We are trying to get TransporTed to as many destinations before he is either exhausTed or debilitaTed.

(all distances calculaTed 'as the Ted flies')

Title: One dram too many at the leaving bash.

LocaTed: The Whisky bar in the Loch Torridon Hotel in Torridon, West Highlands, Scotland

AccumulaTed 'Bearmiles' : 7

Photo: Steve Carter

Date: 10-06-2006


Title: Walking Holiday

LocaTed: By Crummock Water, The Lake District, England

AccumulaTed 'Bearmiles' : 216

Photo: Iona Lister

Date: 15-06-2006


Title: Ted gets too close to the edge.

LocaTed: Niagara Falls, Niagara, Canada

AccumulaTed 'Bearmiles' : 3573

Photo: Paul Davies

Date: 06-07-2006


Title: Beachy Head, suicide capital of Europe!

LocaTed: Beach Head, Eastbourne, Sussex, England

AccumulaTed 'Bearmiles' : 7160

Photo: Rob (UKBob)

Date: 23-07-2006


Title: Welcome to the emerald Isle

LocaTed: Dublin Ireland

AccumulaTed 'Bearmiles' : 7487

Photo: 'Dubs'

Date: 02-08-2006


Title: TransporTed; now a true PistonHeader

LocaTed: Whittlebury Hall, Northamptonshire, England

AccumulaTed 'Bearmiles' : 7722

Photo: Sue Klincewicz

Date: 18-11-2006


Title: Concerned about the apes.

LocaTed: The Rock of Gibraltar

AccumulaTed 'Bearmiles' : 8855

Photo: Edward Hasler

Date: 16-12-2006


Title: Ted, all chained up.

LocaTed: Chatham Historic Dockyard, London, England.

AccumulaTed 'Bearmiles' : 9947

Photo: Tony Hetherington

Date: 10-01-2007


Title: Sushi at Fuji.

LocaTed: Mount Fuji, Outside Tokyo, Honshu, Japan.

AccumulaTed 'Bearmiles' : 15,344

Photo: Tom Mundy

Date: 21-01-2007


Title: Viva Espagna!

LocaTed: City of Arts, Valencia, Spain.

AccumulaTed 'Bearmiles' : 21,996

Photo: Emma Kelly

Date: 04-03-2007


Title: Ted Goes On A Trip To Jerusalem

LocaTed: The Trip To Jerusalem, Nottingham, England.

AccumulaTed 'Bearmiles' : 22,929

Photo: Emma Kelly

Date: 11-03-2007


Title: Crows Nest

LocaTed: 260 miles SSW of Bermuda (via London / Antigua / London)

AccumulaTed 'Bearmiles' : 32,307

Photo: www.jst.org.uk

Date: 25-03-2007


Title: Ted gets tucked into

LocaTed: Robatrons suprise birthday party, Puntos Italian Restaurant, Old Windsor, Berkshire

AccumulaTed 'Bearmiles' :35,732

Photo: Mark "Kinky" Klincewicz

Date: 19-04-2007


Title: Can I have my shirt back please?

LocaTed: Torreqebrada Casino, Torrequebrada, nr Malaga, Spain.

AccumulaTed 'Bearmiles' :36,774

Photo: Martin Jenkins (V6GTO)

Date: 09-05-2007


Ted needs some TLC as his stiching is coming apart (hey, he has done over 38,000 miles), so he has time to ponder...

Title: Where to next?

LocaTed: In an Aston Martin Vantage, in the Highlands of Scotland

AccumulaTed 'Bearmiles' : 38,256

Photo: Steve Carter

Date: 15-05-2007


Title: GULP!

LocaTed: A secret medical facility near Edinburgh, Scotland.

AccumulaTed 'Bearmiles' : 38,399

Photo: Lorraine Robson (Ted's creator & healer)

Date: 18-05-2007


addendum: Ted has fully recovered and is pictured above packed and ready to go.

Photo: Lorraine Robson

Date: 24-05-2007


Title: T.T. Ted

(photos with Ted - left to right, top to bottom)

Nori Haga, Richard Quayle, John McGuinness, Murray Walker, Bob Macmillan, Neil Hodgson, Allan McNish, Jamie Whitham Carl Fogarty, Nori Haga's Bike.

LocaTed: The Isle of Man TT race

AccumulaTed 'Bearmiles' : 38,527

Photo: Dave Silvester

Date: 27-05-2007


Title: Le Ted

LocaTed: Le Mans, France

AccumulaTed 'Bearmiles' : 38,842

Photo: F308 Man

Date: 16-06-2007


Title: Ted discovers the right to bear arms

LocaTed: Catasauqua, Pennsylvania, USA

AccumulaTed 'Bearmiles' : 42,462

Photo: Derek J Lang

Date: 16-09-2007


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