Photos from Torridon, Shieldaig and surrounding areas

~ Photos from 2022 ~


~ Watch the video 'Shieldaig from above' by clicking here ~

31st December


27th December


22nd December


14th December


12th December


11th December (moonlit)


8th December (sunlit)


7th December


29th November


29th November


Fishermen returning at night 24th November


22nd November


13th November


11th November


8th November


8th November


3rd November


07:15 - 2nd November


30th October


29th October


16th October


14th October


1st October


29th September


26th September (Balnakeil)


26th September (Kyle of Durness)


25th September (Loch na Gainmhich)


22nd September


11th September


10th September



10th September


8th September


7th September


5th September


27th August


26th August


24th August


23rd August


19th August


15th August


14th August


13th August


12th August


1st August


31st July


28th July


26th July


20th July


18th July


5th July


5th July


3rd July (Pine Marten Looking down from guttering at Bertie dog looking up through a window)


30th June


26th June


26th June


03:45 : 20th June


16th June


6th June


4th June


1st June


1st June


31st May


25th May


19th May


17th May


15th May


1st May


27th April


21st April


16th April


14th April


11th April


7th April


6th April


2nd April



2nd April


1st April


31st March



30th March



24th March


20th March



16th March



7th March


4th March



2nd March



24th February



21st February



19th February



16th February



20th January



08:20 - 10th January



4th January




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