Photos from Torridon, Shieldaig and surrounding areas

~ Photos from 2010 ~1

Moonlit Shieldaig 18th Dec 2010


The Torridon Hills - 13th December 2010 (above - 10 a.m. below 3 p.m)


Winter snow in Shieldaig


Shieldaig village 20 seconds before the snow hits from the north - 6th December 2010

6th December 2010


Ben Shieldaig - 27th Nov 2010


Shieldaig Village - 27th Nov 2010


Looking towards Glen Torridon 6th Nov 2010


5th November 2010


Loch Shieldaig - 5th Oct 2010

(a good visualisation of the phenominon 'Alexander's band')


The Torridon Hills - 25th June 2010


Low Cloud on the Hills


Looking towards Fasaig. 22nd - June 2010


Rhododendrons by Torridon - June 2010


Loch Shieldaig ~ Sunset 6th June 2010


June Sunset - Loch Shieldaig


The Loch Torridon Hotel ~ 31st May 2010


Shieldaig Village ~ 25th May 2010


The Torridon Hills ~ 18th May 2010


'Charlie' on the beach ~ 18th May 2010


The Seaflower stops to watch a White Tailed Sea Eagle - 12th May 2010


Upper Loch Torridon 12th April 2010


Nanny's shop and the Coran - Shieldaig 11th April 2010


The Torridon Hills from near Cuaig


Liathach - 2nd March 2010


The Torridon Hills - 2nd March 2010


Ard Bhan ~ 1st March 2010


Sand beach ~ 23rd Feb


By the Ling Hut at Lochan an Lasgair, Glen Torridon 22nd Feb 2010


22nd Feb by Loch Shieldaig


Loch Coultrie 21st Feb 2010


Alligin - Feb 2010


Midwinter Sunrise over Sand Beach


Coullin Hills in Feb


White tailed sea eagle over Shieldaig Island. 29th Jan 2010


Sea Otter in Loch Shieldaig 23rd Jan 2010





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