Firstly, thanks for visiting - whether it was once or 365 times.

A further big thanks to the many who have sent e mails. I've received literally, quite a few.

They ranged in content from Where was that taken? through Are you completely mad? to You're not really going to stop next week are you?

I hope I have shared a little of what life is like up here in the North West Highlands of Scotland throughout the four seasons. I've tried to make the photos as varied as possible - some point and shoot, others considered. I make no apology for taking shots at the sunniest part of the day; photography needs light and I'll grab it whenever it comes.

Talking of which - when I started this project I thought it might be hard work. I was right. Not the digging coal type of hard you understand, but hard to keep the photos spontaneous, entertaining and sufficiently different from each other. I'm just glad I did winter first as it was especially wet, often leaving me completely at a loss as to what to shoot. You may recall I even sank so low as to take a photo of the beer shelf in the local 'Spar'. The task was not helped by the very short days of course, as well as the realisation that the site was sometimes getting 200+ hits a day. (Let's pile the pressure on shall we?) In spring however, it became much easier. The incredibly long and often sunny days in May & June mean there are just SO many more opportunities for photography. The last few weeks have been rather dull, just to make the final fling rather tricky for me. (Tut)

Originally I thought of producing a book to contain my favourite photos from the year, but prices are silly for short runs, and quality of print was a serious issue unless I (and possibly you) spent a fortune. So my apologies to those who have expressed an interest in such a book. However, I have made a full screen PC Presentation in different resolutions which can be downloaded from this page (details below). Mac owners will (I think) have to run the .exe through Windows.

I'm not charging for this, but would ask that if you download the program (provided that you are suitably delighted), that you visit my online gallery page and buy a photo. All the money from this will go to my favourite charity www.Kiva.org Prices start at 35p for a 7"x.5" to £30 for a poster

The good news is - not only will you get a photo in the post the next day, you'll also get a warm glow for having helped someone in the third world.

So - to the downloads.

You REALLY have to be on broadband to do this as they are huge files. I've compressed them as much as possible, but didn't want to totally destroy the picture quality (which is already compromised). If you are on dialup and need a CD, please e mail me.

I'd like to thank Duncan Schwier at Universal Publishing Production Music and Martin Cooper at Zone Music for letting me use the music (although I wrote the pieces, said companies own the copyright and have foregone any royalties). Shameless plug: If you'd like to use any of my music in video, film or TV, please contact the above companies - they'll be happy to send you some CD's (I have about 30 titles available - mostly with Universal).

  • Click HERE and then SAVE to download the1280 x 1024 version. 64 mb - <5mins on a decent broadband connection. Once the programme has downloaded click RUN (and 'esc' at any time to exit). Turn your speakers on if you want to hear the music.
  • Click HERE and then SAVE to download the 1024 x 768 version. 47mb - <4mins on a decent broadband connection. Once the programme has downloaded click RUN (and 'esc' at any time to exit). Turn your speakers on if you want to hear the music. (If you don't know which screen resolution you are using, download this one, and if it doesn't fill your screen, you can download the bigger one.

The files have been checked for viruses.

I've had several e mails asking where exactly photos were taken. For those thus interested I have put a 'word' document up HERE that can be printed out listing the precise location of every shot in the presentation.

Lastly, Whilst in the Outer Hebrides in May I saw this and thought I'd take it as a self portrait to be posted today. A small fraction of one of my favourite beaches in the world - on South Harris, overlooking the Isle of Taransay (and no, I'm not that shape).


I will continue to post photos on www.SteveCarter.com ... but if it's all right with you - not one a day (my camera and I need a rest).

Thanks for watching.


e mail: Steve at SteveCarter.co.uk