27th Jan 2006

The tilers arrived!


31st Jan 2006








(I never knew they needed ice picks to tile)


3rd Feb 2006

I've managed to employ a full time site manager (Bruce) - who has also built his own log house from Finland, so not only is he making sure all the trades turn up, but is also doing a good deal of the internal joinery, with two other local heros, Andy and Jason.

Next week the solar panels are due to be fitted, and after nearly three weeks of winter sun, the rain is due back.

19th Feb 2006

Sixteen speed cameras, four parked camera vans, three pursuit police cars and an unmarked police Skoda later, I have returned from another trip north. As my trips have been in an M3, an RS6 and a 911tt - I think it a minor miracle that I am still allowed to drive.

Bruce the site manager is working out very well (my life is about 40% less stressful) and apart from tardy tilers who seem to think it a lot of fun to turn up for one day in five, things are actually progressing reasonably quickly.

My apologies to those un-broadbanded as there are quite a few photos I'd like to share.

Just in case any of you have the slightest sympathy with me regarding my long journeys to the Highlands (as if), I feel duty bound to mention that I often, though not always, stay in the Loch Torridon Hotel. It's tough, but someone's got to do it. I HIGHLY recommend this hotel!


To the house, whose roof (like the old construction on page one of this blog) can be seen in the trees.

As per my hope and expectation, from the other side of the loch, the house cannot be seen, due to the trees, the limited height of the building and the dark wood stain.


From the back, the south facing solar panels are clearly visible:

Inside, the partition walls and underfloor heating system are going in:

In case you are interested, there is now a 30 second video which pans around the inside of the house.

It's a 2.8 mb wmv file. If you'd like to view, it's probably best to right click and 'save target as' here


Outside, the lead-work, tiling, noggins, facias, soffits and cladding are almost finished ...

(like I know what I'm talking about).

Only another five months to go and I can relax - which I tried to do yesterday in-between meetings by...

...going out with the camera:

21st Feb 2006

Plumbers have again gone awol, as have the company who are contracted to do the screed (to cover the underfloor heating). When asked why they were not on site they said "Oh, was it today we were supposed to be there?"

I wonder if anybody when missing from the Normandy beach in 1944 said - "Oh, you meant the SIXTH of June".

For some reason we seem to be popular with TV programme makers, having been asked to make a documentary about the build (and refusing), I just found out that the place we sold in the Cotswolds is being filmed next week for an episode of 'Escape to the Country'. That'll be a bit spooky.

23rd Feb 2006

Confucius he say: People who do screed, don't own phone.

.................... ..................................................