8th August 2006 (alt version)

I've been in touch with: The valuers, the Halifax, the Bank of Scotland, the solicitors, the plumbers, Geothermal, BT, Sky, the removal firm, the ISP, the kitchen suppliers, the kitchen worktop fitters, the couriers, Sustainable Buildings, the VAT people, the site manager, the architects, the carpet fitters, The National Trust for Scotland (don't ask), the electricians, the post office re-direct, the bank manager, the credit card companies, the heating supplier, the TV licencing people, National Insurance, both doctors, the dentist, Powergen, BUPA, both local councils, the accountant, Tracker, the car insurance company, the new house insurance company, the old house insurance company, the life insurance company, the other life insurance company, the pension company, Land Rover, Aston Martin and all the people who see fit to employ me - but am finding it difficult to track down Uncle Tom Cobbly.