/balgyaug20.jpg

Some lovely light earlier this morning (empty roads too!). http://stevecarter.com/random/aug20light.jpg

Bertie dog looking pretty and clean. Then he stepped out of the peat bog and we saw his feet. http://stevecarter.com/random/peatdog20.jpg

The remains of another fish-trap, this one at the head of Loch Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/fishtrap2020.jpg

05:00 this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/30-07-2020.jpg

Sunshine and showers: http://stevecarter.com/random/cna20.jpg

The road down Allt an Dubh is looking particularly green at the moment: http://stevecarter.com/random/AAD20.jpg

The River Torridon meanders into the sea: http://stevecarter.com/random/riversea2020.jpg

It's gone slightly mad here. The Highlands look like a badly organised music festival. Tents and Motorhomes everywhere, rubbish & human excrement at the side of the roads, and I drive home to find people about to camp in my garden (Pic from dash-cam - that's not my vehicle!). http://stevecarter.com/random/madness20.jpg

Early morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/summerlight20.jpg

The community council are making a path to some picnic tables below Liathach and wanted a panoramic photo for a plinth (to show the names of the hills etc) so after several dull weather attempts.... http://stevecarter.com/random/panoramic120.jpg

Any chance of a snack? http://stevecarter.com/random/anychance20.jpg

The view of the Ben as you leave Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/outof20.jpg

Cloudy: http://stevecarter.com/random/cloudy2020.jpg

Just a heads up. AMAZING HOTELS tonight at 8 pm on BBC TV investigates 'The Torridon'. I've no idea what it will say, but I bet it includes Coos (dead or alive - almost certainly both).

Three of the six coires that lie between the Glenshieldaig and Applecross forests: http://stevecarter.com/random/3of6.jpg

The village of Fasaig with Liathach behind. Photo taken last week: http://stevecarter.com/random/fasaigandlia.jpg

Typical Highland summer weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/typical20.jpg

Then: http://stevecarter.com/random/lockdown20.jpg - Now: http://stevecarter.com/random/PostL.jpg

Pine Marten doing its best Oliver Twist impersonation: http://stevecarter.com/random/pmot.jpg

Showers: http://stevecarter.com/random/showers2020.jpg

Peter mentioned (in the radio 4 prog) the view from the top of Ben Shieldaig. Said view: http://stevecarter.com/random/topbenfeb18.jpg

FYI. Radio 4 at 15:00 'Open Country' talks about Ben Shieldaig: bbc.co.uk/programmes/m00

Not exactly hill climbing weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/nhcw.jpg

We get a lot of summer here. It often looks like this: http://stevecarter.com/random/turnup.jpg

That's one big bonsai: http://stevecarter.com/random/bigbonsai.jpg

Today's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/clarity.jpg

Applecross Bay: http://stevecarter.com/random/applex72020.jpg

Am Ploc: http://stevecarter.com/random/amploc720.jpg


Upper Loch Torridon earlier this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/9-7-20.jpg

The Applecross River reaches the sea: http://stevecarter.com/random/applex720.jpg

Today's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/8-7-20.jpg


Today's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/7-7-20.jpg

Shorelines: http://stevecarter.com/random/shoreline20.jpg

There may be trouble ahead: http://stevecarter.com/random/troubleahead.jpg

Torridon Community, Medical and Mountain Rescue Centres, and behind, the site of the original settlement 'Fuaran' which suffered in the Highland Clearances: http://stevecarter.com/random/tcc.jpg

Fascinating: http://stevecarter.com/random/fascinating.jpg

Summer daze: http://stevecarter.com/random/summerdaze2020.jpg

Yesterday's low tide, Upper Loch Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/2-7-2020.jpg

The 102nd (and last) day of lockdown travel restrictions: http://stevecarter.com/random/roadup20.jpg

The cottage by Loch an Loin: http://stevecarter.com/random/hut20.jpg

A couple of the (over 300) lochs and lochans on the Applecross Peninsula that almost nobody ever sees: http://stevecarter.com/random/lostlochs.jpg

The banks of the freshwater lochs are looking very pretty: http://stevecarter.com/random/colour20.jpg

The river flowing into Loch Dughaill this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/riverintod.jpg

The fish farm boat leaving Upper Loch Torridon yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/wbjune20.jpg

Very odd light today: http://stevecarter.com/random/odd2020.jpg

Bertie has decided to accept my appointment as chauffeur in his new vehicle: http://stevecarter.com/random/rplace.jpg

A 'fluff' of Bog Cotton: http://stevecarter.com/random/bc2020.jpg

Eggs anyone? http://stevecarter.com/random/eggs20.jpg

This Sandpiper furiously (and very loudly) follows us on our dog walk for a good half mile, convinced we're up to no good: http://stevecarter.com/random/loud20.jpg

This still, this morning (It's upside down). http://stevecarter.com/random/thisstill20.jpg

X marks the spot, where in 1963 the villages of Shieldaig and Annat were joined by this bridge (saving a diversion of +/- 70 miles).

Coire na Ba: http://stevecarter.com/random/naba20.jpg


Time-lapse: https://youtu.be/v_TlqIcCpVE


Summer Solstice: http://stevecarter.com/random/20-6-20.jpg

Haar: http://stevecarter.com/random/fog20.jpg

A panoramic of Loch Kishorn, Kishorn Port, Achintraid, and in the distance the Cuillin Hills on Skye: http://stevecarter.com/random/kishpanjune20.jpg

Beinn Alligin. Well, some of it: http://stevecarter.com/random/deepblack.jpg

Ben Shieldaig looking a bit 'rain forest' yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/bsjune20.jpg

Loch Dughaill: http://stevecarter.com/random/dughailljune20.jpg

Midnight, last night: http://stevecarter.com/random/midnight14-6-20.jpg

The 'Bog Cotton' is thriving this year: http://stevecarter.com/random/bcjune2020.jpg

As you travel down Glen Torridon, this is the first real view you get of the hill known as Liathach: http://stevecarter.com/random/firstliajune20.jpg

Last night's sunset: http://stevecarter.com/random/12-6-20.jpg

This morning at 5 a.m. was supposed to be the start of the Celtman Extreme Triathlon. Had that happened, the participants would have started exactly here and seen exactly this: http://stevecarter.com/random/nocelt.jpg

Scotland's green and pleasant: http://stevecarter.com/random/greenjune.jpg

Beinn Eighe still sporting a dash of snow: http://stevecarter.com/random/bejune20.jpg

One of the smugglers' caves in Glen Torridon used to hide (and possibly distill) illicit whisky in the past: http://stevecarter.com/random/cave20.jpg

Glen Docherty yesterday afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/gdjune20.jpg

The weather couldn't decide this morning, but it now looks like the sunshine has won out. http://stevecarter.com/random/nodecide.jpg

The outflow from Loch Damh becomes the River Balgy: http://stevecarter.com/random/falls20.jpg

That's one crazy looking tree: http://stevecarter.com/random/crazytree.jpg

Someone stole the view: http://stevecarter.com/random/notblueday.jpg

Low tide: http://stevecarter.com/random/lowtjune20.jpg

Part of the coast road by Ardheslaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/corner20.jpg

The sound of Lockdown rush hour: http://stevecarter.com/random/LockdownRushHour.mp3

Summertime: http://stevecarter.com/random/1-6-20.jpg

Yesterday afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/31-5-2020.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/31-5-20.jpg

The end of Spring is still and light blue: http://stevecarter.com/random/LB20.jpg

Bertie approves of both the excellent weather and the very low tide: http://stevecarter.com/random/bertmay20.jpg

The A896 towards Liathach: http://stevecarter.com/random/liadrive20.jpg

Looking across Upper Loch Torridon yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/27-5-20.jpg

Michael's fishing boat moored at the Shieldaig pontoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/mikeboat20.jpg

I wrote this a couple of years ago, but have decided to rename it 'Barnard Castle': http://stevecarter.com/random/BarnardCastle.mp3

Ben Shieldaig is now looking very green: http://stevecarter.com/random/gonegreen20.jpg

The Coire na Ba earlier this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/upmay20.jpg

Pretty much every dog I've owned has had the unceasing desire to dig whenever they find a pile of sand/aggregate/peat ... anything that resembles a pile in fact. I thought for a while they were searching for imaginary food, but now I think it's just... 'because they can'. http://stevecarter.com/random/dig201.jpg

Here's another sunset from last week. This time with Shieldaig Island in the foreground: http://stevecarter.com/random/sunsetislandmay20.jpg

Not bad considering I emptied it yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/notbad20.jpg - Still... http://stevecarter.com/random/notbad201.jpg

A nice welcome to the Village (photo taken earlier this week) : http://stevecarter.com/random/thestreet2020.jpg

Baby Coo (scale not apparent - he's the size of a Labrador): http://stevecarter.com/random/cutecoo20.jpg

A local (Alice) wanted a photo of Kishorn / Achintraid for a book cover (a history of Kishorn) : http://stevecarter.com/random/KishornMay20.jpg

Mum has had 2020's kits and is now in need of some feeding up... so she sits and waits at our door for an egg, or lump of cheese: http://stevecarter.com/random/pm20.jpg

The track that connects two lochs: http://stevecarter.com/random/19-5-20.jpg

A view of the sunset: http://stevecarter.com/random/roomsview20.jpg

Last night's Shieldaig sunset: 21:15 - http://stevecarter.com/random/19-5-202.jpg - 21:45: http://stevecarter.com/random/19-5-20201s.jpg

This Lichen variety is typically found here and in the Western Isles. It needs very pure air and grows VERY slowly: http://stevecarter.com/random/lichen20.jpg

All very neat and tidy yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/allcrisp.jpg

Today's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/16-5-20.jpg

It took just over one week, and some much needed rain, for the deciduous trees to go from completely bare to this: http://stevecarter.com/random/raintrees.jpg

The Torridon stores had run out of milk. Still.... http://stevecarter.com/random/stock.jpg

Very comfy thanks: http://stevecarter.com/random/comfy20.jpg

Lochs Dughaill and Shieldaig yesterday evening (The Isle of Lewis just visible on the horizon): http://stevecarter.com/random/13-5-20.jpg

Hedge trimmers: http://stevecarter.com/random/hedget20.jpg

This is a plume of smoke above Loch Kishorn and Achintraid from last week's wildfire. The fire was contained in about 36 hours: http://stevecarter.com/random/Tsea20.jpg

Staying alert. http://stevecarter.com/random/springwatch.jpg

Ten out of ten for effort: http://stevecarter.com/random/tenten.jpg

It's a bit nippy out there this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/10-5-20.jpg

Might need a bit of work: http://stevecarter.com/random/desresmay20.jpg

At last, some much needed rain: http://stevecarter.com/random/8-5-20.jpg


The hills still brown, the sky, still blue: http://stevecarter.com/random/hillsmay20.jpg

Low tide by Allt an Dubh yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/6-5-20.jpg

Upside down: http://stevecarter.com/random/upsidedown20.jpg

The River Carron en route to Loch Carron: http://stevecarter.com/random/strathcarron20.jpg

4:30 yesterday afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/shMay20.jpg

There's currently a nasty wildfire at Kishorn. Currently headed towards Ardaneaskan. Rigs from Torridon, Applecross and Lochcarron in attendance. http://stevecarter.com/random/wildfire20.jpg

Lockdown hasn't reduced ALL the traffic: http://stevecarter.com/random/passingmay20.jpg

Liathach yesterday morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/liamay20.jpg

The steps down to the beach: http://stevecarter.com/random/stepstobeach20.jpg

The road and the river running down Glen Shieldaig (This'll be green in colour in a month). http://stevecarter.com/random/roadandriver201.jpg

Another 'very Highland' view: http://stevecarter.com/random/veryh20.jpg

A 10 second video of the A896 today: https://youtu.be/WGCA4zunO7g

May has started. Shieldaig is still still: http://stevecarter.com/random/mayweather.jpg

This is how dry April was (usually a burn): http://stevecarter.com/random/thisdry20.jpg

I'd love to tell you Bertie Dog was enjoying this view, but he was instead, obsessed with sniffing a dead deer behind me: http://stevecarter.com/random/DogWalkingMay20.jpg

You ain't seen me, right. http://stevecarter.com/random/seen2020.jpg

The path to the sea: http://stevecarter.com/random/path2sea20.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/path2sea2020.jpg

Beinn Alligin yesterday afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/BAendapril.jpg

Red Roof: http://stevecarter.com/random/28-4-2020.jpg

A sparkling Tuesday: http://stevecarter.com/random/sparkle20.jpg

Last night's Shieldaig sunset: http://stevecarter.com/random/28-4-20.jpg

On Saturday afternoon our post box was emptied. Sometime between then and now, it has been appropriated: http://stevecarter.com/random/mailbox.jpg

The very rarely seen Loch Lundie (not the one by Invergarry, the one above Shieldaig). http://stevecarter.com/random/Lundie202.jpg - short vid: HERE

Upper Loch Torridon yesterday afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/ult420.jpg

Uphill: http://stevecarter.com/random/uphill420.jpg

Above Loch Damh, looking south east: http://stevecarter.com/random/LD4202.jpg - Looking north : http://stevecarter.com/random/LD4201.jpg

There may be no clouds, but a whole bunch of haar has just rolled in from The Minch: http://stevecarter.com/random/haar420.jpg

Zero clouds again yesterday - we need some rain! : http://stevecarter.com/random/NoCloudApril.jpg

What remains of the fish trap by Fasaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/fishtrap20.jpg

Bottom to top - Lochs: 'Loch an Loin', 'Coultrie' and 'Damh' http://stevecarter.com/random/lochs420.jpg

This morning's sunrise over Loch Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/22-4-20.jpg

Gorse of course: http://stevecarter.com/random/gorsedowns.jpg - Photo taken here: http://stevecarter.com/random/gorsedownlong.jpg

Interesting documentary including dating the age of the gneiss here. Skip to 51:08. Thanks to Geologist John Wheeler for the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYfuI2uZLmg

Surface Currents creating patterns on the Inner Sound: http://stevecarter.com/random/19-4-2020.jpg

The sky having changed colour has made the lochs do the same. Extraordinary stuff that doesn't look real: http://stevecarter.com/random/LD420.jpg

Loch Torridon and the hills this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/19-4-20.jpg

The path through the forest: http://stevecarter.com/random/treepath20.jpg

The outdoor church (& meeting place) at Am Ploc this morning. http://stevecarter.com/random/meet20.jpg

Another for the geologists: http://stevecarter.com/random/geo20.jpg

Crystal clear today: http://stevecarter.com/random/17-4-20.jpg


The very last of the snow on Beinn Alligin: http://stevecarter.com/random/bdapril20.jpg

Empty village. And while I'm here, whatever anyone says, the sky is more blue now the endless Europe/USA long haul flights have stopped (we're directly below their flight path). It's also changed blue to a more pastel / powder blue. Nice. (Colour not enhanced in this pic!) http://stevecarter.com/random/moreblue.jpg

Trying out the new camera. This 1/8th actual image size: http://stevecarter.com/random/TH420.jpg

Shieldaig Island: http://stevecarter.com/random/shiapril20.jpg

This week is usually one of the busiest of the year in the Highlands. Instead, total silence: http://stevecarter.com/random/zerotraffic20.jpg

Well you can never have too many cameras, right? (Search X100V review). http://stevecarter.com/random/x100v2.jpg

Not hot tub: http://stevecarter.com/random/nothottub.jpg - No Dovecote: http://stevecarter.com/random/nodovecote.jpg

Having stayed together all the way down the glen, the river and the road finally part company: http://stevecarter.com/random/intodugApril20.jpg

Easter Mondaze: http://stevecarter.com/random/13-4-20.jpg

Another of my favourite trees, showing great fortitude to stay upright: http://stevecarter.com/random/favetree20.jpg

Loch Dughaill, Loch Shieldaig and Ben Shieldaig this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/dugapril20.jpg

Gorse by the River Thrail: http://stevecarter.com/random/thrail20.jpg

...making as much racket as you'd imagine: http://stevecarter.com/random/gulls20.jpg

Thou shalt not pass: http://stevecarter.com/random/youshallnotpass.jpg

Low tide, Loch Shieldaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/beach420.jpg

Some seriously spooky light yesterday morning making Torridon look a bit 'other worldly' : http://stevecarter.com/random/9-4-20.jpg

Shieldaig Village yesterday evening: http://stevecarter.com/random/8-4-20.jpg

The outflow of the River Balgy, Balgy Lodge, and Ben Shieldaig in the background: http://stevecarter.com/random/balgylodge20.jpg

Full moon = very low tide. We can therefore *almost* walk across the loch to the village shop. Wet socks not worth it though... it's closed. http://stevecarter.com/random/7-4-2020.jpg

Glen Shieldaig yesterday afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/AbhainnNanLub20.jpg

The snow has pretty much gone: http://stevecarter.com/random/snowgone20.jpg

A slightly different view of the Bealach na Ba and the cliff 'Meall Gorm': http://stevecarter.com/random/bnbroad20.jpg

We've put the Shieldaig mag out... but there's nobody here to read it: http://stevecarter.com/random/mag20.jpg

Very little need for passing places for the foreseeable: http://stevecarter.com/random/noneed4.jpg

Slideshow: https://youtu.be/PwJ8f7jt2xM

It's cold here today: http://stevecarter.com/random/3-4-20.jpg

Yesterday's late evening sunshine: http://stevecarter.com/random/2-4-20.jpg

This lad has a lot to say for himself: http://stevecarter.com/random/moo20.jpg

High tide, Upper Loch Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/bitsnow20.jpg

In need of minor renovation: http://stevecarter.com/random/mightneed.jpg

One of over two hundred lochans on the Applecross Peninsula: http://stevecarter.com/random/applelochan.jpg

Apparently kayaking is considered 'essential'. http://stevecarter.com/random/ke20.jpg

Early morning light accentuating the 'Red' in Red Deer. (Nice bit of colour coordinated camouflage BTW). http://stevecarter.com/random/deerm20.jpg

Spring forward: http://stevecarter.com/random/alispring20.jpg

Looking down into Coire nan Arr: http://stevecarter.com/random/DownCoireNanArr.jpg

The loch was almost as still as I've ever seen it yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/almost20.jpg

I think Bertie might have punctured the football: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/puncture1.jpg

In higher res than normal... in case you need some open space. http://stevecarter.com/random/heaven2020.jpg

The EE Mast on top of Sgurr a Chaorachain earlier: http://stevecarter.com/random/topbnb26-3-20.jpg

The Cuillin Hills on Skye as seen from the top of the Bealach na Ba this morning - Harr rolling in from the Atlantic: http://stevecarter.com/random/26-3-20.jpg

It was very murky yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/25-3-20.jpg

Well I never thought I'd see a sign like this: http://stevecarter.com/random/cnever.jpg

It's blowing a hoolie out there today: http://stevecarter.com/random/bigblow20.jpg

I thought for a moment that this one was stuffed! http://stevecarter.com/random/stuffed20.jpg

As you turn a corner past Loch na Creige, you get one of my favourite views of the Torridon Hills: http://stevecarter.com/random/road21320.jpg

Don't you hate it when cars start nagging. http://stevecarter.com/random/nag20.jpg

Looking across the Inner Sound towards the Cuillins on Skye yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/21-3-2020.jpg

The road through the Coire na Ba: http://stevecarter.com/random/bnbm20.jpg

05:58 this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/21-3-20.jpg

Creag a Chumhaing: http://stevecarter.com/random/polesm20.jpg

High tide - Upper Loch Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/hightidem20.jpg

FYI: http://stevecarter.com/random/stopadvice.jpg

Clyde has a new best friend: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/oibum.jpg

The Torridon Hotel this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/19-3-20.jpg

Sunshine and snow: http://stevecarter.com/random/sunsnow20.jpg

Also known as 'A River': http://stevecarter.com/random/akariver.jpg

One from the weekend: http://stevecarter.com/random/shv20.jpg

Inverbain Island - where many of the herons moved when the Sea Eagles arrived on Shieldaig Island: http://stevecarter.com/random/ib20.jpg

Considerate snow: http://stevecarter.com/random/shdotorg.jpg

In case you ever wanted to know what it was like being directly over the middle of Loch Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/overthemiddle.jpg

The River Feith Ghlas that flows into Lochan an Lasgair: http://stevecarter.com/random/gtr20.jpg

The fishing hut in Glen Torridon yesterday morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/FH20.jpg

Today's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/13-3-20.jpg

The village of Fasaig at the far end of Upper Loch Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/annat20.jpg

The top of Ben Shieldaig just now: http://stevecarter.com/random.topbs20.jpg

My drone was suffering from a limp gimbal (ooh matron!)... so I treated myself to a Mavic 2 pro. First test pic (squashed to hell for the interweb). http://stevecarter.com/random/mavic1.jpg

Some of the locals (understandably) are wary of Bert the dog, though he just wants to make new friends: http://stevecarter.com/random/locals20.jpg

Sunshine and showers over the 'Bay of Deception'. (Low tide revealing why it is so named). http://stevecarter.com/random/sasmar20.jpg


Low tide at Loch Kishorn: http://stevecarter.com/random/LKlowtide.jpg

ome things just look wrong: http://stevecarter.com/random/updown.jpg

Glasnock: http://stevecarter.com/random/glasmar20.jpg

A 'pod' being placed on the Shieldaig campsite this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/pod1.jpg

Mist rising from (and obscuring) the River Bran: http://stevecarter.com/random/RiverBran.jpg

Looking across Loch Chroisg towards Meallan nan Uan: http://stevecarter.com/random/4-3-2020.jpg

Glen Docherty this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/GDmar20.jpg

Panoramic: http://stevecarter.com/random/shielpanmar20.jpg

Sandy's house on the far side of the loch, under Beinn Alligin: http://stevecarter.com/random/sandyshouse.jpg

Well it was almost black and white anyway: http://stevecarter.com/random/almostbw.jpg

1st March: http://stevecarter.com/random/1-3-20.jpg

It's nice to see some proper blue as we end February. About time! http://stevecarter.com/random/nicetoseeblue.jpg



AWD? You bet. http://stevecarter.com/random/awd20.jpg


The Bealach na Gaoithe is going to be a tricky drive this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/gaoithe20.jpg

A896: http://stevecarter.com/random/roadfeb20.jpg

Some welcome winter sun for those living outside: http://stevecarter.com/random/wintersun20.jpg

For the first time in ages, we had no gales yesterday! http://stevecarter.com/random/nogales.jpg

This morning's weather: http://stevecarter.com/random/24-2-20.jpg

Gate and letterbox: http://stevecarter.com/random/gateforest.jpg

Whoever said labradoodles didn't shed was a big fibber. However, the daily fluff is put out and recycled by the local bird population for nests! http://stevecarter.com/random/fluff.jpg

We had gales, hailstorms and sunshine all at the same time yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/22-2-20.jpg

The road to Glen Torridon: http://stevecarter.com/random/road2an.jpg

Morrison needs some more tail lights: http://stevecarter.com/random/morrisonlights.jpg

The Tigh an Eilean wanted some postcards - so I made some for them. All my profits from aerial shots go to RSPB http://stevecarter.com/random/fboats.jpg

Liathach. (Probably not the best route if you want to climb it). http://stevecarter.com/random/ToLFeb20.jpg

Wester Alligin with An Ruadh Mheallan behind: http://stevecarter.com/random/WAfeb20.jpg

Sgurr Dubh: http://stevecarter.com/random/sgurrdubhfeb20.jpg

Our dog is very odd. He sees us sit like this, so thinks he's supposed to do the same: http://stevecarter.com/random/dogsits.jpg

Russell Burn (photo taken on Friday). http://stevecarter.com/random/rbfeb20.jpg

Sheep getting as much shelter as they can from Storm Dennis: http://stevecarter.com/random/dennis.jpg

Coire nan Arr: http://stevecarter.com/random/CoireNanArrFeb20.jpg

A nice day at last: http://stevecarter.com/random/FebPan2020.jpg

The mobile library giving it large down Glen Torridon yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/large20.jpg

Our electric supply on its way to us today: http://stevecarter.com/random/elecsupply20.jpg

Sand Beach (photo taken on Friday) http://stevecarter.com/random/sandfeb20.jpg

Time for some music (for a change). This is part of something I called 'The Spy that came in with a cold' (sorry!) featuring Gorden Campbell on Trombone, Chris Laurence on Double Bass & Neal Wilkinson on Drums > http://stevecarter.com/random/SpyCold.mp3 Pic of Chris> http://stevecarter.com/random/rak5.jpg

Beinn Alligin yesterday afternoon: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/10-2-20.jpg

There are currently waterfalls in places where I didn't even know there were places: http://stevecarter.com/random/neverseen20.jpg

This miserable (through car windscreen 10:05): http://stevecarter.com/random/miserable.jpg

Loch Beag (foreground) Loch Torridon & Beinn Alligin (background). http://stevecarter.com/random/7-2-20.jpg

The calm before the storm: http://stevecarter.com/random/7-2-2020.jpg

Guess what we've been doing this morning... http://stevecarter.com/random/bertfrisbe1.jpg

This is the view of Shieldaig that everybody seems to photograph. If you can't beat 'em.... http://stevecarter.com/random/everybody.jpg

Looking over Upper Loch Torridon towards the Torridon Estate: http://stevecarter.com/random/TEfeb20.jpg

A light dusting on the tops: http://www.stevecarter.com/random/dusting20.jpg

Glasnock: http://stevecarter.com/random/GlasFeb20.jpg

The Applecross Inn has had a paint job over winter and is looking rather dapper: http://stevecarter.com/random/appInnfeb20.jpg

I drove the round trip to Applecross just now (42 miles) and saw a car! I stopped to take a photo of the Bealach na Ba. Everything is frozen up top: http://stevecarter.com/random/2-2-20.jpg

The Gorse is starting to bloom by Shieldaig village: http://stevecarter.com/random/1-2-20.jpg

Early morning light over Loch Carron: http://stevecarter.com/random/earlycarron.jpg

Shieldaig's Brexit day street party is in full swing: http://stevecarter.com/random/Brexitstreetparty.jpg

The River Balgy: http://stevecarter.com/random/Brexitday.jpg

Fly-tipping. Really? http://stevecarter.com/random/fly-tip.jpg

The house below the hill: http://stevecarter.com/random/hbelowh.jpg

Many who know the area will be familiar with the High Street, Shieldaig. But few will have seen the 'other side'... http://stevecarter.com/random/othersideS.jpg

Snowline currently +/- 1000 ft: http://stevecarter.com/random/27-1-20.jpg

I've never seen the freshwater lochs so full. They are all chucking huge amounts towards the sea. Excuse rubbish photo, I wasn't getting any closer! http://stevecarter.com/random/waterwater.jpg

Sunshine and showers yesterday afternoon. (Spot the heron about to land on the 'sgier': http://stevecarter.com/random/25-1-20.jpg

You might think lofty thoughts are going on here... actually, he's clocked someone is in the kitchen and he's awaiting the sound of unwrapping: http://stevecarter.com/bertie/sundog.jpg

We have enough motorhomes driving on the wrong side of the road here, without the Scottish Caravan & Motorhome Show encouraging it!

Low Tide: http://stevecarter.com/random/lotide.jpg

Probably not the best week to be hill walking: http://stevecarter.com/random/notbest.jpg

There's a 3234 foot munro directly behind these trees. Not that you'd know it. http://stevecarter.com/random/3234.jpg

The house at Port Laire (look closely): http://stevecarter.com/random/portlaire20.jpg (photo taken on Tuesday)

Haar rolling in from The Minch yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/LSjan20.jpg - http://stevecarter.com/random/THjan20.jpg (the closest thing to a roundabout for about 30 miles).

We went fully soft focus first thing this morning: http://stevecarter.com/random/mistjan20.jpg

There was about 30 seconds of sunshine yesterday, Shieldaig Island being the sole recipient: http://stevecarter.com/random/spotlitisland2020.jpg

Beinn Eighe yesterday afternoon: http://stevecarter.com/random/BE19-1-20.jpg

Shieldaig's weekend has been very, very quiet: http://stevecarter.com/random/14-1-20.jpg


If you look at the bottom of this photo, you'll see the road to Diabaig: http://stevecarter.com/random/roadtodia20.jpg

...and still they come: http://stevecarter.com/random/galesagain20.jpg

The wind has been at it all week, interspersed with hail and thunder: http://stevecarter.com/random/windup20.jpg

Russell Burn: http://stevecarter.com/random/rb20.jpg


Dark Skies over the Hebrides: http://stevecarter.com/random/darksky20.jpg

The rainwater pouring down (mostly) from Beinn na h Eaglaise yesterday: http://stevecarter.com/random/offthehill20.jpg

Beinn Alligin: http://stevecarter.com/random/BA201.jpg

The calm after the storm(s). http://stevecarter.com/random/9-1-20.jpg

Very comfy thanks: http://stevecarter.com/random/verycomfythanks.jpg

Water trying its hardest to fall in yesterday's gales: http://stevecarter.com/random/waterup20.jpg

Fawlty Towers anyone? http://stevecarter.com/random/fawlty.jpg

If you were thinking of popping up to see the Highlands, you should reconsider: http://stevecarter.com/random/popup.jpg

In Inverness yesterday. The water from Loch Ness doing its thing: http://stevecarter.com/random/ness20.jpg - as werre the Chinese tourists: http://stevecarter.com/random/chinks.jpg

Shieldaig sheep for once standing by the road, rather than in it: http://stevecarter.com/random/shieldaigsheep.jpg

Before dawn: http://stevecarter.com/random/beforedawn20.jpg

Kit-Kat is taking a break: http://stevecarter.com/random/kitkatbreak2.jpg

Some neighbours out on a round trip: http://stevecarter.com/random/roundandround.jpg

2019 ended up very peacefully: http://stevecarter.com/random/NYE2019.jpg (Now entering year 10 of my photo a day for a decade).

Here are some of my faves from 2019 - Latest at the top.