2016 weather statistics.

Southern end of Loch Shieldaig - Height 8 metres (15 metres from the sea)

It should be pointed out that being so close to the sea (and Gulf Stream) we experience few of the low temperatures / high rainfall that occur inland.

Total rain: 1357.5mm (53.4 inches)

(22 inches less than last year)

Wettest week: 25th Jan - 1st Feb: 127.8mm

Wettest month: Jan: 173.7mm

Driest month: Oct: 57.1mm (May was 57.6mm)

Driest spell: No rain from 1st to 15th October


Hottest recorded temp: 9th May: 25.1C

Coldest recorded temp: 28th Feb: -1.8C

Last snow on hills 2nd May

First snow on hills 7th Nov

Shortest day 6 hours 35 mins

Longest day 18 hours 2 minutes



2015 weather statistics.

Total rain: 1912.8mm (75.3 inches)

Wettest week 2nd March: 117.2 mm (4.6 inches)

Wettest month: December 312.1 mm (12.1 inches)

It rained (at some stage on each day) from 6th Nov on 55 consecutive days (and counting)

Driest month: September: 46.5mm (1.8 inches)

Driest week 29th September 0.1mm

Hottest recorded temp: 14:43 - 30th June: 26.6C

Coldest recorded temp: 10:18 - 19th Jan: -0.3C

(the only minus temperature recorded at this location this year)

Highest pressure (recorded indoors) 19th March: 1041.1 mb

Lowest pressure (recorded indoors) 15th Jan: 957.8 mb

Lowest humidity (recorded outdoors) 10th April: 48%

Last snow on hills 9th May

First snow on hills 12th Nov

Shortest day 6 hours 36 mins

Longest day 18 hours 2 minutes

Below: One hour after sunset, mid June.