Carter's Daily Exposure

~ In 2006/7 I took a 'snap' a day and posted it here each day for a year to share the weather, life and atmosphere in the Highlands of Scotland through all four seasons ~

The photos were taken with either the Nikon D2X, the Nikon D50 or the Canon S80 compact. 95% of the photos were taken within the confines of this map

Page 1 ~ End of British Summertime to New Years Eve 2006

Page 2 ~ New Years day to the First day of Spring 2007

Page 3 ~ First day of Spring to the Longest Day 2007

Page 4~ The Longest Day to the end of British Summertime 2007

A full screen download now avaiable - click here to find out more

PHOTOS CANNOT BE COPIED, PRINTED OR USED WITHOUT PERMISSION (Usually given, sometimes free of charge).









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