25th May 2006

The mob handed decorators have agreed to return next Wednesday. I'm off up to meet them. (Is that grammar proper?)

Meantime, I thought I should post some photos 'the Bruce' has taken of the local heroes to which I keep referring (currently finishing off the last of the plaster-boarding). Below; Andy, John and Steve - who always manage to look like they know exactly what they are doing. A skill I have yet to master.

Re: local... Steve travels each day the same distance as Reading to London... which is of course, very local.

(Is it me or do they look like they are posing for a Screwfix catalogue?)


While I'm off up - I'll try and get a photo of 'the Bruce' when he's not looking.

BTW - The robins are fledged and we are still photoless.


27th May 2006

I've commissioned the local stained glass artist to translate two local scenes (Photoshopped from a couple of my panoramic photos) into inserts to go into the windows each side of the front door.

The door is south facing so the glass should hopefully cast some interesting patterns of light onto the wooden floor of the hallway.

I'd post a link to the stained glass website, but it's down and I think muggins here will be doing the rebuilding.




28th May 2006

Today is my birthday.

This is only of interest because:

a/ I got a teddy for a present.

b/ It was a year ago exactly that the old house started to be demolished.

So a very happy first birthday to the build

Let's not wish it 'Many happy returns' though.


31st May 2006

Hot off the press: Squatters nesting INSIDE the house.  

4th June 2006

First up.. let's sort out what ames tapers do: "Ames tapers stick tape to the surfaces of walls and ceilings. This seals the joints between sheets of plasterboard, leaving a seamless finish ready for decoration. Ames tapers are sometimes called Drywall or Dryline finishers"

My thanks to 'Plan It DIY' for helping us through that.

For some reason in Scotland, nobody plasters the whole wall.. they ames tape. Fair enough.

So... here are some photos - and who am I to complain? - the ames tapers may be costing me the same as:

Suzuki Wagon R, T Reg (1999) only done 7645k. Silver. Excellent condition, immaculate throughout. New engine.

But they look like they know what they are doing. (which is more than the buyer of the 'Wagon R' will be - I kid you not on that mileage - No wonder it needed a new engine).

This photo shows the dormer window in bedroom 3:


...and this shows the view into the 'isolation room'.

If you are wondering (or slightly worried) about that term, be assured it refers to music, not detention.


5th June 2006

As we are coming to the end of our time in the Lake District (was that the kiss of death?) I was thinking about our time here (I will avoid a shameless insert of pretty photo).

Oh all right!


To my point:

Yesterday I had a 'bit of a moment' with a chap who was door to door selling dusters for a local charity. He was of course not doing any such thing, he was in fact looking at my cars and deciding whether to tell his sponsors whether they were worth stealing or not. I informed him that his numberplate had been logged, and that he could get up from underneath my car now, and leave at his earliest convenience. At this point he stopped pretending to sell dusters for a local charity and left fairly sharpish.

This encounter is somewhat symptomatic of the attitude of some that leave the big cities to 'do' the rural north west. Last year, we ordered a new computer - on a next day delivery.

Having waited two days and it not turning up, I phoned the courier. The driver said he had already delivered the computer & monitor (the day before) and we had not been in (we were), so he said he had left it 'out the back' (in the rain), but he couldn't remember where exactly - oh and he had forgotten to get a signature (even though he said we were not in).

I think you get the picture.

I stopped the payment, told the supplier that their courier was stealing their computers, and he was arrested the next day. By the way... his name was Rob.

'Rob' pleaded guilty to nicking my computer. His defence was that he couldn't find my house, so decided to sell the computer to a friend for 200. Pretty impressive defence eh?

In any case, if only he'd asked I could have told him how much it was worth. At least he made the local press (which was a great read).

To sum up. The Lake District is the best of worlds and the worst of worlds. A bit like the rest I guess (but pretty).


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